He is thankful for The Bealtles, the weather in England, golf, Quidditch, Fuggi, Harry Potter, life, being in the Harry Potter series, and his fans.

His favorit sports are Ruggby, and Quidditch.

His favorit ice cream is chocolate.

If he could eat one food it would be ice cream.

His favorit word is atrocious.

He played Colin in the European version of the Secret Garden in 1999.

He is dating Jade Gordon.

He has three elder brothers: Jonathan, Ashley, and Chris.

He enjoys football (soccer), ice-skating, roller-blading, basketball, cricket, swimming, and tennis, but his first cinta is fishing. (imdb.com)

He likes hip-hop music. (imdb.com)

Owns pet chinchillas. (imdb.com)

Bleaches his hair blonde for the Harry Potter films. His natural hair color is light brown. (imdb.com)

Has developed an interest in fishing in baru saja months. He was introduced to it through one of his brothers. His biggest catch was been a 37.14-pound common carp. He fishes using the catch-and-release system so that he doesn't harm any fish. He hopes to attend fishing school and study fishing management after the filming of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). (imdb.com)

]He was at the sepakbola Aid 2008 Charity Game. (youtube.com)

[]He has met Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Sean Biggerstaff, Alan Rickman, Katie Leung, Maggie Smith, Richard Harris, Robbie Coltrane,Verne Troyer, John Hurt, Warwick Davis, Ian Hart, Derek Deadman, Evanna Lynch Bonnie Wright, James & Oliver Phalps, Fiona Shaw, Matthew Lewis, Eleanor Columbus, David Bradley, Adrian Rawlins, Robert Pattinson, Julie Walters,Chris Rankin, Richard Griffiths, Mark Williams,Hugh Mitchell,Devon Murray, Shirley Henderson, Christian Coulson,Robert Hardy,Emma Watson, Jason Issicas, and Gary Oldman.

He is youtube member Feltbeats. (youtube.com)

He dyed his hair Blonde for Harry Potter film 5, 6, 7, and 8.

he has been to France before

Half of the famles in the world that he is friends with are stupid enouh to reavel that they are cigarret smokeers (emma-watson-fans.net)

He both knows how to grill, and grills in everyday life

He`s right handed

Attended Howard of Effingham School, a comprehensive school located in Surrey. He left school at the age of 16 in May 2004 after completing his GSCEs. When he finishes filming the Harry Potter films, Tom hopes to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother and study fishing management at university.

He goes to school, watches tv, plays basket ball, fishes, and chills out with friends, like a normal kid.

His elder brother was his chaperone on the set of Harry Potter.

Hadn`t read any of the "Harry Potter" buku prior to being cast as Draco Malfoy.

He bleached his hair blonde for the first four Harry Potter films.

He likes hip-hop music

He enjoys football (soccer), ice-skating, roller-blading, basketball, cricket, swimming, tennis, and fishing.

He sings, dances, and plays guitar

He speaks English, Spanish, and French.