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FeaturedEntertainment NewsAshley GreeneTom FeltonAre anda a Twihard atau a Harry Potter enthusiast? cinta the evil powers of Draco Malfoy (played oleh Tom Felton in Harry Potter series) and the helping gestures of Alice Cullen (played oleh Ashley Green in Twilight series)? Well, the actors who play these characters also cinta their biggest Hollywood projects and thus fight on it, verbally, not literally!

Ashley and Tom are working in the upcoming supernatural thriller, The Apparition. In a media interaction recently, Tom joked that he and Ashley keep debating on which one of the two is a better movie, whose fan are larger and who among the two heroes – Harry and Edward Cullen – will win the battle, if there is one! The magical antagonist of Harry Potter series, was, of course, kidding us!

We know that both the super hit film series have a religious fan following. And a high number of their fan would be counted in both the fan lists! So a war, is not possible. Ashley on her part, berkata that she and Tom felt great to have had been a part of those ventures, and that’s it!

Guess they have their selanjutnya movie to concentrate on, instead of fighting over which past venture was larger! From now on, the fan can get a glimpse of their two favourite characters in just one movie... The Apparition!

--Sampurn Wire