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Chris: Ok This season, We are ganna go beound normale. Farter then the eye can see.Things most people make up. Things anda might see in fairy tail books. things... well things like what anda will c in this season of toal drama! In total drama abnormale!!
*theme song*
Chris: this season we will go through losts of test to see how the campers will do if they go to the real world to see the people!I bet u they will not make it!
Luna:Ummmmmmmm....... Human..... we are right here! WE can here ur tiny human mought!
Brittany: Oh like ur's is any bigger!
Luna: what was that insalt?
Brittany: Why did anda bring...
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Courtney: I'll like a blueberry Blast please.
lady #1: comeing up!
Miley: Hey.
Courtney: Hey???? do i know you?
Miley: Oh, sorry, I'm Miley.
Courtney: Hey. I'm C.............
Miley: I know I know. I saw the show.
Courtney: Oh.
Miley: So hows u and Duncan??
Courtney: Not so good.
Miley: What happend?
Courtney: *under breth* He's cheeeting on me.
Miley: What?
Courtney: *under breth* He's cheeeting on me.
Miley: what??
Couetney: *lound* He's cheeeting on me!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: What???????????
Miley: Wow!
sJs: Who's cheeting on u? Duncan?
Courtney: Yeah.
sJs: with who?
Coutney: A girl name Summer. And do I know u?
sJs: Oh sorry, I'm sarra, But my friends call me sJs.
Courtney: Oh. Do u know me?
sJs: Yeha courtney. I have seen the show.
Courtney: Hasn't everyone?
sJs and Miley: *lagh*
Kenny Rogers: Hi my name is kenny rogers and your all on my reality tampil bitches!!

Gwen: ok?

Kenny rogers: Thats right Total drama kenny rogers and hey hey hey here are the teams

Kenny rogers: Team uno- Gwen, Harold, Alejandro, Courtney and Cody

Courtney: I cant be on a team with her *points at gwen*

Kenny rogers: Well tough luck im the boss *hits harold in the head with bottle*

Cody: what the hell

*camera goes to harold*

Harold: ahhh *on the ground*

Kenny rogers: Oh dont worry hes fine

*camera goes to kenny rogers*

Kenny Rogers: On Team Magical is Duncan, Heather, Geoff, Izzy and Owen.

Geoff: party!!!!...
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posted by Mp4girl
Please note; that this is just, and no lebih than, an opinion. No hate comments. If anda like DxC, don't read it, atau don't comment. It's that simple.

However, R-A-N-T. >:D

As I watch the TDA special on Youtube, I sigh and drag the little oval-thing back to the beginning. I hate DxC, and yet, I have to watch it again; to see every clear detail of that one scene. I hate how Duncan's arms membungkus, bungkus around her; how he clings and responds to every pindah she makes...

-What the hell is with the "love/hate" thing? I mean, some people might have yuh believe it's "cute" atau whatever, but... it's not right. They...
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posted by Mp4girl
I was waiting.

I didn't know why.

I can hear the whispering of the wind against the trees and I shiver as the wind's chilled air reaches my face, pressing myself closer to the pohon I was leaning against.

My eyes found the shimmering quality of the little pearl against the dry soil, and I half-smiled, not even knowing why I was here.
I was propped against a tree, my feet digging into the soil below me.

My jantung froze with terror as I saw a figure emerge from the trees, and I shuffled my fingers over the soil mindlessly, searching for the little pearl that the stranger had diberikan me.

Meet me in the...
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30 ways anda know if anda are obsessed with Courtney and Duncan

30. anda have at some point squealed when something Courtney atau Duncan related has happened

29. anda make up pointless fluffy moments with Courtney and Duncan in your head

28. anda laugh at Courtney and Duncan moments at acak times of the day, then anda get weird looks from friends atau family

27. When anda listen to musik anda start to make up Courtney and Duncan video clips

26. "Basic Straining" was your favourite episode in TDI and "Ocean's eight-or nine" was your favourite in TDA

25. In school now anda act really really good, atau really really...
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Duncan: I can't belive trent is gone!!!!!!!!
Bridgette: What about sumer? She's your girf friend!
Duncan: I don't care about here now!
Sadie: Katie? Isn't duncan being a meany?
Katie: I know right?
Duncan: Just shut up!
Noah: I think the tornado is gone!
Duncan:I'll cheack! *opens door* *closes door* Yeah, but the hail isn't gone!
Katie: so it's safe???
Geoff: I think so
Noah: No. it's not. Hail has killed lots of people.
Geoff: How can it hail in the summer????
Noah: It can hail any time.
Goeff: oh
Bridgette: So we're stuck in here???????
noah: Britty much!
Duncan: *shivers* Yiks it's freesing in here!
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posted by vamp_grl_123
Trent's POV

I got out of the hot steamy mandi, shower early this morning. Today is the first hari of school. I hate school. Not because I have bad grades, I am actually an A+ student, except for math. But I hate school because I get attacked oleh girls. This has been an issue ever since middle school. It had actually gotten so bad I needed a police escort halaman awal and my mom ended up kicking me out of the house. I can't get a job because my bosses try things and my fan girls get me fired.

I walked down the hall now dressed, to wake Gwen up. I can imagine the war we'd to get her into the cute school uniform....
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sumer: duncey will we live?
Duncan: Just shut up sumer!
sumer: now what's gottan in to u?
Duncan: Coyrtney
sumer: That bossy birnet. I hate her! she should jump off a clif!
Bridgette: make room. The tornado is fight oleh the bilding!
Sadie+katie+Duncan+sumer: what?
Geoff: she's not kidding!
noah: yeah!
Duncan: what about courtney?
Trent: She's dead!
Sumer: yes!!!!!!!!
Duncan: what? how do u know?
Trent: She will be. Out there oleh her self! She's dead! no lebih courtney.
Sumer: lets have a party!
Duncan: get her out of here.
Sumer: who?
Duncan: u!*pushes sumer out of the room*
Sumer: ouch! duncey let me in!!!!!!!!...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
Gwen's POV

I was sitting on my tempat tidur in my cold dark room watching my horror movie collection. I was sitting at the edge of my kursi as the killer walked closer to his victim when suddenly….


I fell off my tempat tidur in shock and my mini DVD player fell with me. "WHAT?" I yelled back as I tried to make out who had just entered my room. I usually have amazing night vision but today, being upside-down, I could barley see a thing. That is until I was picked up and placed on my feet could I see. It's him, Trent.

"Its creepy in here. Do anda even have light bulbs?" he asked. I looked up at his face...
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Geoff: Looks like a storm is comming!
Bridgette: It was sunny a jam ago.
Trent: that happends alot.
Geoff: Trent?
Trent: yeah!
Bridgette: I thought u would be a singer.
Trent: I tryed that but i don't get lots of mouney. Here, i get $20 a hour.
Geoff: wow! do we?
Trent: i don't know.
Bridgette: oh
Kadie: Oh my goodness sadie, did u hear that?
Sadie: Oh my! I did!
Kadie: that was so lound!
Sadie: I know right?
Bridgette: I think that lighting touched the ground.
Noah: Guys! A tornado touched down here!
Trent: But it's not tornado season!
Noah: I know but there's touch down here!
Bridgette: what is...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
So here is my review for the series and characters of TDI plz remeber its my opinion and there is no need for freaking out if i berkata something mean about your fave character.

Ok here is my over all tampil review:
It's funny and addicting. Even though it's a cartoon its pretty real to me. Its entertaining and doesn't get boaring; while watching it, u won't wanna get up atau have any other noise in the room. For me, no one is allowed to talk to me while im watching it.

Characters (random order)

Izzy- Funny to watch. Tells hilarious stories about her crazy family

Trent- Musical. Hunky. Not a bad dude...
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posted by Mp4girl
Look around you, I told myself, over and over and over again. Look around you, and cry. Cry freely, girl.

But I didn't. I couldn't find the strength to cry... to make the tears fall from my eyes. I didn't think I was ready to let the tears hit the ground with a soft patter; to wince at the sad and depressing sound that came from my mouth; to let Duncan see that I couldn't handle anything.

I looked up at him. His eyes were glazed and pained as he gazed into mine. I immediately felt a pang of guilt, and I sighed.
"Mina?" He brushed my cheek.
I didn't answer. I wanted to cry -- yet I didn't... I had...
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Quote of the episode: It's actually kinda funny if anda aask me. All of these people are running around hopeless and idiotic while I laugh. I would do anyhting to get out of Leif city. So many girls that gossip, and would do anything to ruin my life. I just grabbed everything I could and I left, no goodbyes, no regards and no wishes. I just couldn't stand that place. All my friends were traders and my family kicked me out of the house for being acused of doing drugs. Everything is so peaceful to other people, when it isn't if anda have to pindah in with your ex's old rusty apartment building,...
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posted by KARIxTRENT
sam was holding the camerea:ok!1,2,3 action!
kari leaned against a wall,and shoved her thumbs in her pockets,then dumped a bottle of water on her head and did a hair flip.
kari was skateboarding,and she heard that she was chosen for a intern!
kari rolled her eyes:oh great..
when trent had the blowfish attack:
kari preformed mouth to mouth cpr on puking trent.
then wiped the vomit on her sleeve and left.that was the last seen of kari in tdi.
confessions of trent:
dunno WHO did that,but,eh,I didn't really mind it.
trent winked:you know who I'm talkin' to.
posted by Lolly4me2
I want to shove the hands of the clock forward.
Maybe, just maybe would time get on it's spindly legs and run,
just enough so the night would end and the first blink of the sky meant that it was morning and the sun had awoke.

All of this talk of mine could have made me fall asleep, and time would go even faster. Dreaming sweetly about how morning in this wretched town would sweep up the ground and the sky and make the world beautiful once again.

Everyday, the pearly white glow of the sun would pour in through the window on the left side and give me such light and enjoyment I didn't eat a single...
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posted by iloveduncan6
chey: *turns on camera* hi! im chey! i hope anda pick me to be on tdi because ill probly be the only punk girl there and im really psyic. *evil grin and laugh*
jonsey: chey what are anda doing?!
chey: uhh... nothing! as anda just heard that was my cusin jonsey.ohh before i leav two lebih things about me im really hot. also i have a gret bernyanyi voice. well i have to go. dont forget choose me for your show. bye! *turns camra off* whew that was fun. *runs down stairs* what do anda want jonsey?
jonsey: sounded like anda were talking to your self. were you?
chey: no! i told anda i was doing my addution for tdi! REMBER!
jonsey: ohhhhh yahhhhh.
chey: can i go back to my room?
jonsey: yes
chey: thank you.
posted by Mp4girl
I've decided to start a new journal on here. Since anda all know me, you'll know what I'm ranting about.

Oh, so I'm just the girl who everyone knows. Maybe it's paradise to you, but definitely not to me. I mean, how would anda like it if all anda experienced every hari was some dumb guys anda don't even know asking anda out for dates every minute? Seriously. TT

WHYYYY is it always me? Why me, when I accidentally called the wrong person (instead of calling my best friend Ojiru, I called a acak guy I don't even know) and was totally clueless about what the hell the guy was saying?! Well, I admit that...
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(Bridgette's house 3:00 in the morning)

Bridgette: ummmmmmmmmmm Geoff?
Geoff: Yeah bridg?
Bridgette: There's something in the room.
Geoff: *youn* It might be the wind.
Bridgette: NO I CAN SEE IT!
Geoff: Then it's a rat. Go back to sleep.
Bridgette: It's much bigger then a rat.
Geoff: Then just don't worry about it. In the morning we got a new job so we got to b readdy.
Bridgette: It's comming closer. It's it's
Izzy: hey guys!
Bridgette; It's Izzy?
Izzy: What's up?
Geoff: Izzy? how did u get in here?
Izzy: well, it's a long story!
Bridgette: Tell us!
Izzy: Well, it could scare you.
Geoff: Tell us.
Izzy: Ok to...
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That tuesday of may 21st 1993 was the hari I was born, In Leif city, the most peacful place. The city were anda weren't affraid to go to the store oleh your self to buy a decent pack of gum, the place where anda don't have to worry about being robbed atau kidnapped. It was even the place of one of the best museums, and labratory across the whole state, The Herison Lab of 1904. It was a huge organization that Makes eco friendly inventions. It never had any safety issues either it was surrounded oleh wire fences to keep some of the new ideas safe. My mom even worked there with my step dad, although we...
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