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Adventure Time Crossover Picture :D

I'm using the people Epic Lady had for her picture. I just need a couple of other people to be filled in. :D

Finn : Veto
Jake : Eddie
Lady Rainacorn : Lana
Princess Bubblegum : Kendall
Marceline : Crinpy
LSP : LaToya
Beemo : Yuki
Peppermint Butler : Edward
Cinnamon Bun : ?
Shelby : ?
Slime Princess : ?
gula permen karet Lass (the berwarna merah muda, merah muda one) : ?
pohon Trunks : ?
Mr. cupcake : ?
anda Gould just Ick people with the right personality it can be teddy for CB but idk how he looks like. Mr cupcake can be any muscular dude XDD. I think someone like nylee atau Adriana can be gula permen karet lass. pohon trunks idk anyone like superb NICE. Slime princess. Anyone. XD
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