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i used to be fan of johnny depp but he got to weird for me so my better half was watching justified and i just fell in love----------------- even though i am married, timothy olyphant is my screen crush . love him must of all in justified and my favorite scene has to be the icepick scene when raylan is sitting on the other side of the table and just the look in his eyes makes him sooooo sexy ! my favorite movie so far is catch and release my hubby said not much chemistry between he and jennifer garner's character but you got to admit he is absolutley handsome. i hope timothy goes on to higher big screen rolls and he is the best he is not like most hollywood actors persay because hes been married to his wife for over twenty years thats a good thing in hollywood also he seems to be very nice and kind to his fans and suceeds to keep his family protected from crazy papparazzi . i wish timothy the best in his career keep on making your fans happy and keep on being so sexy as raylan givens .
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