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I looked at the clock at Alfea and grinned as I heard the bel, bell ringing. “Okay girls,” berkata my teacher, Professor Wizgiz. “I suggest oleh selanjutnya week, anda should all have your homework back. Remember that if you’re not here atau your studies, anda will be sent to Ms. Faragonda’s office to remove your powers for the selanjutnya of two weeks.”

“Yes Professor Wizgiz.” My class replied and they headed out of the class, into the school hallway.

“Hey Musa, wait up!” I heard a voice call my name from behind me.

I shuffled her buku in my arms and walked a little faster, eager to get outside and...
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 my fav couple stella and brandon
my fav couple stella and brandon
AT 8:00 AM

*knock, knock*
stella: *yawn* comin' *opens the door* oh, hi brandon.
brandon: hi stella.
stella: hi what's up.
brandon: i just wanted to know if anda can come with me to the ice rink.
stella: sure, i cinta skating.
brandon: great! we'll meet at 4:00 pm.
stella: ok, i'll be there but first i have to pick what to wear.
*they both laughed*


stella: it's 4:15 pm already. where is brandon?
stella: brandon's calling!
brandon: hi stella
stella: brandon! where are you?!
brandon: stella i can't come to the ice rink
stella: why? hello? brandon?*ends call* i have to go find brandon and find out why he wouldn't come with me to the ice rink.
 stella's outfit in the ice rink
stella's outfit in the ice rink
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