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This the winx club foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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-Underwater Mission-

We are the magic Winx
And you're one of us
Let start together in the Infinite Ocean
We're gonna be as one
In this underwater mission

-Open up Your Heart-

You're magical
You're powerful
You're Winx

Close your eyes and spread your wings
Open up your heart
And we can fly forever
All around the world
Keep your dreams alive with you
Wanna be a star
Just believe in what anda are

Ad dada
Da da da
Da da

Standing in the night I need to feel anda closer
Cause I'm shining like a bintang when I'm with you
You're Winx
Take my hand and hold me we can fight the darkness
Side oleh side together never ever let...
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Episode 6x06

Preparations are made for the celebration of Daphne, who will officialy become Crown Princess of Domino. Bloom is happy for her sister and the cinta story that is emerging
between and the paladin, Thoren. Diaspro is in charge of a trap oleh the Trix and dropped Bloom into the Vortex Of Flames. Selina manage to fall in as well, but the Fairy
of the Dragon Flame (Bloom), instead of being destroyed, she is raised to a new life.

Episode 6x07

Faragonda asks Daphne to research about the Legendarium, the book that transforms legendary creatures into reality. In order to close it down for good,...
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So today was the season finale of season 5 and maybe my least favorit last battle from all of the seasons. This is my opinion it's just that I prefer the battles against the Trix, Valtor, The Wizards and Lord Darkar before the battle against Tritannus since really only Bloom battled Tritannus while the Winx minus Layla were on Andros fighting the mutants.
So in the beginning Bloom, Flora, their selkies and Neraus are seen swimming to go after Tritannus to stop him; but Stella, Musa and Tecna along with Tressa seem to be in trouble so Bloom tells Flora she can go help which she does. So I...
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