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what rules apply to being a man atau women...

i know peaple say we are equal then a man wears a dress and his called weird atau a women is called a slut for sleeping around while a man is often praised for .

so clearly we are not equal and diffrent rules do apply..

do anda agree with this , do anda go against social rules for where your from (they do differ in diffrent countrys)

and most important do anda even care
 orangeturnip posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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cassie-1-2-3 said:
My gender laws:
Males must have XY chromoesomes
Females must have XX chromosomes

I don't think "male" atau "female" are lifestyles. They're just what your DNA says anda are.

My DNA tells me I have brown eyes, but that doesn't determins at all how I should act atau live my life. I think the same should apply to gender.

I pretty much live and act the way most believe a female should because... well, for no reason. Probably because I was raised that way. I'm not sure where I stand on Nature vs. Nurture quite yet because I haven't done much research, but I'm leaning toward Nurture.
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
sugarcane15 said:
both women and men are important,with out either we would all parish
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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