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 My total drama meme
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posted by bubblegum05
 The whole Group!
The whole Group!
"Hi!I'm your host,Andrea.I will be hosting this tampil called "Total Drama Fanpoppers".It's just like total drama island,but with your fellow fanpoppers.Let me introduce everyone..."

Ronnie jumps off a boat"Hey.""Whatssup?And Welcome to total drama fannpoppers.For everyone who doesn't know her,look in the photo.She is the girl who Standing between sumer and Miranda.Next up,Vanessa!"
Brooke jumps off the boat."Hey Vanessa.She is the one is the foto who kinda looks like a female duncan.Oh ya,since we don't wanna waste lebih time on this,just read the folowing:
Left To Right:
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it might b bad bkuz we where makin crap along da road. its about dis girl at skool who is my "friend" nd calls me gay & bosses me around, nd is angry w/ me now bkuz am a little gurilie! :P.

You think anda got us fooled
So many people know anda lie
But we know lebih than anda think

You cant fake it anymore
We all know what anda are..!

Your the girl
Who says she is what shes not
You little faker anda think your badass but your not!
This is not the real thing
Its not the real her

Somebody expoze her for what anda are!

(This girl, faker, This girl, liar, this girl, wannabee)

Look at anda walking around like...
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posted by GwenTrentDude
Okay now this was all in my dreams Okay i didnt plan on having it this way but I like how it is. Though in my dream I cried because of What everyone was saying of their loss soo anda gotta read it!

Duncan and Gwen

"Gwen I cant take it anymore! What if we are next!" Duncan berkata yelling as she began to go nuts. "Duncan chill!" Gwen berkata trying to get hit to sit down. "Dont tell me to chill! How can anda let me stay here when Courtney is going to die if I dont find her!" Duncan berkata as he began to panick. "What if shes already dead!" "SHUT THE F*CK UP! SHES NOT DEAD!" Duncan pushes Gwen onto...
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posted by Courtney370
hi! everybody Just to let anda that kown that in this fan fiction Courtney finish high school and she going in to law school to become a lawyer but duncan is moveing selanjutnya to courtney,s house. Chr.1 It was a lovely monring and courtney was on her laptop and drinking coffee before her first hari of law school until her iphone was ringing. she pick it up. hey courtney. berkata duncan omg did anda just call me oleh my real name. berkata courtney yeah so what. berkata duncan anda never call me oleh my real name. berkata courtney hold on did something happen? berkata courtney yes and it,s good news. berkata duncan what? tell...
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posted by superDUNCANfan
 This is me.
This is me.
OMG!!! Cody kissed me! Then Bubba(Trent) saw and he had a seisure! Haha! But it sucks that Mom and dad are living in France, So now i am grounded for 3 months! I mean Cody's only a tahun older than me...GOD! hey Brooke what does Spikes look like?(gasp) Cody, what are anda doing here?! Bubba will kill you! *I just wanted to see you* Awwwwww! *I..I..L-* Bubba!!! *Cody get away from amber(Loads gun)* *(Gwen)I've never seen Trent like this before*Bubba don't please! *I guess i have to jump off this..two..story..building, but hey, i jumped off a 1,000 ft cliff(jumps)* Cooddyyy!!!!! (looks out window)Your okay *Lukily this matress broke my fall*(Gun shot) Bubba! GOD DAMN YOU! I HATE YOU!

Gotta go!
*blows kiss*Stay Stylish!
 This is me and Cody kissing!
This is me and Cody kissing!
A bulan later after the big fire,everything was fine,izzys huse is being repared adn izzy and chris were dating,duncan and courtney are still dating.

duncan:hey,you wanna go out tonight?
courtney:sorry but i have to study for a test
duncan:who are anda and what have anda done with courtney?!
courtney:very funny,how 'bout tomorrow*kisses him*
duncan:as long as i get to watch a movie with you,im ok


geoff:dude,youre a dude anda can ask her out
geoff:are anda gonna do it?!
chris:yeah i am!!
geoff:are you...
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so the teacher calls the new boy up to front of the room
Teacher-Whats ur name little boy?
Boy-bad pantat, keledai mother fucker kick your pantat, keledai up and down the streets
Teacher-go to the principals office!
*goes to principal*
principal-whats ur name so i can put this on ur perminit record?
boy-bad pantat, keledai mother fucker kick your pantat, keledai up and down the streets
principal-YOUR EXPELLED!
*boy goes home*
dad-ok son i want to see how good anda are with spelling, now whats ur name?
boy-bad pantat, keledai mother fucker kick your pantat, keledai up and down the streets
dad-go tell ur mother your name
mom-hi honey
boy-dad wants me to tell u my name...
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