They had arrived to the river shortly after lunch. The hari was the first really warm hari of Spring and it held promise of an early and very hot Summer to come. Their daughter darted ahead of them as she pulled at the little dress that covered her berwarna merah muda, merah muda bathing suit. She was beyond excited that she was going to be able to play in the water and that both of her parents were there to share the fun with her. Tony had been buried in a case for the last several weeks and he had missed a lot of their rituals for bedtime and quiet time because of it. Ziva had done her best to fill-in, but Eden had made it clear that even though she loved her Ima very much, she wanted her father when it came to certain things. Ziva understood and didn’t fret over it too much. She just tried to explain that sometimes daddy’s job would mean that she would have to fill-in and Eden would just nod and look out the window in hopes that her daddy’s car would magically appear in the drive. Today though Eden didn’t have to look out the window and hope, her daddy was there and so was her Ima and they were going to have fun at the river. She knew they would have fun because her daddy had promised her as much and her daddy would never lie to her.

“Be careful, Eden!” Tony called after his little girl. “Don’t go in the water until we’re with you!”

Eden screeched to a halt at the river’s edge and waited patiently for them to gabung her. She shifted from foot to foot in a little dance as she dropped her dress to the side. The water looked cold as it rushed over the rocks and it sent a thrill through her little body. “Hurry up!” she pleaded to her parents as she spun around in a circle, her hands on her hips.

“She’s being impatient again,” Ziva chuckled from beside Tony as they carried a alat pendingin, pendingin between them that was filled with drinks and snacks and a few chairs balancing carefully on top.

“It’s the age,” Tony grinned over to her. “I bet anda were just the same way. Besides, she also missed me while I was busy with work.” Tony turned his eyes back to the curly brunette that spun in circles a few yards ahead of them. “I missed her too,” he added softly. A laugh began to bubble up his throat a moment later as he watched his crazy little spinning ninja tampil the dizziness he was certain to come. She was about to topple over and he called out, “easy on the spinning, Eden! You’ll fall in the river doing that!”

Eden wobbled to her right and then her left as she stopped mid-spin. Her girlish giggles filled the quiet area of the river they had chosen to come to. “Whoa! That’s fun!” she continued to giggle.

Ziva shook her head as she tried to contain her laughter at her daughter’s antics. “She gets that from you, anda know?” she informed her husband as they settled the alat pendingin, pendingin on the ground under the large maple pohon that would provide the right amount of shade when the time came for rest. “Go play with her,” she dismissed him with a flick of her wrist and a warm smile. “I’ll set the blanket and chairs up. She wants anda to play with lebih them me.”

Tony held up a finger to Eden indicating that he only needed one lebih menit before he pulled Ziva up into his arms and pressed a passionate ciuman to her lips. “I missed anda too. anda know that, right?” he asked as he lowered her back to the ground. He smirked at her as he watched her try to recover from being swept off her feet… literally.

“I know,” she replied, breathlessly. Her hands came up to cup his face for a moment and she smiled up at him with the smile that was reserved only for him.

Tony dipped his head once more, ciuman her briefly again before releasing her and slipping from her arms. He stripped off his kemeja while he kicked off his flip-flops as her hurried towards his daughter who was completely unaffected oleh her parents display off affection. “Okay, my tiny ninja, who’s ready to get in the river?”

Eden jumped up and down, “Me!”

Tony scooped Eden into his arms as he met her at the edge of the river and waded into the water that came up to his knees. It was cool, but it left good against his skin diberikan the heat of the day. He decided that Eden wouldn’t be too cold in it and began to lower her to the water. He stopped when her toes dipped into the water and brought her back up before tossing her into the air and repeating it, each time a little lebih of her body making an entrance into the water. Her laughter growing louder every time.

Ziva watched from her hinggap, bertengger on one of the chairs she had set up. She was relaxed and her face lit up with a bright smile as she watched her husband and daughter enjoying themselves. “Tony, let her in the water,” she called after to him with mirth filling her voice.

Tony glanced over his shoulder at his wife’s call as his daughter landed once lebih into his waiting arms. He turned his attention back to Eden and cuddled her close for a moment, “whadya say, ready to get really wet? I bet we can find tadpoles too!”

Eden nodded her head enthusiastically and Tony finally let her down in a shallower area of the river. He watched carefully as she treaded over the slippery rocks under her feet. They splashed water at one another for a few menit after she found a rock that she could use as a support if things became too much. Her eyes noticed something swimming in the river as she splashed her dad and she let out a squeal, “Daddy! Tadpoles!”

Tony skidded across the slippery rocks and peered down to where she was excitedly pointing too. Her hold body trembled with excitedly. “Yup, looks like anda found a lot of them, Eden! I bet they were hiding under the rocks. Want to catch them and put them in a jar?” Eden’s head was snapping up and down instantly as she watched her new friends swim around the water. “Okay, let’s go get the Mason jar that Grandpa Gibbs gave to catch them in.”

“Can I stay? Please?” she pleaded with her father. “They’ll be lonely if I leave them!”

Tony looked back to Ziva who was already retrieving the jar from the cooler. “Okay, but anda stay right oleh this rock,” he pointed to the rock that had become her support. “I don’t want anda going any further into the river.”

Eden placed her hand on the rock and grinned up at him. “No movin’.”

Satisfied that she would be aman, brankas for the few detik it would take to get the jar Tony hurried out of the water. Once on dry land Ziva met him halfway and handed him the jar. “Having fun?” she mused as she handed it over.

“Much. anda could gabung us, y’know?”

“I’ll stay up here,” she told him with a shake of her head. She looked back out to the water and smiled as she saw her daughter twist around and look at her and Tony. Her hair was wet and a bit mussed up from jumping around from the splashing and she had an impish smile on her face. “She’s waiting for you,” Ziva murmured as she placed a ciuman on Tony’s cheek. Tony began his trip back to his daughter and Ziva quickly pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of her daughter twisted around towards them. They had named her Eden because it meant ‘paradise’ and she was definitely their little slice of paradise.