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(at courtney's house hanging out. her parents aren't there because her aunt got sick and she was at duncan's before. she lied to her parents saying that she was on a club trip so she could go) "So... Princess," Duncan started. "So... Delinquent," she teased. "What's up?" he asked. (she's cuddling him) "Not much, why?" she replied. "Just wondering," he grinned. "What's up with you, Duncan?""Letting anda snuggle me; why do anda ask?" he chuckled. "Just checking," she shook her head. Duncan laughed. "Why are we talking like this?" he asked, still laughing. "'Cause we're in love," she smiled.
(this is on page 94) "So anda like me because I'm a criminal?" he asked. "Not only that. You're smart, funny, cute, and anda know how to get on my good side," she explained.
"You think I'm smart?" he asked surprised. "Yeah, why?" she answered. "Don't anda think so?" "Well of course, but i didnt think anda did because I never make the right choice. Plus, I skip school everyday; that is, when I'm not in Juvy Hall. I'm surprised I haven't been held back yet," he said. "Oh. Well... that's sort of true, i guess, but you're no fool, Duncan," she complimented. "Uh... okay, thanks," he said. "Yep," she replied.
(page 102(courtney's hugging him) Duncan cleared his throat and hugged back. "Yeah, well..." he berkata akwardly. "I'm gonna miss you," she said. "You too, Courtney," he replied. "Hey, wow. anda actually called me oleh my real name," she let go and folded her arms. "You'll always still be a princess, Princess," he also folded his arms. "Hey, you're a juvy to me but I don't always call anda 'juvy' now do I?" she asked. "I wouldn't mind if anda did; I'm proud that I'm juvenile," he winked.
"Speaking of juveniles, when do anda go back to Juvy Hall?" Courtney asked. "You signed up for TDI just to have a reason to leave." "I don't know... I think I'm on like 'probation' atau something. But Juvy doesn't really matter. I either wait in my hideout until they call off the cari party, atau escape if they do get me; which is unlikely," he explained. "I'm practically wanted." "Wow. anda are such a criminal," she commented. "And proud of it," he pointed at her. She rolled her eyes. "Whatever."
(page 152)in duncans car) "Are your parents already at your house?" Courtney asked. "No. They work nights Wednesday through Saturday(don't 4get they are all police officers)"
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(Duncan wakes up grunting and moaning with lots of drool all over his mouth)

Duncan: Wha....?? What happened? Where am I? (looks at all the mess that's around the room then chuckles) Oh yeah, the sex. I must've passed out in Courtney's kitchen... on the ceiling. (falls off the ceiling and into a chair) See, Princess, I told anda we shouldn't stay up past 8:30. Things get real crazy after 8:30 from Izzy and Owen. (clock shows 8:35 and Izzy is hosting her teh party.

Izzy: Would anda like another spot of tea, Ms. Nibsy? Oh, anda would? (pours some average tea)

Owen: Whoo... chamomile, chamomile, chamomile!...
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Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this B4 u read this! This is set the two days after the kung-fu challenge.
(Journal menulis oleh Duncan)
So. Courtney had become my “rival,” as they call it.
Lovely. Just lovely.
Are anda sure anda want to know what happened? Guess what? I am TOTALLY over her. I mentioned that already.
Do not ask why I am menulis this thing, but I guess my mom was right when I was like nine and she berkata I might come to a point in my life when I just needed to write on something. So, I mencuri some of Courtney’s study papers.
Haha. Courtney’s study papers. Well, to be honest, I already...
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This is set after the challenge in Rock n' Rule.
(Duncan's POV)
Over the last couple weeks, I had a really weird feeling grip me. I had totally changed my mind about Courtney.
I don't know what it was- I knew I'd always loved her- but that was before!
My feelings had changed about her. I know they had, but I didn't know why, atau how...
All I knew was that I didn't cinta her anymore. Sure, I had a crush on her before. And it was something real then, too... But not anymore. I had grown closer and closer to Gwen as we befriended, and now that I think about it, I had a really nice time with her.
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brookes POV
i was in my room,lindsey had gone home, and the chris ceromonie was over,and if anda watch closely enough,you should know what i was thinknig about.
its happening again,oncr in the 4-5th grade, i liked tihs guy named tony,yeah,i followed him,almost stlaked him during school,and now they all know.
lindsey is my besty,and,i would so hurt whoever voted off duncan if he went halaman awal on the fairy tail,and the rock challlenge.i was gonna ask him out, but im not sure.
i know duncan likes courtney,but i think he likes me too. cause wheni look at him,hes looking at me andd he has that look on his...
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*everybody magicly appears on a stage*

Duncan: o.0 what the fuck?

*start dancing thriller*

Diamond: this is wierd.....

Jason: why are we dancing?



Duncan: *does nasty M.J move*

Vannessa: *covers face* EWWWWWW! your SICK!

Duncan: that wasnt me! it was..... M.J!

Diamond: EWWWWW Duncan!

Ryan: that was sick man

Jason: how do we stop dancing?

Vannessa: i dont know

*M.J appears*

M.J: dance my puppets dance! *evil look*

Vannessa:AHHHHHHH we are being tormented oleh M.J!

Me: *comes out of nowhere and slaps M.J* leave
them alone!

M.J: *poofs away*

V/D/D/J/R: *gasp* anda teleported M.J!!!!!!!

Vannessa: *faints*

Me: OMG are u ok?

Vannessa: i saw duncan do something sexy but sick

Me: OMFG and i missed it! *snaps fingers*

All: *die*

XD just me being bored and hyper
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*Two hours later*

Ryan: *whispers to Duncan* hey dude,she's
sleeping on me!

Duncan: Yeah she is *looks at Vannessa snoozing
while Ryan is carrying is her*

Diamond: *pacing* we have to get out of here!

Jason: calm down Diamond babe, i mean it's not
like we could brake out of here all of a

Vannessa: huh? wha... *falls off Ryan's arms*

R/D: D:

Vannessa: *rubs head* what happened?

Jason: well we got arrested...

Diamond: For being at a bar...

Ryan: And we're underage...

Duncan: and that's what happened.

Vannessa: o.0

Jamie: *opens cell* ok you're all busted out,Some
chick payed your freedom.But...
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Every thing was going perfect!Me and Duncan were running hand in hand.Leaving our old lives behind! The sounds like something out of a fairy tale!When we finally stopped to rest he explained to me that we were going to his uncles house and that now we were wanted criminals.But I just leaned over and kissed him.Duncan soon after asked me if I was happy here with him. And I berkata i'd have to think about it.When really I wasn't sure...

(yes it is short sorry but I was working on a new story and need ALL consentracion. I might make a part though)
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Duncan:*walks into bar* *deep inhale* I cinta the smell of bir at midnight!

Diamond:Hi!What's your name? *flirty wink*

Duncan: *tugging on kemeja collar* Oh WOW is it HOT in here? *rushes past her*

Jason: *walks in*

Diamond: *Anime-heart eyes,faints*

Ryan: *walks in*


Vannessa: *sitting at bar* Gray-Goose martini,on the double!!

Bartender: Please dont hurt me!! *hands vannessa martini*

Duncan: *sits down at bar selanjutnya to vannessa* Can i have a scotch?

Bartender: anda seem too young to be at a bar.

Diamond: *un-faints* OH WOW he was hot!!!!!!!

Jason:* standing over Diamond* I am?

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I woke up with a start.I realized that I had fallen asleep!I walked out of the closet and into the hallway and thrudged into the living room. "Oh my god!!!!" I shouted as I saw the place in ruins. There was empty bir bottles all over the floor and the room was beat up. "Hellooooo?" I asked to see if anyone was still there atau not arrested. My eyes scanned the room and finally they rested on a choaker. Duncan's Choaker. I knew what I had to do!I pulled out my cell and called my bff Candace.She answered instantly which made me wonder if she was sitting oleh the phone since I had called her.
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