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posted by FinalAccount
5. Mirta

I know she's minor, but I like her. One word: goth. We both are goth who wear the fashion style, but we don't have the personality of a goth. Mirta is a sweet and shy girl who would rather have peri and witches all get along. Her personality is similar to Flora's, but unlike Flora who's WAY too caring, she has her own tough side.

4. Stormy

I know lots of people don't like Stormy, but I do. She is very quick to anger and rage, out of the three sisters and is the master when it comes to things like grudges (the angry ones are my usual favorites). To the point of even disguising...
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posted by stellamusa101
This is about season 6 rumours, and this is copied and pasted from Wikipedia. I dislike the transformation "Cyberix" – and the "Gemix" sounds good. Season 6 has been rumoured until 2014, and that 2014 is the END of Winx Club (this is Super sad for me because my first TV tampil I watched was Winx, I grew up with Winx Club. Please don't end!

Sixth season

Season six has been confirmed to be co-produced oleh both pelangi S.r.l and Nickelodeon. A third movie and a sixth season, airing both in 2013, as well as possibly lebih seasons since pelangi mentioned that the fifth and sixth seasons will be beginning of taking Winx Club to "another level." Iginio Straffi has berkata that the series will continue at least through 2014, which means that Winx Club will have aired for 10 years. The rumored transformation is weather Cyberix atau Gemix. In an official pelangi press release pelangi S.R.I berkata that series 6 will take place in outer space.
'I wish my firends were here to see this.' Thought Tecna as her eyes rapidly watched the tiara, she was going to be queen! "And now," Annouced the posh man. "And now we shall have a new queen on the takhta now that the current king and queen have retired to their palace!" He went on. "Please may be and princess Tecna have a moment, but for your entertainment, we have have a performance of our populer band: Purple day!" Declared the man as the famous band (well, famous on Tecna's planet.), arrived on stage and started playing while the man lead Tecna behind the big platform. "I remember a band...
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posted by Princess-Flora
---------First off finally they will be tampilkan the detik movie but it takes place after season 4 and before season 5; but I am excited to see it on the TV and instead of watching it through youtube.
Sorry that's it is up so late I slept till 1:14 p.m. and missed the first fourteen menit of the first tampilkan so I watched it like one and a half times
First off it feels like the last five episodes will be the best of the season because so The Perfect Date, The Shark's eyes...
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 The Creature That The Winx & Trix Battled.
The Creature That The Winx & Trix Battled.
AN: Hello Winx fans! I received a request from link to write a Winx fan fiction on Flora and the Winx. I accepted, and I just want to say how terribly sorry I am for being so late on this. If you're mad at me for taking so long, I wouldn't blame you. But, I've been terribly busy with school, family and work so... I have an excuse. Plus, I needed to have an idea for this fan fiction, and I didn't get a good one until today. So, here's chapter one. OH! This whole story takes place shortly after season 3. So, the girls will be in their Enchantix still, but, I may change a few events for some characters...
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 is just me atau do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
is just me or do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
Note lately my nick has been doing one jam episodes but it's really two episodes, so I will just be combing them into one review, until Nick officially distinguishes them as two different episodes.

First off I didn't think the rest of season 6 was going to start until 2014. So the overview for those who have not seen it and do not want to much detail is the Winx gain a new power called Bloomix. The Winx after training in Aisha's gym go back to Linphea College and save the school from the treants, and is free from the Trix's grasp. So that's the basic interview,so now let go into the full...
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Winx girls and the Trix ~ Why i cinta them.

This is an artikel about the winx girls and the opinion on them.

As anda can see,i didn't add Bloom and Roxy,the reason is simple-i don't cinta atau even like them!

The reason i thought of this is because i don't like people hating on them and i want them to see that they all have good in them as much as someone might dislike them.(I think the same goes for Bloom and Roxy but if i would write down they're good sides i would just feel like i went againtst what i bealive in. ;P)

..also-I'm bored.



Not my favorit but i still like her a lot,every...
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posted by xXmeemoXxx
NOTE : This fan-fiction is not to hate on anyone , okay .


Flora took a deep breath and stepped into the mandi, shower . Her hand held onto the hot & cold handle for a while . Then she turned the handle to the middle to get a warm relaxing mandi, shower . Steam came up , out of the mandi, shower and Flora took another deep breath . After about 8 menit , Flora raised her hand to get her bath jubah which was a berwarna merah muda, merah muda and flowery soft jubah . She put it on and stepped out . Her mind was all messed up . She was sure she saw what she saw . Flora sighed .

I'm probably just over thinking and seeing...
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"We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain. We jumped never asking why."

There was just something so intriguing about Valtor. Something that all three of them found themselves drawn to. He was powerful, mysterious on some levels, and fairly good looking. Apparently good looking enough to nearly turn the three against each other. And apparently strong enough to have them jumping at his every order without so much as a pertanyaan atau even a lift of an eyebrow. Why pertanyaan him, he was the one right? But for which one of them exactly, was he 'the one' for?

"We kissed,"

It was only a ciuman but it had...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At Planet Azool

Bloom: We have to find Flora
-she berkata very decisive-
Musa: But where could we find her in this BIG place?
- she pointed at the whole village-
Sky: We have to membagi, split us up
-Everyone nodded-
Diana: anda boys go that way
-she pointed at the woods. The boys nodded-
Layla: Me, Tecna and Musa will look for her at the village
Bloom: Me, Stella and Diana will look for the palace flying
-Every girl nodded-
Stella: Let's go winx

Musa: Do anda think Flora is okay?
Layla: I hope so
-she berkata very concerned while walking-
Tecna: Oh.. poor Flora, I dont want to think about it
-They walk and walk, and not even...
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flora looked scared then krystal orded her friends to go bet up flora up but before they could a young, darkhead boy apered behind them.
------------------------------------------------------------------He had dark blue hair about waste lenthe, dark mid night eyes and ruby red lips that spoke
"leave her alone krystal she dose not have to be hurt now go atau i wont take anda tonight"
flora was shy now and diidnt know what to say but the amount of blushing she was doing i could tell she liked him
"are anda alright they did not hurt anda did they" he spoke with a calm tone
"yes im fine thanks for saveing...
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posted by lovebaltor
 Flora's "New" look in reality
Flora's "New" look in reality
AN: And, as oleh requests from other users, here's part two! :)
(Still, komentar and such would be nice too!)


Roxy couldn't believe what she had just heard. Insane?! i can't be insane! I... just... can't be! Oh no, that means, wait! Musa, Flora and Layla! They must be real! Roxy felt as though she might explode. To many things were going through her head. What if none of my friends are real? But, Bloom was real, but she didn't look so good... Roxy sat down, face in her hands and was shaking uncontrollably. She heard the slicking of heels, and a...
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posted by florasedge31
"DEAN!!!" Everyone yelled.
"The guy anda know and love." Dean said.
"We killed anda in the cave how is this possible!?" Bloom marvled.
"Details, details." Dean said.
"Who is that?" Bloom asked while pointing at Cyrus.
"Just a friend." Dean said.
"THAT'S IT!! WINX SIRENIX!!" Musa, Bloom, Aisha, Tecna, and Stella yelled and they transformed.
"Let them go!! atau else." Bloom yelled.
"Like anda would hurt me when I have your best friends in my possession." Dean reminded.
"Try us!" Tecna yelled.
"If anda insist." Then he nodded at Cyrus. Cyrus grabbed Flora's arm and he twisted it behind her back causing her to...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Everyone prepares for the biggest battle that might every happen to them. Also each Winx atau specialist has an enemy they want destroyed based on what has happened in the past and each enemy feels the same way about their enemy. Who will win in each mini battle Flora atau Eric, Musa atau Darcy, Stella atau Stormy, Bloom atau Icy, Layla atau Valtor, Tecna atau Lord Darkar, Nabu atau Tritannus, Helia atau Anagan, Sky atau Ogron, Brandon atau Gantlos, Riven atau Duman, and Timmy, Savannah and Aaron are helping who ever needs the most help at even diberikan time.
Flora & Savannah versus Eric
Savannah: (a harmonix similar...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Ms. Faragonda: oh, I’m gonna call the police to inform them about this situation, and I will keep anda updated if they hear anything.
Bloom: Thank you, Ms. F
Ms. Faragonda: you’re welcome dear. (Hangs up the phone)
Stella: what did she say?
Bloom: (turns around to her friends very slowly) she left 45 menit yang lalu and she’s going to call the police. (Everyone gasps and most start to cry) she is also going to keep us updated on what happens.
Chapter 5
Helia: Why is she going to call the police? (Worried but already knowing the answer he’ll get)
Bloom: There is a good chance, which the...
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posted by Mariolka
The lost Heir:

Chapter 4

Artemis(the princess) sighed, "You made it." She berkata in a fake cheerful voice, "And I don't really care. Humph, they lied to be, being nice doesn't actually feel better. Saving anda guys was a waste of my time then."

"Oh no," Aisha said, "She really is lebih witch than fairy."

"And what's wrong with being lebih witch than fairy?" Artemis asked.

"Most witches aren't very nice." Stella said.

"They're nasty to the point of being evil." Bloom said. The princess thought for a moment, and than started chuckling quietly.

"Thank you." She said, "But that's a down-right lie....
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posted by Princess-Flora
 are anda shocked to see her in black?
are you shocked to see her in black?
Chapter 7
The selanjutnya day: in a cave near Black mud swap, Eric is talking to the girl he has captured.
Eric: Do anda like my little hideout, where no one will ever find you.
Girl: of course not! And my friends will come and find me, because they are always there for me (said furiously)
Eric: (laughs evilly) oh anda always did hope for the best, when it will never happen.
Girl: (really mad and gives him a death stare) Good will always win no matter what the cost is.
Eric: not necessarily when evil has their dad to help and has what the other...
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posted by malmcd
anda all know Witches are evil but before they are evil they are nomal girls just like anda and me. See magic chose's the person the person doesn't chose the magic. For a witch to get there magic when something tragic happens to them like if anda read my fan Fiction The Quest For Nova atau anda are in some Role Plays anda have met Envy Harma and Misty and this is how they got there powers....


Envy before she was sent to awan Tower she lived on earth like any normal girl there and when she was sixteen she fell madly in cinta with a guy named Mason. She gave him everthing inclouding her jantung and...
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posted by CyD12
Bloom: how are they?
Norse: they are fine, they can leave the clinic right now!
Megan: thanks God!!!
Norse: anda can see them, get in!
Flora: thanks! *they get in*
Musa: hey Rosella, how do anda feel?
Rosella: good, im just a little tired
Haze: and anda Nadia? how do anda feel?
Nadia: fine, my head hurts a little but fine...
Bridgette: ok so if everyone is ok... who wanna go to shopping?
Stella: MEEEE!!!!
Bridgette: cool! lets go! bye everyone! *they leave*
Tecna: wow! they are like sisters...
Elizabeth: i know right...
Bloom: so if everyone is fine we could go and eat some ice cream!
Layla: good idea!
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posted by Rainflowers
Sorry guys, for some reason facebook wasn't working yesterday, and I use facebook to log in! Thanks for reading!!! P.S see that little fan box up top? anda should click it and become a fan! :)

Riven couldn't believe what he had just agreed to. On one hand he couldn't let this Kembal guy hurt Musa, but at the same time, if he helps him get Flora, not only will he doom his friend but the entire Magic Dimension.
Outside Riven kicked a can side to side kicking it further each time. He sighed when he heard a russle in the bushes. He looked closer when Kembal jumped out.

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