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 The Winx (Season 7)
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What do u think,eh?
season 7
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This the winx club foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

posted by allicyn123
"Oh my god." Icy gasped and dropped her buku on the floor. Cloudtower was THE BIGGEST School she had ever been to. Freshmen tahun and Darcey and Stormy Had only one class with her. At least the sisters were roomies. Stormy stormed in looking at the class scheduele carefully and Darcey followed and eyed every witch in the room. Out of nowhere stormy trew her notebook at the wall. "Agggh... LIGHTNING!!!!" a streak of lightning seared the buku and left them in ruins. "STORMY! anda lit them on FIRE! Nice first inpressions on the school!" Stormy clenched her fist and growled,"they gave me potion...
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posted by nugget14
What is your favourite colour? a) Pink
b) Red
c) Black
d) Blue
e) Other 2.What type of parties do anda like? a) I'd like to go to a ball rather than a party
b) Rocking Parties with all my friends
c) I'd like to party with all oleh myself
d) I like to go to my friends' parties and tampil them my moves
e) Kitty Parties with my best friends 3.What type of dress do anda like to wear? a) A cute small frock
b) A nice kemeja and skirt
c) I don't really care about clothing
d) Umm.... kemeja and pant?
e) Anything that makes me comfortable 4.What animal do anda consider as your ideal pet? a) I don't think I need a pet
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posted by Princess-Flora
-----------------------------------------------------------Krystal’s p.o.v-------------------------------------------------------------
I look around to see everyone react the same way because we are not going to lose her twice; I step and say I know a healing spell that just might return her heartbeat back to being steady if we all do it together. They all nod as my parents and our old teachers say they will help out with the spell too. I smile and tell them that they all cannot lose focus because it could make things worse; everyone nods in acknowledgement as we old hands close our eyes...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
I'd hate to sound like a 6 year-old squealing for a new doll they just got, but in 16 days the selanjutnya Winx club episode will air. September 1st will be the air tanggal of the 25th episode and the grand finale with be aired on the 8th September.

OMG I'm super excited, again don't want to be the squealer but this is something worth squealing for!!!

I've blacked out the blurb for each of the episodes, I don't want to be a spoiler but the dates are outlined. Not that I don't think anda would've found them yourself!

Now without further ado the proof!!
posted by florasedge31

"What do anda want witches?!" Tecna yelled.
"We want to know how goody goody over here broke our spell." Icy said.
"Not gonna happen." Tecna said.
"Okay have it your way." Stormy berkata while pushing them over to Darcy who was now in front of the door and grabbed them the same way Stormy had. Icy walked in front of them.
"Icicle barrage!" Icy yelled. The spell hit them and they couldn't pindah their legs. Darcy and Stormy walked in front of them.
"PSYCHIC BLAST!!" Darcy yelled.
"VOLTAGE SLAP!!!!" Stormy yelled both of their attacks hit Flora and Tecna at the same time....
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added by SummerThunder
So guys here are final names of particular Winx/Trix's fans.

✿ Bloom's fan : Bloomers

✿ Stella's fan : Stellinators

✿ Flora's fan : Florists

✿ Tecna's fan : Techies

✿ Musa's fan : Musatics

✿ Aisha's fan : Aishians

✿ Roxy's fan : Roxers

Trixs fan

✴ Icy's fan : Iceies

✴ Stormy's fan : Stormers

✴ Darcy's fan : Darcs

Winx Club fan : Winxies
Trix fan : Trixies

Note : anda can suggest names for characters who are not included in this daftar below.
So guys here are final names of particular Winx/Trix's fans.
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