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*At the dock*

Chris:Okay everybody we have to go to the stage because our challange is a bernyanyi contest!

*At the stage*

Chris:Okay every team has to pick 4 singers for their team!

*At the good cabin*

Alex: Okay so who wants to be one of the singers?

Rebecca: I'll be one! But i will only sing Justin bieber songs!

Alex: Okay thats one! Who else wants to be one?

Lisa: I'll be a singer! And ill sing any song.

Alex: Yes! We have 2! Okay we need 2 more?

Geoff: I'll be a singer.

Cody: So will I!

Alex: Thanks guys! Now who wants to do a duet with who?

Cody: I'll do a duet with Rebecca!

Geoff: So i guess ill do a duet with Lisa!

Alex: Great ideas guys! Okay lets go tell chris that we picked our singers!

*The good team tells chris*

*At the evil Cabin*

Annie: Okay i just cinta to sing! So ill be one of the singers.

Jared: Me too,I'll do a duet with anybody here.

Annie: Wanna do a duet with me?

Jared: Sure.

Jared: okay we still need 2 lebih singers.


Jared: okay! Fine izzy!

Alejandro: I'll sing too.

Aydan: Okay we have all of our singers!

Heather: okay! lets not stand around here like bitches! We have to tell chris that were ready!

*The evil team tells chris*

*Stay tuned for part 4 of episode 1!*
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