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posted by 2bearz
I was born blind so I can't imagine what it would be like to see light, the forest.......anything. So anda can imagine my surprise when I had a dream with a pool of water and other kucing around it. They beckoned me with their tails to come forward. A cat on the the right with what looked like blue and starlight in her pelt berkata
"Welcome Jaypaw, it's nice to see you."

" Who are anda and what do anda want?"

" We've come to talk to anda about your clan."

" Who are you?!" I screamed at her.

" Your clan will face dangers once endured in the past."

At that moment it hit me like a wave, they're bintang clan! And...
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posted by 2bearz
Hope u like this!
Lionpaw's POV

I turned my head towards the nursery where I saw Sorreltail come running out yowling with pain. She wailed "My kits are gone, just gone!"
Her mate Brackenfur berkata "Where did anda see them last?"
" I was putting them to tempat tidur and i woke up and they were gone!"
Brackenfur went over there and started to lick her comforting licks, crooning and trying to calm her down. His head snapped up, eyes blazing with fury and berkata " Who did this?! It was Shadowclan, I know it, this is just the kind of thing anda would expect from those mouse-dung eaters!"
Firestar came out of his den...
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