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These are all completed multi-chapters stories.

These stories made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me upset, they made my jantung went out for them. They kept me company when I felt so alone. They became my bedmates on cold rainy nights and my companions under the sun on a lazy breezy day.

If I don't feel my jantung jump with even one scene then it's not worth my time.

Some of these fics may have spelling and grammar deficiencies but their stories are so wonderfully told anda just forget those little honest to goodness missteps.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. After Somalia oleh AliyahNCIS...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
She leans against the doorframe heavily as her partner walks Lea to the door to see her out, their low voices echoing down the small hallway. She can hear Tony’s muffled thanks once lebih for staying late once again for the third night this week. Fortunately, the young woman was lebih than familiar with the demands of their jobs, and waved off their graciousness with a smile.

A soft sigh escapes the small form on the bed, and Ziva’s attention shifts back to the very reason that gets them through grueling hours of overtime when cases blow wide open. Smiling, she pushes off the frame and...
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posted by mossheart1235
I don't know how well this will work out, but I quite like it!

DISCLAIMER: anda know the drill.

Ziva and most of the team were at the crime scene, in a pretty rural town in West Virginia. Ducky was subdued for once, Gibbs and McGee were silent, only making a few passing comments, and Ziva was silently taking pictures. Maybe it was the lack of Tony that had them quiet for once.
Ziva had a nagging feeling that whatever Tony was doing, it wasn't good. She couldn't complain, seeing as Vance was there, and he barely noticed that Tony was not there.
They all heard a screeching of car tires. When the team...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
Tony lowered his camera to his knee and draped his arm around the woman beside him on the bench in the park. He was enjoying that she would accompany him when he had to do surveillance duty. He never told Gibbs that she was joining him when he was sent out on his own, but Gibbs knew everything so it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if he knew that they used this time to be together as well. It was completely against protocol, but it had yet to interfere with the last three cases so he figured Gibbs was just going to let it slide.

He turned his head slightly and placed a ciuman in her hair...
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posted by mossheart1235
Okay! While I'm waiting for the right time to post part 3 of Jealous Rage, I'm posting this fanfic, which has been in the works for a long time! Please note I am in no way connected to the making of NCIS. This is just for fun!

Pain. Never-ending pain. She could no longer take the pain. It made her dizzy, it made her scream his name, which passed through her mind as quickly as it came, but she knew he was important. Where was he? Who was he, and why did she always scream his name, were the thoughts that swam through her head.
She heard a door open. Light spilled on the concrete floor from the...
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“DiNozzo, look at the clock it’s 4:30 you’re going to be late.” Gibbs berkata as he entered the bullpen.

“But boss, we have the suspect in interrogation and I have to finish last week’s case laporan before I go.” Tony berkata in distress as he sat at his desk.

“Dorneget can take this suspect, gut feeling he’s not the one. Plus, these things only happen every so often and Ziva would not want anda to be late. anda know how she is.” Gibbs berkata as Tony nodded and grabbed his gear to head for the elevator.


Tony put the key in the door and unlocked it. He dropped his bag selanjutnya Ziva’s...
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Can't believed she revealed so much! I'm so excited! Your opinions? And oh, All credit goes to link.

TV’s number one drama, ncis has a pair of explosive (pun intended) episodes coming up (Nov. 16 and Nov. 23 on CBS) that will focus on Israeli weapons expert Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). We caught up with de Pablo to find out what’s in store for Ziva, and whether we should be worried about the future of our favorit Chilean actress on NCIS.

We hear there are two big episodes coming up for your character, Ziva. What can anda dish about the episodes?
It’s a two-part episode where the whole Israeli...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
Note: Set two years in the future.

Thirty-six straight hours has passed since he left for work the sebelumnya morning, and Tony’s body aches. He misses his couch, he misses his bed, and he envies those agents who can claim truthfully that they see their homes almost every single night.

He fumbles clumsily for his keys, finding his wallet, a crumpled five dollar note and a gum wrapper first. He has no patience for this, as he had rather hoped to oleh raiding the contents of his refrigerator oleh now, which in all likelihood was probably empty, but he can’t remember. His stomach is complaining somewhat...
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Mom and Dad can’t sleep because I don’t want be alone

"Ugh, it’s your turn" He sighs without opening his eyes

There’s no answer and even though he really doesn’t want to, he slowly opens his eyes to start repeating himself lebih loudly when he hears snoring and looks over to the dapur counter to see Ziva passed out with her head on an open book.
He can’t help but smile at how peaceful she looks so he chooses not to wake her.
Just as he is about to walk into the nursery to try to calm the screaming infant, there’s a knock on the door.

He walks to the door and opens it to find Gibbs...
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Their daughter had only just entered the world four days ago, and already they were inseparable.

She watches outside the door of the nursery, hiding in the shadows of the dimly lit hallway. The sun was retreating quickly, another long hari coming to a close. And as the sun faded, the noise and commotion faded with it, and Ziva welcomed the silent reprieve. Their team, and oleh extension, their family, had been dropping in to visit and do what they did best, offering support.

And while she would forever be grateful for the family she had stumbled into; the one she had never imagined having,...
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It is warm at the pantai that day.

Though the clouds hide the sun, the heat still radiates down onto the rocky coast, lining the inlet the turns into the ocean a little ways out.

Their daughter tries running ahead of them, rapidly hoping over the rocks, trying to keep her balance on the uneven surface.

"Be careful, little ninja," Tony calls out to her. "Those are some big rocks."

The little girl simply giggles loudly as she continues her path out towards the water’s edge.

Ziva rolls her eyes as they continue to follow the girl.

"Why did she have to get your sense of discipline, Tony?”

"Hey," he...
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They had promised to meet a tahun after their goodbye, in Paris, the city of love.

Ziva David left terminal 2E in a taxi. The driver was a small bayak, gemuk man with a red face, who had taken her small case and thrown it in the back of his car. “Où vàs tu?” Her asked her from the front kursi of the small black car. “La Tour de Eiffel, merci” The car drove through the packed Parisian streets as the hari retreated to night. The car pulled a few streets away from the tower and Ziva heard the man mumble something about too many cars. She smiled and decided a walk would clear her stomach of the...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
“Rota, Spain,” Gibbs stated flatly as he put orders on Tony’s desk. “Pack your bag, plane leaves in an jam and a half.”

“But we have a team already in Rota, Boss!” Tony complained in disbelief. “Can’t one of their people do this?”

“Well yeah, DiNozzo, but their people aren’t my people! Pack your bag!”

Tony closed his computer and grabbed his backpack. “This a solo trip?” he pertanyaan as he noticed that McGee nor Bishop received orders to gabung him.

Gibbs took his kursi at his desk. “Think anda need help sitting in a room taking pictures out a window all day?”...
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posted by choco_cookie
Here are some quotes, the best ones

Kill Ari Part 1
"Sometimes I used to picture anda naked,"
Then Ziva is there, simply watching.
"I'll call anda back," berkata Tony hurriedly as though he was on speaker phone
Then he stutters various gibberish along the lines of "it's not what it looked like"
Thus the very first pertanyaan Ziva asked Tony was "Having phone sex?"

Tony: anda ever Gibbs Slap me again David and I will slap anda back harder.
Ziva: I was following orders!

Cover Story
Ziva: It was no secret. He's menulis about us!
Tony: Oh come on, it's not about us. I mean the whole part about Liza and her broken...
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"Ziva, Ziva come here!" Tony berkata quietly as he watched his daughter, who had fallen asleep standing up. It was her birthday and the hari had been full of excitement and visitors, it must have gotten the better of her.

Ziva walked into the living room and smiled at the sight in front of her. “how long has she been like that” asked chuckling slightly.

"Not sure, I just walked in and found her like this" he explained.

"I’m just finishing up in the kitchen, will anda put her to bed?" Ziva asked.

Tony smiled and kissed Ziva on the side of the head. “Sure, see anda in a minute” he said.

Tony walked over to Isabel and carefully picked her up. Her head draped over his shoulder and she stirred slightly. As he walked past Ziva, she gave her daughter a light ciuman on the head and stroked Tony’s arm.
"This is disgusting."

Tony grabs a handful of the pumpkin’s innards and flicks his wrist toward Ziva, pretending to toss them at her. With a yelp, she ducks. He laughs and drops the goop onto the newspaper protecting his dapur table. “Come on. anda have to make a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween. It’s a tradition.”

"There are many Western traditions that I love," she says, wincing as she reluctantly sticks her hand back into the pumpkin. "But this does not make the list."

"Is this the first time you’ve done it?"


"Then anda just need to get used to it. selanjutnya year, you’ll be totally...
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“Micah,” Tony called after his son with a laugh echoing in his voice. “Micah, don’t run off too far!”

Tony and Ziva watched as their son ran with wild abandon among the jeruk, orange trees. He’d jump from time to time to see if he could grab an jeruk, orange from the branches above him. The trip hadn’t been planned. Tony had woken up a few days prior and had an overwhelming desire to go back to the grove that he and Ziva had spent time in not that long ago. He had told her that he was fighting for her then, that he wanted her to come halaman awal with him. They had torn down walls that day. They poured...
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The ciuman pressed to the spot just beneath her ear made her giggle, and she lifted a hand to bat away the perpetrator.

“Tony, stop it,” she berkata warningly. “I am trying to watch a movie here.”

“So am I,” he murmured, but he continued to nuzzle her skin. She tilted her head back—exposing lebih of her neck to him—intending to let him finish with his tampil of affection and then continue watching the movie, but it was clear that he had other intentions when his lips began grazing downwards and downwards. With the help of an overeager hand, the sleeve of her blus was tugged off her...
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posted by Hollywoodfamous
Title: Play family
Date: 6/18/2009
Author: Hollywoodfamous
Rating: R
Characters: Ziva David, Anthony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Jeanne Benoit
Pairing: DiNozzo/other, DiNozzo/Ziva
Warning: (Strong language, non-graphic sex scene, non-graphic violence, partner betrayal)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst
Summary: Tony and Ziva are sent undercover as a married couple. But in the process of their assignment their undercover story becomes lebih realistic than expected when a miscommunication happens.

Excerpt from chapter _13_:

Tony was humming to himself as he walked into the bedroom....
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posted by Lady_Ziva
“DiNozzo, grab your go bag, you’re going to the aman, brankas house. The person in protective custody is already there, Agent Richards is with them now,” Gibbs ordered Tony as they stood in the bullpen. The case that they were working on was getting messier oleh the menit and Tony hadn’t even realized that they had a person in protective custody having been neck-deep in interrogation for most of the day.

“Can’t McGee do the babysitting this time, Boss?” he yawned in the middle of his whine. “I pulled babysitting duty two cases ago.”

“I helped!” Bishop piped up from her meja tulis, meja which...
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