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 Tecna 3D Tynix
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This the winx club fan art contains buket, korsase, seikat bunga, buket korsase, and nosegay. There might also be hippeastrum, hippeastrum puniceum, kamelia, camelia, camellia, iris tanpa janggut, and beardless iris.

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Well with the baru saja sacrifice Icy made for Tritannus I thought it would be appropriate to make an artikel detailing my opinions on the relationship and season 5 Icy in general, since her drastic personality change seems to have become quite a hot topic here.

I'll start with Icy's relationship with Tritannus, atau what I like to call Tricy. I really do have mixed feelings on this relationship. I have diposting many times prior that on one hand it is cool to see a softer side of Icy and know that she isn't completely evil--gives her character some depth, but I really did cinta the idea that Icy was...
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I tried to havesome inspiration here lol At least I tried!

If anda haven't read the other chapters, here they are ;)
Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Previous Chapter: A boy named Leo told Flora who was Helia with at the party and Flora got sad. Layla tried to help her but the fairy of nature refused. The specialists came to visit the Winx. After seeing Krystal embracing Helia, she hide in the library. Krystal showed her 'true colors' oleh telling Flora her purpose with Helia. The fairy escaped once again leaving Helia behind in the library.

Flora flew away from the perpustakaan with a broken jantung that...
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4 Solaria and Sparks hari 4 n 5 On Solaria, It should be here some were berkata Tecna. Found it yelled Layla. It was under a rock atau should I say bolder. It says to pindah this bolder atau tower, give it your power. Um ok berkata Stella, solar streak she yelled. A long light went from her fingertip and went into the rock. She did a levitation spell and the rock floated in the air. When they went down the hall they came to the doors that had a key hole shaped like a Scepter. My scepter is the key berkata Stella. She placed it in and the door opened to a blinding light and in the middle was a bright ball like...
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AN: lol can't stop menulis this. I will make LOTS of chapters until I get my medal back! And oleh the way, if anda ship Layla and Nabu, continue shipping it. I will make Nabu come back in the selanjutnya (or selanjutnya next) chapter. :)

"Regina Mills!" Stella shouted as they arrived at the police station.
"What?" A blond haired girl walked to the Winx. "Are anda looking for Regina Mills? She's not here yet. Anyways, I'm Emma Swan,"
"You speak English?" Musa asked.
"I'm half American half Italian," Emma answered. "Lots of people here in Italy are from American. Some are Italian,"
"I see." Bloom said.
"Now why are...
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 Im soo interested -__-
Im soo interested -__-
hey! Here is the puncak, atas 3 most hated subplots on season 5 so far. Im sure ill have lebih in part II of "Beyond Believix"

Sky's Amnesia
by far, i hated this sub plot so much! This sub-plot made no sence and had no reason to be a part of season 5. Personaly, this stuff was crap. We really have to have 10 menit waisted of bloom talking to sky constantly trying to regain his stupid memorie? And bloom showed him memories that didnt even exist! its boring, and cheesy. To be honest, it was stupid. And this line made me VOMIT! :
"so when I met diaspro, i found out-"
"You have feelings for her?"
"No, that...
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 Christina getting ready to battle
Christina getting ready to battle
-After the girls had recieved all their roomates and room arrangements,everyone is excited about classes the selanjutnya hari and can't wait to get started!-

-For now the girls,are in their room,getting ready for the day-

Christina:*Yawns and stretches*Man!What a great nights sleep!*Looks around*Looks like Stefani is up,and Juliet is-

Juliet:*Walks through the door entering their room,with headphones in her ears*

Christina:*Giggles.Gets up*Hi Juliet!

Juliet:*Blinks and takes headphones off*Hey Chris!

Christina:*Folds arm and puffs bottom lip*Don't call me that!If anda do, I'll start to call anda Juju!*Laughs*...
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