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 Musa Tynix
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This the winx club fan art might contain iris tanpa janggut, beardless iris, hippeastrum, and hippeastrum puniceum.

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posted by zanhar1
Prompt from a tumblr anon: the Winx and Trix do theater work together when Icy asks who took a bite out of the wax prop apple.

“I hate mandatory theater work.” Darcy grumbled. “So much heavy lifting and prop searching…I should have just auditioned. Playing talking rock, number five would have been easier.”

“I hear you.” Stella sighed. “This lifting is like toootally bad for my nails. I’ve already chipped one of the precious babies!”

“You guys should have thought about that before going to a theater college.” Musa shrugged.

“Hey! I’m here for their modeling program.”...
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posted by Patricia-Betina
The winx decided to watch a horror movie, what will happen?
Bloom: Come on girls let's watch a movie
Stella: what movie?
Bloom: the ring..
Stella: No........ I hate horror movies
Musa: I cinta horror movies, let's watch
Aisha: yep
Flora: Yes
Tecna: oh yes

Watching the ring
Stella: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flora: Stella I can't hear a thing.....
Stella: Sorry I think I won't sleep tonight
Flora: Why?
Stella: Obvy?? It's horror, horable !!!!
Aisha: just don't look and go to your room Stella
Stella: no i'll just get the jagung meletus, popcorn and water, anyone help?
Aisha: anda can do it the dapur is just 10 steps away...
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Request from a tumblr anon.

Another stupid cinta letter whooshed onto Icy’s table. In the jam she’d been sitting in the coffee shop, she’d received about five of them. Each one barring a new and different sappy poem.
Roses are red.
Your eyes are blue…ish
I want the Winx dead.
And so do you.
Okay so that one wasn’t sappy, but it was the most baru saja and her favorite.

Each letter was completely unsigned. But she already knew who they were from. Darko had been eyeing her all hari from afar. Icy took a sip of her coffee. atau maybe they were from Gantlos, the man had already asked her to attend...
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