Ok, so most of anda might know of my past season I did, Total Drama Road Trip, in which I only got about half way through it before problems came up and I couldn't even post anything anymore.

I figured the least I could do is say who won that season before I try to start another one. So here is the elimination order list.

10th Place: Jade Reason: She was very mean to Sayu and her team saw her as a threat if she stayed, so when they lost the challenge at the Golden Gate Bridge they voted her out immediately.

9th Place: Flo Reason: In Vegas, Morgyn and Flo were so upset at one another, they were battling over who should be the team leader while Sayu was just trying to get her team to work with one another. Due to Nya’s insane pile driver using skills, Tumbling Weeds lost again and Flo was voted off on a 2-3 vote when they figured they could function with just one person trying to be leader.

8th Place: Morgyn Reason: In the Grand Canyon it was obvious that Morgyn was going obsessed with power after Flo was voted off now and it was showing. Morgyn failed to get Oliver and Lynette to quit fighting and after they were chased oleh mountain goats and they lost yet again, a pissed off Lynette got an only half-conscious Sayu to vote Morgyn out now. Apparently she doesn’t like people trying to lead her.

7th Place: Riley Reason: In Texas, Tracey thought her team breaking strategy was working during there winning streak and decided to push further oleh sabotaging the other team’s electric banteng during a challenge. Unfortunately, Riley, best friends with Sayu, had been helping her for a while and oleh now Tracey was getting tired of it so when the Weeds FINALLY won a challenge, Tracey bribed Nya with vodka to vote off Riley so she could still reign as supreme in the game.

6th Place: Karl Reason: Now that the Weeds were working together, it was getting easier to win. In Nebraska at the HAZARD battleship monument, they had to cari through the entire ship in cari of team flags and then defend them with bebe guns and what not. Karl’s trianing experience got the best of him though as he went haywire during the challenge. However, Nya was getting on Tracey’s nerves so much that when they loss, she tried to get Karl to vote her off but unfortunately before a loser was announced, Karl selected himself to be eliminated since he lost control of himself and his honor.


5th Place: Lynette Reason: In the great lakes challenge they had to navigate themselves around on separate canoes and the last one to menyeberang, salib the finish line would be automatically eliminated. Oliver and Lynette finally started to get along but Sayu’s mind went into a gaming world and she was able to speed past everyone to get there first. Tracey promised Nya to keep he rout of the water now as she knew Lynette was on to her strategy and sicked Nya on her, causing her perahu to sink. Nya was pissed now as she was wet but managed to swim back to Tracey’s perahu and over the finish line but Lynette never made it.

4th Place: Nya Reason: Tracey made Oliver feel sorry for her and feign depression during the challenge in Maine to ikan for a golden lobster that was around. When they were attacked oleh a giant mutant lobster monster, Sayu got cut on the face and Oliver ran off for fear of Salmonella. Fortunately for Tracey, she found the golden lobster when it landed on the perahu from the monster and Nya managed to scare it away when she lunged and clawed at its face. At the ceremony, Tracey was diberikan immunity and her and Oliver voted Nya but Nya and Sayu voted Tracey so it was a tiebreaker challenge where they each had to crack open the most lobsters and suck out the tails. Nya was winning but unfortunately she had too much fermented hooch during the challenge and threw up, making Tracey win with just one tail.

3rd Place: Oliver Reason: In the Florida Everglades, Sayu told Oliver what Tracey was pulling and he felt bad now that he fell for that stuff. Meanwhile, Tracey had to fend for her own with crocodiles as they had to bring one back to the bus to win. When Sayu managed to drop a branch on one after it sat Oliver to eat him, Tracey knocked Sayu out and dragged the croc with her to the bus to win immunity. At the ceremony, Tracey voted for Oliver and also wrote his name on a knocked out Sayu’s card as well so that he would be gone.

Runner Up: Tracey Reason: In the finale challenge in D.C. Each of them had to navigate through the white house now and meet up at the presidential segel in the President’s office, Tracey lost when everyone else who now knew about her antics had sabotaged her on the way like buttering the floors and giving her wrong directions now and Sayu got there first. Unfortunately, there were a few damages now done to the white house when Chris implanted a few bombs and traps along the white house trail. That million dollars had to be put to repairs for the government now.

Winner: Sayu