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Jared: No wonder that guy was chasing me!

Chris: Well DUH! this new season is gonna be hard and there are not going to be any elemination ceromonys, the episode ends when somebody gets killed.


Chris: Well if anda dont want to be killed anda have to survive these 4 killers Chucky,Freddy,Jason and michael meyers.

*Penny,Samie and Rochelle faint*

Jake: anda mean the real killer JASON!


Jared: No its not Annie!


Everybody: WHAT!

Buddy: Jared,Annie and fay come here!

*Jared,Annie and Fay walk over to Buddy*

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Chris: So anda guys had FUUUUUUUUN on your little dates?

Melody: Ac-

Chris: ENOUGH ABOUT anda ALREADY! Now, since me and my crew were judging anda guys, we came to a decsion.

Storm and Cody your tanggal was weird and hurtful. 1 star!

Melody and Harold your tanggal was awkward at times, and Harold, you're a nerd.3 stars

Mizzie and Annie, anda GUYS HAVE ISSUES! Which is why your only getting 2 stars. It was entertaining

Ray and Alejandro, anda didnt do anything. 1 star!

Addrey and Jar3d, anda guys CLICKED. SO anda guys got the whole point of this. 4 stars.

Andrea and Lucas, it was too weird to watch. anda only get...
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The rest of the date....

Storm and Cody

Cody: So swee- STORM... let's get the ride and hit the city!
Storm: Yeah, sure. *hits Cody in the arm* DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! *ninja kicks cody*
Cody: Sure.... *falls*

Melody and Harold
*In Harold's car*
Melody: WHEN DID anda GET A CAR?!
Harold: I suppose most 16-year-olds -*chuckles* they're old!- have their own automobile. Check out this sweeeet ride
Melody: Just get us there and back....

Mizzie and Annie

Mizzie: *wearing a tie* Fine... Im the guy...
Annie: WHOOOOOO! Now pucker-up cause we're going somewhere
Mizzie: Where?
Annie: I dunno your the guy!
Mizzie: Taking...
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(We now go to all the campers eating a bunch of susu and ice cream)

Trent: This is really good.

Courtney: Tell me about it.

Heather: So i heard somebody will be eliminated tonight.

Harold: And it won't be Justin, since he is now a good person.

Justin: Thank you.

Sierra: Speaking of which, i am crazy as Izzy.

Izzy: (Surprised) anda think so?

Sierra: Yeah.

(All of a sudden, Chris was seen flying on a helicopter, holding a megaphone.

Chris: Campers, if anda can follow me to the studio for your first challenge.

(All the campers head to the studio, as they see a bunch of susu and ice cream)

Chris: Are anda all...
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posted by blenson555
Matt:Who the hell is he!?Tiffany:No one!*Sue calls cack*Sue:Are anda fucking kidding me!Rachelle:NO!Sue:I'll be there!Tiffany:Lets Attack!Rachlle:NOT YET!Blake:What the fuck is going on?!?!Rachlle:Shut the hell up!*Sue comes out*Sue:I called double X,he says to kill him!Rachlle:Now we attack!*The girls attack*Kil-Las leader:Fuck off atau I will kill u oh wait u blew up the safe-house so i'll kill anda anyways!*Punches them back*Sue:Thats it asshole,time to fight!*They kill him*Tiffany:Well that was easy!*Calles double X:Parden my languege but good fucking job!Sue:You should of herd us!Part 6:Real spy work coming soon!
Alright, so we're back to the detik part of the finale of...:

The vote have been counted, and 15 fan (There's 16 but I chose too so that counts me out xD)
are waiting for the results!

One of anda earned 7% of vote from the fans, the other earned 44%, and the last
person earned 50%.

The person with 7%, meaning that they are leaving is...:


Jamie: *Sigh* Well, at least I made it to third place. *Leaves sadly*
(Jamie38459/Jamie, your prizes are a prop and an invitation to my selanjutnya fanfic!)

And finally, the person with 50% is...:

JARED!!! Meaning Fay has 44%!

Jared: OMG!...
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(We first start off oleh going to The bintang Monkeys cabin.)

Bridgette: So like, how are anda all doing?

Justin: Prettier than ever.

Eva: Same old, same old.

Owen: hey anda guys, guess what i've packed up?

(Owen then takes out 100 cartons of susu and ice-cream)

Sierra: Wow. Look at all that susu and ice cream.

Leshawna: Yeah.

Owen: Come on. Let's eat.

(Then they all eat, and they were all happy.)

Justin: Mmm...this is good.

Eva: Tell me about it.

Justin: I have something to tell anda all, oleh the way.

Gwen: What is it?

Justin: anda see, i'm not really a bad guy at all. I'm a good guy.

Trent: anda are? Good for you....
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Chris:The selanjutnya challange is a fight!
Buddy:What kind of fight?
Chris:A fireball fight!
Elita:That s-sounds dangerous...
Lucy:Really,really dangerous....
Chris:Oh,it is!So anda might want to pick the people who can't die,or who can come back alive if they die!
Buster and Mr.Fluffykins look straight at Buddy,making the other team members do the same.
Jordan:Why not!
Buddy:I don't care if I die a few times,it's just if my hair gets burned...Oh screw it*puts his kap, hood up*I'll do it...
On the Bloody paranormals,two contestants are fighting over who gets to go.
Mizzie:Sorry Storm,but I like fire!
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posted by bubblegum505
The start of the dates

Storm and Cody

Cody: hey hottie...
Storm: *hits Cody*
Cody: *falls over*
Storm: Dont call me that... my name is STORM.
Cody: *gulps and gets up* Kay....

Melody and Harold

Harold: Where do anda want to go tonight, Milady? Chuck-e Cheeses? pizza hut?
Melody: Red Lobster.
Harold:Oh okay. I'm down with that!
Melody: *face palms*

Mizzie and Annie

Annie: Okay im the girl
Mizzie: No, I am the girl
Annie: *gets closer* I AM!
Mizzie: *gets on tips of toes* NO I AM!

Ray and Alejandro

Alejandro: Tonight, I will take out to the finest
resurant in the city.No matter what the price atau the distance, I...
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Chris: Yadyayada.... daftar is over here...

Storm and Cody

Zoey and Duncan

Melody and Harold

Mizzie and Annie

Ray and Alejandro

Addrey and Jar3d

Andrea and Lucas

Courtney and Gwen


Chris: ABout that, we ran out of guys, so we stuck anda with a girl


Gwen: anda went out with Duncan,though!


Annie: I'm not too thrilled about going out with a girl....

Cody: YES YES YES.... IM GOING ON A tanggal TONIGHT.....

Addrey: Captin Desperato....

Jar3d: *dying of laughter*


Harold: Im stuck with a bully!

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posted by dxarmy423
Episode 3: When worlds collide

*Where we last left off*

Geoff: hey king owen do anda know where my friends are

King Owen: I can find them for you

Geoff: Thanks

King owen: hold on *uses psychic powers* ah ha

Geoff: anda found them

King owen: not exactly I've found some energy signals in the shadow world

Geoff: sweet ok Im gonna go find them

King Owen: Wait your not strong enough

Geoff: well I cant die can I

King Owen: well actually if anda can die in the shadow world if your from the spirit world

Geoff: crap

King Owen: I suggest anda take the path to Master Harold on his planet

Geoff: how long will that take

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posted by bubblegum505
Chris: Okay,Kiddies! Here are your rooms:

In the first room will be...... *looking through list* Mizzie and Storm! Then.....Addrey and Raynetta!

Ray: *throws a rock at Chris*

Chris: OW! Luckily my hard as rock with the soft texture hair blocked that!

....Zoey and Gwen.... Andrea and Courtney... Annie and Duncan.... Harold and Cody and Jared and Alejandro.

Everyone (besides Storm and Mizzie): WHAT!

Chris: Adios!*leaves with jet pack*

Duncan: I'm gonna kill that jerk!

*all the girls walk over to him*

Alejandro: I think we're suppose to get going now....

Zoey: Uh yeah... *grabs bags*

Mizzie: Yeah... your...
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Wel-You know what
that's it. *Destroys Camera #1*
We're down to the final 4 contestants
of Total Drama High School!

Votes are coming in the tampil with this link on
who people think should win:

Fay and Jared are neck to neck!

You may all return to your cabins right now.

(AT kabin #1)
Fay: OMG I'm getting votes!!!
Jared: Me too! Weird thing is, the vote keep changing from me to Fay, me to Fay, and so on.
Jamie: I want votes.
Lisa: ME TOO! >w<

Lisa: I can't believe Fay and Jared have votes. WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE?!
Fay: All Lisa...
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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Welcome back to Tot-
GRRR!!!! Nevermind!
Next time, we're skipping the introduction of
the selanjutnya episode!
WOOHOO! Only 5 contestants left! I'm
having trouble deciding what challenge to do,
so...I'll stop making them and you'll always
get the hari off! x3
Everybody: YAY!

(AT kabin #1)
Rayven: Finally, a member was eliminated in this
cabin. It was quite getting crowded.
Lisa: So anda don't like anybody here?
Rayven: ...
Lisa: Oh yes, making another person feel awkward is fun. x3
Jared: ...hehehehehhehe.
Rayven: Oh shut up, Jared.
Jared: anda shut up.
Rayven: Eat my a**...
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posted by DannyLawson14
(We see the host, and 16 campers. Chis is ready to make his speech)

Chris: Welcome everyone to Total Drama Hollywood. As anda know, my name is Chris McClean and i will be your host. One of anda will win, while the others will not.

Harold: Cool.

Alejandro: This is awesome.

Heather: I know.

Chris: Now then, it is time for teams. Alejandro, Harold, Duncan, Noah, Courtney, Heather, Beth and Izzy. anda are known as...The Famous Penguins.

Noah: Aww man. I want a better team name.

Izzy: Screaming Penguins for the win! AY AY AY AY AY!

Alejandro: Keep it down.

Izzy: Alright.

Chris: As for the other team. Trent,...
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Jared: Somebody help! SERIOUSLY!

*A sysco killer in a hockey mask with a pisau walks out of the woods*

*the sysco killer runs at Jared*

Jared: *SCREAMS*

*Jared stands up and runs*

Jared: *While running* HELP HELP HELP!

Chris: Woah woah woah! Jason back off! We dont need anda killing anybody YET!

Everybody: 0_0

Chris: Anyway... im gonna pick the teams!

Team 1 Team 2

Jared Rikki
Karen Ava
Austin Erica
Fay Samie
Buddy Rochelle
Courtney Duncan
Penny Jake

Buddy: Wait! Why is there a girl named Annie on our team? There's no Annie!

Chris: Yes there is!

*Annie walks up behind Jared and Scares him*


Jared: AHH!

Annie: *laughs*

Jake: Now there's only 7 on our team and 8 on their team!

Chris: Thats an advantage!

Samie: How?

Chris: You'll see! This season is called TOTAL DRAMA NIGHMARE!

Everybody: WHAT!

*to be contiued*
posted by DannyLawson14
The time has come...

The lights are on...

Time for another TDI series...

Get ready for...


It's another TDI series with plenty of twists. A few surprises will be shocking, twisting, and lebih shocking.

Chris McClean is once again hosting. And now this time, 16 campers will be competing. They are...


Total Drama Hollywood! Rated PG. Coming soon to this website near you.
Chris: Ok anda all votted and today i'm giveing out Dimonds! alot off votes. thease poeple had 0 vote Bridgette!
Bridgette: YES!
Chris: Ray
Ray: yay!!!!!!
Chris: Noah!
Ray: yes!
Noah: Yes! *noah and sinar, ray make out*
Chris: and finaly DJ and less!
DJ: yes
Less: yipee!
Chris: thease people had only one vote Jamie
Jamie: yes
Chris: Jax!
Jax: Yay!!!!!!
Chris: Avan!
Avan: Finaly!
Chris: Rayven!
Rayven: Yay!!!!!!
Chris: Jar3d!
Jar3d: yay!!!!!
Chris: there are only 2 of anda left lindsay and jake this person had 2......... it gose to...................... Lindsay!
Lindsay: yay!!!!!!!!
Jake: what???
Lindsay: The dimond is shinny!...
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Chris: Hellow! I'm chris Maclain! And this season we are haveing 26 new contestents and 24 Old! and the new ones will fight aginest The old! But one new one will go over to the old! anda all know him as Beth's Boy friend! Brady! Well, let's see what happend on this season! On fanpop V.S Total Drama!
*theam Song*
Chris: Ok! Today we are starting with the camp! The contestnets will come from a boat! Let's start with the surfer chick Bridgette!
Brdiegtte: hey chris!
Chris: hey Bridgette! selanjutnya we have on Team Fanpop, Lulu!
Lulu: OMG! I'm finally on TV! Is cody going to be here??
Bridgette: what? who ar...
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Vine clothes making!Gwen:Sounds really stupid!Geoff:What team is Rayven on?Chris:the screaming Fish!Mack:Booya!Chris:You have 2 hours.GO! ~~~~~~~~~~2 hours Later~~~~~~~~~~~Chris:TIME UP!Now choose a model with the best clothes so your team can win! Bridgette:I think It should be Emily Heather:No,me! Bridgette:No,Emily!Heather:That's it!*They start fighting*Meanwhile on the screaming ikan Jake:Have my girl model Penny:AAWWWWWW!Thanks babe!*They start making out*Rayven:Ya,Penny! Everyone else on the screaming fish:Ya,Penny! Meanwhile on the Killer snakes Half of team:Emily! Other half:Heather! Chris:Ok!Model models! *Penny modles* Chris:Ok,8 points!alright who is modeling for the killer snakes?! Killer snakes:Hemilr! Chris:What? Bridgette:I'll be honest,we havent disided! Rest of team but heather and Avan:AAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!Chris:Well sucks to be u guys,cause u lost!!!Screaming ikan win!Screaming fish:YAAAAAA!!!If u are a killer snake vote someone off!