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Icy wasn't one for dwelling on the past nor clinging to memories of one person.

To be frank, she thought she was above such.

And yet she refused to cry, at least on the outside, as the pain tore her apart on the inside. Betrayal and loss hand a firm hand squeezing at her heart.

Not that anyone would know.

To them she’d still be as cold and unfeeling as ever.
As it should be.

How she longed for her mask to be real. Between the homicidal merman with anger issues and Valtor—maybe Darkar too—Icy decided she was done wearing her jantung on her sleeve. She’d close off the already small crack in her wall. She didn’t need it.

She was done being used.

And so she sat on the park bench, watching the leaves fall. At least it was something to do. A distraction. At least something could fall faster than she.

Icy picked up one of the dead leaves and twirled it between her fingers. The only difference between the two of them was that the leaf was dead inside and out. Icy was only dead on the inside…
for the time being.

He sat down uninvited.

selanjutnya to her.

A violation of her space. Anywhere within ten feet of her was too close.

She gave her little guest a rather forceful shove. “Did I say anda could sit here?”

“Didn’t have to. Public bench, love.”

Icy cut him a sharp glare. “Charming as ever, Darko.”

“As charming as anda are sarcastic.” He shrugged.

Icy drew on leg up onto the bench. The conversation had fallen short. She couldn’t really argue with the honest truth.

A chilly gust of wind sent another swirl of leaves spiraling off the tree. Icy watched them fall to the pavement. Just like old times.

He brushed one of her curls behind her ears.

She slapped his wrist and moved it back into place. Her bangs were fine the way they were. She folded her arms over her chest with a half-frown half-pout.

“What crawled up your pantat, keledai and borrowed there?” Darko asked as casually as one could ask such a question.

“My pantat, keledai isn’t the problem. The fact that yours is placed selanjutnya to mine on this bench is…”

Darko chuckled.

If there was anything that made Icy’s rage simmer, it was that. People weren’t supposed to laugh when she insulted them. They were supposed to cry, atau at the very least humor her with some back-sass. Darko either laughed atau back-talked.

“Really though…why are anda so mad?”

“I’m not.”

And it was true. She was lebih upset. Hurt. Than angry.

“Okay. Why are anda so bothered?”

“Why are anda so curious?”

And the silence fell heavy again. Icy could hear the breezed shuffle the leaves. And an occasional sparrow cry had filled in when the wind had gone.

“Because I care.” Darko answered at last.

That one earned a pahit laugh. They all ‘cared’ about her. And they all left.

“I always have.” He added.

“Yeah. anda care…you care about what I have to offer.” Icy muttered. “So what is it? Power? Money? A night in some room with the doors locked?”

Darko opened his mouth to answer.

“And then after anda get whichever it is that anda desire, you’ll be on your way.” She berkata with a lazy flick of her wrist.

“No. I want you.”

“So a night in tempat tidur then? What do anda think I am? I'm not that easy.”

“I never berkata that. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. I just wanted to sit here and talk, go see a movie. I don’t know, just spend some time with you.” Darko replied. “Why would anda think I want something from you?”

“Because that’s all they want. They don’t want me, they want my belongings…or my virtues—what’s left of them anyhow, and then they leave. The last guy wanted power. berkata we were going to rule the world together. Guess oleh ‘we’ he meant himself and his anger issues.” Icy shrugged.

“Who is this guy?”

“Dead. He’s dead.”

“You killed him!?”

“I wish. No, he killed himself. He had this fixation with toxin; they gave him power. He overdid it…maybe it was my fault—he used his dying breath to ask for my help. I didn’t give it to him.”

“To think, I always assumed that you’d get less morbid as anda grew up.” Darko mused.

“What a ridiculous thing to assume.” Icy mumbled. “Shouldn’t anda be somewhere…anywhere?

“It’s a Tuesday night. What is a person to do—alone—on a Tuesday night?” Darko asked. “I’m open to suggestions.

“We’re in Magix’s largest city, there are about ten restaurants on this block alone and a few dance klub a little ways down the road!”

“Perhaps we can go to one of those restaurants? I’ll pay.”

Icy rolled her eyes, but her smile spoke at a higher volume to him.

He took her hand and helped her off the bench. He didn’t know which restaurant they were going to, atau if they were even going to a restaurant. But he was content to go wherever she dragged him off to.

The park bench now left desolate. The leaves spiraled around the bench. The pohon waiting for its rebirth.

Do anda know how much I wanted to type “I never berkata that. I came out here to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.” Instead of “I never berkata that. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. I just wanted to sit here and talk, go see a movie. I don’t know, just spend some time with you.”
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Helia's Pov. I was walking around red air mancur when I saw a monster attacking the school. But then I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. A girl with honey brown hair, forest green eyes, and wearing berwarna merah muda, merah muda and getting spit on and ate whole oleh the monster. I had to do something quick. So I got the monsters attention and got eaten. Floras Pov. It was so dark I couldn't see at all. Natures Light! A tiny sparkle flew up and showed the beasts stomach. I tried standing up, but I fell right back down. My leg hurt a lot too. I think I broke my leg. Oh man, Then I heard someone yelling and then...
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She knew she couldn't go back, so she goes forward.

Forward with what she was about to do. She took a pair of scissors in her hand and began cutting away at her long, silvery locks. She felt like she was cutting apart her soul, cutting apart her identity. But that was the point, wasn't it?

To change.

To make a change.

When everyone has left you, anda almost have to change.

And she fought it, fought it hard. There was nothing she wanted to change, nothing she thought needed to be changed. That's how Icy found herself completely and utterly alone, with not even a faint visage of the time she had been...
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The Winx are deep undercover on Earth, for the most puncak, atas secret mission, and determined to save talented boys and girls in danger, along with an energetic host named Ace, they bintang in the talent reality tampil "WOW"! - WinxClubEnglish
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