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posted by Alifya
Hi Girls! Most people have favourite dances, but have anda ever wondered what your true dance was? Then take this kuis and find it out!

1) On a pantai trip, anda would like to…
A) Read a book atau go for a walk
B) take a nice sunbath and get a massage if possible
C) Be in the water all the time

2) anda would describe yourself as
A) Romantic, caring and easy-going
B) Fun and outgoing
C) Independent, wild

3) On your sweethearts birthday, anda would gift him/her
A) cokelat and flowers
B) A brand new swim suit
C) A cool t-shirt

4) anda usually listen to music
A) While anda are relaxing at home
B) Playing loud in the...
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posted by iwatchthestars
Tecna: Soo.. how am I gonna regain back all my memories?
Stella: Easy... lets go SHOPPING!
*Everyone, except Tecna and Stella, glares at her*
Stella: SHOPPING for ummm... ummm..
*Stell sees Tecna's cellphone*
Stella: SHOPPING for new gadgets!
Musa: Thats a great idea ! it could work!
Stella: Phew..
Layla: But its obvious anda were trying to say 'Shopping for new clothes', Stella
Stella: Im sorry dear.. did anda say something?!?
*everyone laughs*
Flora: Umm, lets go?
Bloom: Yup, magix is waiting for us !
Tecna: Uhhh..
Musa: Its a figure of speech Tecna.;
Tecna: Ohh.. haha...
Layla: Here !...
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posted by firebloom100
« Three anime and K-Pop References in the Season Six TrailerAisha, Geoffrey, and The Magic Road Trip: Part III »
THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Is Bloom the Most populer Winx?
Bloom, Thursday Your Say oleh The Oblivious Prattler

Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about Bloom’s popularity.
Rainbow, Nick, and JAKKS Pacific seem to think she’s the fan favorite. If pelangi puts one Winx in an ad, she’ll be Bloom. If Nick needs a Winx Club rep for a crossover game, they’ll pick Bloom. If JAKKS makes a limited edition doll, it’ll be Bloom.
Are we fan as obsessed with her as they are?
It didn’t...
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Alright I cinta making opinion artikel I just want people to respect it anda know that right well of course anda do

Alright let's start

I Know not too much people think Niobe should be a favorit character cause Shes a minor character but who cares right? Well I like Niobe cause Shes a very nice queen also almost the same as her sporty daughter aisha who is also in my puncak, atas ten

Vannesa is one of my favourites she's so much better than bloom her bunga toko is amazing she seems like a big fan of bunga so am I and my best friends name is bunga cinta her no offence to Vannessa's Mary...
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posted by CyD12
(ok guys I sent anda a message were anda had to choose some colors... well almost everyone chosed the pink&black... so I make it totally random! except for Ember cause she was the only one who didnt choosed the pink&black oh well... oh and for chrie I had to choose the warna for anda cause anda didnt answer my message oh well hope anda like this part...)

Rosena: (getting ready to leave to Pixie village) is everything ready?
Rani: everything! but not eveyrone!
Rosena: who is missing?
Rani: Austeja,Nova,Kasumi and Izzy
Rosena: wow! almost everyone! I cant belive they still tired! they slept all...
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posted by CyD12
Rosena: where are they?!? they are not in their rooms! they are not in the library! they are not in the classroom!!! WHERE ARE THEY?!?
Ember: ok Rosey calm down!!! we will find them (looks around and thinks: WHERE ARE THEY?!?)
Rani: (inside Nova`s room) hey girls! I found something...
Rosena: (gets inside the room running with ember) what?!?
Rani: look at this(points at some blue dust in the floor) what do anda think is that?
Ember: (looks at it) I dont know... (takes a little bit in her fingers) it looks like a normal dust...
Rosena: but what is it doing here?
Rani: I have no idea... we better show...
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(heeya people! I am back! well not back at all my father told me that I can use the computer today I dont know if I will use it tommorow... oh well I am glad to be here again! I miss anda all)


Rosena: how is Izzy?
Norse: oh she will be fine she just need to rest and get back some energy
Ember: finally a good new!
Rani: can we look at her?
Norse: sure get in... I will be back (leaves)
Kasumi: I am wondering how it feels to be under a trance
Austeja: I am sure it doesnt feels good
Kasumi: why anda say that?
Austeja: just looks at Izzy! poor Izzy!
Kasumi: oh yeah... anda are right
Nova: hey...
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posted by CyD12
Alexandra: did anda get the plan?
Dayra: yeah! (laughs) I will have so much fun! (transforms into another girl that looks like a fairy)
Amanda: wow anda look so girly! (laughs and then takes a picture) this is so going to facebook!
Dayra: hey! dont anda bet do that!
Alexandra: ok thats enough! Dayra go and bring that key!
Amanda: bye bye! Fairy (starts to laugh)
Dayra: SHUT UP! (teleports to Alfea)


Rani: hey Nova! did anda know where is Izzy?
Nova: noup... I dont see her since this morning
Austeja: I saw her like 10 menit ago...
Kasumi: I saw her too... she was at the perpustakaan with Rosey
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posted by CyD12
Ember: if the Trix are part of their family they coulb be behind me!!!
Izzy: relax Ember we dont know that yet...
Rosena: and if they are we will not let them get near you!
Rani: yeah! dont worry Ember


Alexandra: (thinking: those peri at the park...they have something special)
Amanda: whats wrong Alex?
Alexandra: nothing... I was just thinking about those peri at the park...
Dayra: oh them... their powers were awesome
Alexandra: and one of them has the Dragon fire...
Amanda: we should get the Dragon fire!
Dayra: why just the Dragon api when we can get the others powers too!
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posted by CyD12
the first hari of clases is over and the faires want to know lebih about the witches that attacked them last time...

Ember: did anda found something Nova?
Nova: not yet... it doesnt say anything about them!
Austeja: maybe if anda try on CloudTower`s webpage
Kasumi: CloudTower has a webpage?
Austeja: yeah! (gets into the webpage) there! check it out...
Izzy: lets see if it says something about the witches
Rosena: there! look it says "students"
Ember: lets look at it!
Nova: hey look! there is all the info about the students
Rani: I dont get it... why it would say all the info about the witches
Rosena: I dont...
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posted by tslol99
Musa saw Riven in the park and is shocked

Musa: Riven what r u doing here and how did u find me
(Lexi pops out of no where)
Lexi: With my help
Musa: Ok um can u give us a minute
Lexi: Sure(walks away with Tune)
musa: Now what ru doing here
Riven: I came here to talk to u
Musa: Ok about what
Riven: I know what I did was wrong avioding u like that and that I didn't relize I was hurting u and I'm sorry will u ever forgive me
Musa: U came all this way to talk to me of course I forgive u (hugs Riven)
Lexi and Tune: AWWWWWWWW!!!!!
Musa: Can I go back to Magix with u
Riven: But I thought u couldn't afford Alfea...
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Terence: so what movie do anda want to see?
Ariel: i dont know...
Elizabeth: all the film are good...
Jeremy: what do anda think if we see a comedy...
HAZE: sounds good to me!
Aero: nice! lets go....


Sarah: (a witch) ough! we need to make something! im bored!!!
Vallery: yeah me too!!
Heather: hey look! a group of peri and specialists!
Sarah: we should do something to them...
Vallery: sure, but lets start with that girl!
Heather: the one with black hair?
Vallery: yeah!
Sarah: sure, but lets wait till she get alone atau something...

A FEW menit LATER....

Vallery: now?
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Flora’s POV

“I’m glad anda accept.” Helia berkata as he swung me around then set me back down on the ground.
“How’d anda think about doing that.” I asked while looking back up at him.
“I...actually came up with the idea.” Janessa berkata while rubbing her head.
“The time that Icy started irritating your relationship she tore anda guys apart,” She said
I remember what happened after the incident at the mall and how I snapped at him.
“You two getting remarried would be perfect to start new and put all of that stuff behind you.” She said. I walked over and hugged her.
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posted by Princess-Flora
 I'm a proud florist
I'm a proud florist
So I have been on fanpop for sometime and decided it's time for me to say why Flora is my favorit character along with doing my puncak, atas ten daftar which I am currently working on. So here it is.
When I first watched this tampil almost ten years yang lalu I fell in cinta with Flora from the start. The six tahun old me loved her because she looked like me the tan skin, brown hair with blond highlights and I realize now that I am older there is lebih than just looks I like about Flora. Sure some people don't like her because she is too nice, too sweet, too caring, talks...
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Sorry that this took so long to post it took me a while to find exactly what I wanted to say.
So the keterangan of the episode stated that Daphne's parents plan a welcome halaman awal party for her but the Trix send the beast of the depths to ruin it.
So based on that I was expecting some big party ruined oleh a monster like the episode Party Crasher episode eight of season 2. It was similar to it but no buildings were damaged in this one.Plus season six future looks bright even though this episode didn't reveal anything about the plot. Also the theme song for this...
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posted by crystal_winx
please respect my opinion I don't hate it that much its just worse than other seasons

First off bloom at Alfea was just the curious that set the wizards of the black lingkaran free and then when they went to gardenia Bloom totally took charge like the rest of the Winx were just less important.

Then they made up Roxy who was a detik bloom and hogged the spotlight because she was the princess of the earth fairies.I mean like what the heck.

Its so unfair how she just learns everything so quickly and just skipped to Believix when the rest of the Winx had to go through all those levels. Roxy got her...
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The winx were at the pantai celebrating the defeat of Dean. Flora, Autumn, Ike, and Helia were sitting in pantai chairs oleh the shore. Everyone else was playing volleyball, but Musa who was in the mood for pranking. She got a bucket full of water and sneaked up behind Flora and poured it on her. Flora gasped as the water fell on her. Autumn, Ike, and Helia looked at Flora and laughed. Musa dropped the bucket and laughed. Flora got up and was about to slap Musa on the arm but Musa grabbed the bucket and put it on Flora's head and continued laughing. Autumn, Helia, and Ike laughed too.
"Ha, ha very...
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posted by sweetkandi
Sky had walked into the store the girls were shopping in but came in with quite an entrance-wearing a neon berwarna merah muda, merah muda mini dress.

After a moment of silence, Sky added, "Hey Bloom, do anda like it?"

They all burst out laughing and Sky went berwarna merah muda, merah muda in the face, almost as vivid berwarna merah muda, merah muda as his 'dress'.

"PLease Sky, I can't breathe!Why are anda wearing a dress?""Layla eventually asked after tears and endless breathes of laughter.


In his mind a flashback hit him; it was him with Brandon, Riven, Timmy, Helia and Nabu, basically all the specialists.They were at Red air mancur in training, Sky had beaten everyone...
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The peri watched as poor Caelestis, who was looking like a scrawny flag in the wind, squealed and shouted as she leapt into the air, trying to save the precious buku and ancient writings and scripts that were getting sucked into the void. As she deposited an armful of yellowed parchment papers safely behind a nearby shelf, she shouted to them, "Okay, come on out!"
Stella, Tecna, and Flora quickly soared out of their nook behind a shelf. "Now what?" Tecna yelled over the ever rising wind.
"One of us has to go in!" Caelestis screamed back to them.
"WHAT?!" screeched Stella. Flora looked like...
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At The last Story It's a new tahun for the celebrate they go to Gardenia.At Gardenia they battled the Trix.But The Trix are stronger than ever! The Winx are weak! would they be able to defeat them?

"Ok girls Constrate! Feel the darkness around you!" berkata Icy."Oh No!!!"said The Winx."Im to Weak!"says Flora."We don't Have Enough power we need to go!"says bloom.Then The Winx leave The Trix alone....

"It was embarassing!"says Stella."You got that right!"says Musa."How can the Trix became lebih powerful?"ask flora."i don't know but it could be bad!"says Bloom."You mean that our future would...
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