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Chris: Welcome To The Bonfire Camp Ceremony, When anda Hear Me Call Your Name, Come And Get A Marshmellow:
The Final Marshmellow Goes To:
Katie: "Woo-Hoo Yeah! Woo-Hoo!"
Chef: "I'm Sorry Lia....But anda Have Been Eliminated."
Lia: *Walks To The Dock Of Shame*

*Chris Narrating* "Hi Guys! Guess What, I Got To Say The Names Of The Campers On The Ceremony Today! And With Lia Being The 4th Camper Eliminated, Who Will Be selanjutnya On Total Related Island!"
Noah Eeeeehhhhh I have a tanggal I have a date
Heather *Puts finger over Noahs mouth*Shhh we cant let no one know
Noah .........
Heather Um wanna help me pick my dress?
Noah *Has Phone On Speaker Mom Starts Blabbing*
Mom "Noah dont forget to brush your teeth anda know the rule"
Noah Ha ha Sure
Heather Lets go *Drags Noahs hand*
Noah *Blushs*
Heather *Brings Noah To Dressing Room* Noah ive known anda for a long long time and ive always thought anda were like a no-it-all *Kisses Noah On The Cheek*
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Chris: welcome back to total drama culdesac

Chris: the following campers will stay for another week in total drama culdesac

Johnny 2x4

Chris: its down to gwen and bridgette

Chris: first bridgette with 2 votes

Chris: now gwen anda have 3 vote good bye

Gwen: well it was nice while it lasted

Trent: dont go if u go I will vote my self off.

Gwen: I lost so I have to go.

Trent: Fine.

Trent: Chris I quit!!!!!!!

Gwen: what!!!!

Chris: thats it its offical trent and gwen both leave tonight.

Chris: but since trent is on another team that makes it uneven

Duncan: so what tough luck for them

Chris: Duncan shut...
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[u]At The Mall[u]

Look Sadie striped and polka dotted bras are

on sale! Omg no way I am so getting the last two

for us! As they go to reach for it, some one

else grabs one of them. Sadie- Um exscuse me

menggerutu, jalang I saw those first. Nicole- I dont think anda

did. Paris- no Kate- yes!

5 mins later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

menggerutu, jalang they are mine, no they are ours! No g

ive it to me now! NEVER!!!!!! Umm exscuse me anda

4 m gunna have to ask anda to leave the mall. anda

are disrupting others. No that menggerutu, jalang took ours

bras NO that menggerutu, jalang took our bras!

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Ok, may I remind anda that this is fanfiction, and that some of the people that I place suicide files on arn't necessarly people that I hate.

The first case is Heather Thorn.
At first the case of Heather Thorn was a mystery. No body thought that she would kill herself, because she was so stuck up. But no matter who thought she was selfish started re-thinking after they heard exsactly what happened before she commited suicide. Two days before she commited suicide, Heather Thorn who was (22) was out with some "friends". She had desided to become nice all of a sudden and buy Gwen Smiths, Lindsay...
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