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~ Courtney's P.O.V. ~ 

'OK. I'll start.' Bridgette said. 'Trent, truth atau dare?' Trent... Trent... OMG TRENT!!! We've been friends since like, forever! 


'Do anda still like Gwen even though she dumped you?' Bridgette asked. 

'yeah.' he replied, then turning to Gwen, 'Look Gwen, I'm sorry. For everything.' 

'No problem. I was pretty mean to you. anda didn't deserve that. it's not your fault.' the goth girl said. so she must be Gwen. 

'OK Courtney. Truth atau dare?' Trent asked. 

'DARE!' Izzy screamed. 

'OK i dare anda - ' Trent began. 

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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: please i need foto for my articals that mach them ya know to make them lebih interesting, so please if anda could that would be really great u can have any reword anda like u want i will give anda ok no prob.ok so we leave off withe ower tdi tdm teens heding off to class what will they do selanjutnya as courtney heds off to class that her only friend in there is penny........beep

(courtney comes into class veary erly the only other people in there were penny and the teacher)

Penny: hey courtney come and sit over heer with me.

Courtney: ok cool so whats up.

Penny: absolutly nothing thats why i need...
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PLEASE READ: Note that this is a acak series I'm starting featuring me and all my friends. If anda want to be added atau removed from the series, just leave a comment. Hope anda lyke this!~

Yuri yawned. "How long until we get there?" She looked up from the Ranma 1/2 manga-book she was leafing through, and glanced at Penny.
"I don't know," Penny replied, shrugging. "Sofie?"
Sofie ran a hand through her hair. "Uh, maybe about ... two hours?"
Yuri smiled. "'Kay. Thanks, Sofie."
She went back to her Ranma 1/2 manga, and berkata drowsily, "I can't want until we get to Canada. I haven't been there for years."...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: so from now on i am going to introduce every episode, thats all i have to say for right now, enjoy.

(bridgette is just wakeing up and gwen is still asleep)

Bridgette: *walks into the dapur to see courtney up awake and dressed* wo good morning sunshine, anda already awake, what time is it?

Courtney: 6:00 so anda need to go wake up gwen we only have an jam till the bus comes to pick us up.

Bridgette: but my mom will go drop us off at school.

Courtney: hehe no parents, no car remember?

Bridgette: oh ya never mind lindsay moment. haha

Courtney: haha i will make anda guys breakfast.

(the girls...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: please make sure to leave a komentar on what anda want everyones last names to be, and if anda want to be a character then just leave me a message on my profial atau leave a comment, and please just i cinta to here what anda think its just don't leave me komentar on how i can't spell trust me i know i am the worst speller of all time so thats it enjoy.

Courtney: yeah lindsay berkata that if penny had a baby girl she would name it rilly.

Gwen: wait is that penny girl pregnet??

Courtney: i don't think so i think she was just talking hypitheticly.

Gwen: thats a pretty big word to say in the same sentence...
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Chris: ok! here are the teams. Team nature...... Bridgette,Jaxson,Mike,Penny, and Cody. Team forest....Duncan,jax,Ritzy,hannah, Madilynne. ok yuor chalanges will be the same. U have to survie here in this forest.
Bridgette: and where will u b?
Chirs: in a cool studia around the corrnor!
Jaxson: i hate him! w
Chris: well i'll call u at 9 and the losers will vote someone off!

Bridgette: Ok don't leave me alone here!
mike: y cause ur scared?
Bridgette:no! Maby! Yes ok yes!
Jaxson: Ok we have to start out with finding water and shleter!
Bridgette: i'll go get the water!
Penny: i'll go get the food!
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: just btw in the articals i am penny summerjoy11 is summer and duncans "cuz" is Mp4girl and if anda want to be someone just leave a coment and also remeber to leave a coment on whet anda want there last names to be other wise i will make them up myself thats it hope anda like it.

Courtney: i....i...i don't know what to say this is so..well, unexpected i don't know what to say*smilling really hard*

Duncan: anda could say yes

Courtney: yes,yes a thousand times yes,oh Duncan i cinta anda so much i promis i will come up with the money to bail anda out.

poliece gard man: sorry ma'am but visiting howers...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 this is how courtney feals
this is how courtney feals
Dr.: anda are infact pregnet.

Courtney:*fighting back tears*oh......ok i will go talk to gwen now,thank you.

Gwen: so are anda pregnet?!?!?!?!

Courtney: ye ye ye*starts balling* YYYEEEESSS

Gwen: ok, come on, lets go home.

(in the car on the way home, courtney calmed down but is still sencitive to the hole thing)

Courtney: thank anda so much for being here and being so suportive.

Gwen: no problem, thats what friends are for,its no bother if anda need eneything.

Courtney: thank anda ssssooooo much i couldent ask for a better friend.

(they both start to fill up but gwen holds it back and courtney just...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 think anda know what this picture means
think you know what this picture means
Duncan: well to tell anda the truth i have only ever had 3 others , but none as long as i have been with courtney, and i met 2 of them in juvi and the other i met in detention.

(suprisingly no one berkata anything they probibly thought duncan would beet them up if they did)

Duncan: troy truth atau dare?

Troy: dare i like a challenge.

Duncan: i dare anda to run all the way down to a 7elleven and buy me a soda.

Troy: thats it nothing els???

Duncan: YUP

( all of us new duncan had something up his sleeve, he is smarter than just trying to make a kid tierd)

Troy: *with a hint of cocyniss in his tone because...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: we left off were duncan proswaded courtney into sciping class.

Courtney: sssssssoooooo are just walking arount atau what, i could be studying for bioligy.....

Duncan: ok rember how we stoll food on TDI,well remeber that fealing if anda want that anda will have to wwate ok?

Courtney: okay then what are we going to then?

Duncan: we are going to playa prank on some teachers.

Courtney; NO NO NO NO NO NO, not teachers, Duncan i have to good of a record.

Duncan: they will never even know it is anda and me. okay. I am going to put one of thoughs mini popcornbags into a microwave the smell of the popcorn...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
(the first hari of school(

Courtney:211,212,213!!(opens locker and izzy is inside)aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..........oh,izzy it's anda what are anda doing in my locker?

Izzy: all i remeber is that i was fighting off a ninja spy agent and i wound up here, wierd.*swings away on a vine* by.

Courtney:ooooooooookkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyy(puts all of her stuff in her locker and shuts the door)

Duncan: hey princess,did anda miss me?

Courtney:yes veary much*hugs him and kisses him on the nose*so what class do anda have next?

Duncan: uuuuuuuuummmmmm i don't go to class remeber?!?!?!?

Courtney: *thinks for a minet*then...
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** Hee. Sorry about the slight lack of Total Drama Island related ideas and it's shortness. This is for the fantastic artikel Mp4girl recently wrote for me! Make note of this, however: I'm not good at menulis happy things, so what your about to read probably sucks. TO MP4GIRL!! Luv ya, honey! ;D**
I tried to tug my arm back.
"Leggo of me, Sofie!"
She pulled harder.
"Come inside and gabung the party, Kiseki!" she squealed. I gave her a sly look and said,
"I'll come later ... just leave me alone for a bit." Finally, Sofie loosened her grip, but became playfully serious.
"You better!" she exclaimed,...
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posted by Fangirl99
confession time?

"huh?"i asked,confused.

" it goes,"he said.

"You know,i always knew anda liked me,"he said,a weird looking smile on his face.

"you did?"

he did?

"Yep.But,I liked anda back,at a certain point."

"you did?

He did?

"yep,during TDI,when courtney came back."

"Funny,that's when i stopped liking you,"I said.

"haha,yeah.I fainted cause when i saw her,i realized i had to girls.You know what i mean?"he asked.

"yeah,i guess,"I said,still not too sure.

I finally got over the awkward silence.

" anda still like me?"i asked,trying to break the awkward silence.

"Maybe..not seriously,i...
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 *sighs* aren't they so perfect together?
*sighs* aren't they so perfect together?
(I'm going to skip the 3 days between each challenge and go to whoever is voted off with only the exeption of Ch. 5 [you'll see])
In the two days after that to come, much lebih happened. oleh now, the whole resort new and was in on the plan. Plus, they all wanted insider info about "Trentney" as it was called. Like Brangelina on a smaller scale. It being too awkward asking the two major insiders for information, I went to Bridgette, Bridgette went to Izzy, and Izzy told everyone here. She'd announce it to everyone else on Wawanakwa if she had a...
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When I’m playing my nintendo DS, I do not like to be interrupted.

Just get that one fact straight. “Yes... yes!” I squealed. “Omigod. Almost to the fight area...” I murmured to myself. I sat slouched on my green beanbag chair, and I stared intently into my DS screen.
Sofie!” A voice called from downstairs. I felt a flicker of irritation towards my mother for interrupting.
“What now, Mom?” I called back.
There was no answer, just some strained footsteps that I didn’t care much about. I shrugged and focused on my DS game. I knew my DS time was limited, so I wanted to...
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POppy: Hi i'm apiun, poppy i'm ur host! This season the campers will be meeting the caracters of the show! But we will not tell there real names. They are users from a web site called! and it will be on this season of fanpop meets the stars!

*theame song*

Codyfan123: so when are we going to see them?
Poppy: just wait!
Fangirl99: anb why do anda get to have your real name?
Poppy: Ummmmmmm............. becaus..........
alvinseville92:Yeah we should say are real name!
Poppy: Shut up Shut up Shut up! I'm the host here i ge to make the rules! ok! anda guys will be elimanded if anda don't Shut up!
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posted by dxarmy423
All we are is entertainment
Caught up in our own derangement
Tell us what to say and what to do
All we are are pretty faces
Picture perfect bottled rage
Packaged synthesized versions of you

We've all made petty fortunes but we can't afford a life
Confined to pull-out kutipan and hotel rooms
They all scream California and its toppling empire
But can't anda see the end is coming soon

Come one come all the new sensation
Guarantees then obligations
Spotlights follow every single move
Basking here on ten foot stages
Pouty lips and oh so jaded
All as if we have something to prove

Despite these petty fortunes we still...
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posted by Lolly4me2
What is this, reverse psychology? How anda tell someone no, but they think anda mean yes? How a meninju, pukulan in the nose means a peck on the cheek? Feh. It's just stupid.


I guess what I'm trying to say is ... I'm not into him anymore. Please, God, don't let it be this way. Why are anda so cruel? Why do anda force me to cinta someone else, and leave all that I once had on the other side of the fence where I'm not able to get in touch with it? Why? Do anda not cinta me? ... There the word bares it ugly head again. Love. What do anda mean oleh love?? I don't know of such a word. Strong feelings. Strong words....
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 Courtney and Trent. Aren't they perfect together?
Courtney and Trent. Aren't they perfect together?
(This begins somewhere between Izzy's 2nd elimination and After The Dock Of Shame and ends at TDDDDI. POV of Courtney.)
Izzy just got off the perahu after being eliminated for the detik time and yet was still all smiles. That girl is nutso. I was swimming in the deeper end of the pool, thinking about Duncan as usual. When I came up for air, someone merpati in, splashing me. I didn't care, because I was already wet, but still kinda peeved. The person came up infront of me. It was Trent. Considering I could care less about that guy, I swam away....
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she looked out of the window to the real world.She felt a pang of pain inside her heart. she looked away she couldn't beruang it anymore. Watching all the normall children play and have fun. It hurt. She turned to page 26 in her greek mythology book and read silently. She didn't know why she bothered she was dislexek anywhy and A.D.H.D. meaning she couldn't read the story without the letters flying off the page so she just looked a the pictrues of nymphs and naids and felt a feeling of belonging inside of thoses pages. as she flicked through the book the happy feeling grew and grew inside her...
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