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Full Name: Thomas Andrew Felton

tanggal of Birth: September 22, 1987

Birthplace: Kensington, London, England, United

Hair: Light brown, though he bleaches it for the movies

Eyes: Blue

Hometown: Surrey, England

Siblings: Three older brothers named Jonathan, Ashley and Chris

favorit word: Atrocious

If he could eat only one food, it would be: Ice cream

cokelat atau strawberry?: Chocolate

Would like to go on a musik tour with: The Beatles

Would most like to change about the world: The weather in England

Would most like to master: Golf

Rugby atau Quidditch?: Quidditch

Would most like to visit: Fiji

Book to have if stranded on a desert island: Harry Potter

favorit sound: A coin in water

Makes him laugh: Life

If not an actor, would like to be: Musician

Is most grateful for: Life

Enjoys: Tennis, ice-skating, rollerblading, basketball, cricket, swimming, and football (soccer)

Passion: Fishing

Childhood pets: Rabbits and chinchillas

favorit cities in the United States: New York, NY and Waddington, NY

favorit pastime: Shopping

Most prized posession: Kona bike

favorit style of clothing: Casual - big sweatshirts

favorit TV shows: The Simpsons and EastEnders

favorit music: Rap and hip-hop

favorit HP house: Slytherin

favorit HP character: Lucius Malfoy

favorit childhood book: The Snowman oleh R.L. Stine

favorit foods: His mum's Shepherd's pie, cream crackers, cokelat ice cream without any bits, pepperoni pizza without onions, chicken, Tesco's Frozen plain sausages, pancakes, and chocolate

favorit fast food: Hamburgers and pizza

favorit sweets: Chocolate

favorit drink: cokelat milk

favorit relaxation: Reading

favorit colors: In cars: black and white; In envelopes: red; In clothes: gray

favorit car: BMW

favorit designers: Armani and Versace

favorit school subjects: Geography, English, and Physics

favorit country: The United States

favorit brand of car: BMW

favorit animal: Tiger

Current pet: Dog named Timber