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*At 1 am in the morning*
Chris: *Micorphone* WAKE UP!! THE selanjutnya CHALLENGE IS THE-AWAKE-A-THON!
Karen:AHHHHH!! *falls off puncak, atas bunk* ASS!
Lindsay: Is that Tyler?
*They all get out of tempat tidur and is standing outside the cabins in there PJ'S*
Catie: The challenge starts now!
*a jam later and Alice,Annie,Dawn,Rayven,Harold, and Noah are out*
Katie: I missed Sadie *frowns*
Lindsay: It will be okay Kathy!
Trent: Ya atleast u can fight for her
Karen: *goes over to them w/ Hollow Jared and Lisa* We would wondering if u guys would want to form a alliance?
K,L&T: Sure!
*A few mins later*
Jared: YES!!!
Karen: We are gonna run thiss show
Lisa:I never knew i could be so sneaky!
Hollow: They dont know whats coming their way!
Lindsay:OMG! I am in a allicance with Jason,Holly,Kimmie,Lulu,Trent,Kathy, and Sara!
*back to the game*
*everyone fallen asleep for Jared,hollow, and Katie, and Ava*
J&K: *lies down*
Hollow: What are u guys doing ur gonna fall asleep!
K&J: WE ARE NO-*falls alseep*
Hollow: IDOIOTS!
Ava: Bring it on Hollow!
Hollow: Will do AVA!
chris:DING!!! The winner is!!!!!!!!!!!

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