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 [OFFICIAL] 140110 ToppDogg Nakta for K:ODE Magazine
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This Topp Dogg foto contains baret hijau, pasukan khusus, tentara elit, green baret, prajurit elit, pakaian lapangan, pertempuran gaun, and seragam. There might also be pakaian serdadu resimen, regimentals, kotak mantel, kamuflase, and camo.

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Yeah~! CUZ I’m ToppDogg ToppKlass ToppDogg
I do what i do best

Before pouring out your soul
Only the skin is left, deceived oleh empty words
Feeling betrayed oleh the words that are too light, hey
(Tainting the soul)
Your fantasies have all been broken
Cooled affections became burnt ash
(Tainted hand)
The sins of the world are worn out
(The candlelight shakes in front of temptations)
This song will be a lighthouse in the darkness

History maker, that is me
We work in our own way
Others shine for a moment and self-destruct
I know, I’m a bunga that bloomed from the mud
I’m menulis history, I’m a...
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