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 Bloom in Enchantix
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posted by tslol99
Musa just got knocked out oleh the rubble of the ship and Riven is well freaking out

Riven: Musa! Musa! Musa can u hear me! Musa!
(Riven thinks that the only way to get Musa help is to get her halaman awal first so he jsut drives the ship back to Magicx)

When he gets there Riven walks out of the ship with Musa in his arms

Bloom: Riven what happened to Musa
Riven: The ship started to shake from something outside and she fell and hit her head pretty hard
Flora: Lets take Musa to the clinic

at the clinic

Layla: Nurse is she going to be ok
Nurse: I don't know Layla I really don't
(turns to Flora and starts crying)
Stella: Bloom
Bloom: Yeah Stella
Stella: Don't u have the Dragan Fire
Bloom: Yeah I do what about it
Stella: Well u can heal her with it can't u
Bloom: Yeah I can
(Layla turns back around and wipes her eyes)
Layla: Then y don't u already

Bloomtrys to heal Musa but cant

Bloom: I can't my power isnt strong enough atau something

To Be Continued...
 when Riven came out of the ship
when Riven came out of the ship
posted by tslol99
Musa just found out that her dad lied to her

Tune: And lieng is not propper manners
Musa: Okayyy dad y would u do that
Musa's dad: That is not the only thing its u rarely call anymore and the last time I checked your grades they seemed lilke they were slipping
Musa: Thats not the piont u lied to me
Musa runs off with Tune behind her

Riven just got to Melody and is lost

Riven: Where in the world am I
a acak person: U r in Melody of course but to b lebih spasific u r in Quarter Note
Riven: Okayyyyy um do u know were Rhythum...
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(Defense for Bloom (Winx Club). Note: Possible unmarked spoilers)
I watched Winx Club every Saturday morning when I was younger. I absolutely loved Bloom, so imagine my surprise when I see her on here.
Bloom truly cares about her friends, and she does cinta her family (both adopted and biological). She’d do anything for them. And attention whore? Narcissist? Remember in the very beginning, she was very insecure, and didn’t even know where her power came from (She grew up just like a normal girl until she met Stella.), before discovering she had the Dragon Fire.
As for the whole ‘ruining Sky...
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