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posted by zanhar1
Taking a break from my fics to rant. Yes this was taken from my ridiculously long rant. *Awaits the reporting* Don't worry this is a saved document on my computer. :)

Alright, Bloomix had it done for me. I thought she was a Sue before, but now she is officially (in my mind) the biggest Sue created oleh a professional writer/cartoonist yet!

Good lord, I searched up the definition and it fit her well; I itellisized(sp?) the definition and then added my reasoning:

A female character who is so perfect as to be annoying.The Mary Sue character is almost always beautiful, smart, etc... In short, she is the "perfect" girl. Honestly in the first season she was fine and had a few flaws, but as the series progressed instead of progressing her character she was downgraded. Now that she knows all about her dragon flame and her true identity she has such a lack of flaws its a flaw in itself. I mean she's not even notably clumsy atau anything like that anymore. She's basically the ideal beauty besides not having blonde hair. But she's got 'the perfect body' she's got 'great cloths'. She's supposedly 'the smartest and friendliest and most powerful'. And for crying out loud she had to upstage Musa with her 'perfect' voice.

The Mary Sue usually falls in cinta with the author's favorit character. Come on, we can't deny that Sky is Straffi's favorit male that he created. And oleh all means he's a Gary-Stu, the perfect man the perfect price Charming--Hell I'll even bring the Gary-Stu definition in here; hese are usually your blonde haired, blue eyed, stereotypically gorgeous, pretty boys. They also tend to be fond of sports and be "jocks" atau "preps". Sound familiar? And of course he's the sweetest, nicest, and unrealistically charming man. Of course the 'perfect' Bloom gets him right?

and winds up upstaging all of the other characters in the book/series/universe. Again, sound familiar? And this is painfully true. I already covered how Bloom became the lead singer and upstaged Musa, ya know, the fairy of music. So lets pindah onto the fact that she has so much of a back story that there was no room to discuss the 3 main antagonists' (5 seasons in the running) histories at all, not even the name of their halaman awal planets atau parents (just a glimpse at what they used to look like. She has so much screen time that her fellow Winx like Tecna and Musa hardly have any background either. Like legit, we know that Bloom was 16 in season 1 and liked extra-cheese pizza--yet we don't even know the official age of the Trix, we can only guess based on the fact that Icy mentions they're seniors in college (which varies dub to dub). And let's not forget who gets most of the credit after final battles. Bloom is such a Sue that even the people she upstaged give her the most credit for something they all did together with equal contribution. Tecna sacrificed her life for Tides she gets a few claps. Bloom believes in herself and she gets a party. In every season finale it's 'woo hoo Bloom saved us all' not 'yay the Winx saved us'. And then there's the baru saja God forsaken Bloomix, if that isn't upstaging all the characters I don't know what is!

oleh all means this website listed 3 types of Sues and she matches them all!

Victim!Sues: The Victim!Sue is your whiny, wimpy, pathetic female character who can't seem to do much of anything except cry and get herself into trouble that the romantic interest of the fic has to rescue her from. Okay I'll give her credit here, she doesn't always make Sky come to save her, but he did have to a few times. However, she is whiney and wimpy. Whiney--the whole first season was 'oMG wHo r mY ParENTz!' 'wHo eVEn am I!' I get it, I'd be curious too, but every episode of season 1 and a crapload lebih in season 3 is too much. And it got to the point where she started the upstaging. Musa brings up her dead mom, Bloom pulls the I don't know who I am crap and gets all the sympathy. Same goes for when Stella brings up her parents' divorce atau Layla brings up the safety concerns of her planet. And it doesn't just stop there, she's always whining about something new. As for wimpy--right after she lost the flame she was so wimpy she ran off to sat there sulking about it. She isn't really anything special without that dragon fire.

Speaking of which; Warrior!Sues: The Warrior!Sue is usually loud, obnoxious and (of course) an amazing warrior. She'll usually have some tragic past that led her to become a warrior, and she'll upstage all of the Canonical characters with her mad Sueish powerz. Is this not Bloom though? Her planet imploaded and was Frozen over, she's the last survivor. Tragic past cliche alert! And of course we have the all mighty flame, so ridiculously powerful, it is the sumber of all magic and cannot be taken away no matter what! So insanely Sueish it gets it own hotdamn transformation! Holy cow, this made me so mad, the fact that all the Winx lost there powers and then here's Bloom livein' it up with her insufferably powerful dragon flame. Icy's lucky she lost it, she doesn't need the power of the Sue!

Mage!Sue: Similar to the Warrior!Sue, the Mage!Sue has amazing stregnth in magic, atau has a magical power that nobody else has. She'll usually wind up upstaging all of the magical characters of the series.
This one goes directly with the above and for the same reasons. But since it came up again, let's mention that she always gets the easy way of attaining new powers.

Misfit!Sue: This includes all Sues who are supposedly geeks, nerds, misfits, etc. Usually, the Misfit!Sue doesn't start out as inhumanly beautiful, but winds up getting a makeover and finding out she had the potential to be a guy-magnet (or girl-magnet, depending on the genre) all along. Also includes the "My parents want me to do this but I want to do that and it's not fair!!one!" A.K.A Season 1 Bloom. Teased oleh Mitzi and what not. Also not exactly the most populer girl in school. That quickly changed in season 2--exactly what I meant oleh they regressed her character! And oleh all means when she got a bike instead of a car she pulled the OMG that's no fair card. So oleh all means she did start of as lebih of a nerd and then got the total hero makeover.

The only one she doesn't fall under is Punk/Goth!Sue.

And I would also like to mention that she has the perfect life, not even kidding any problem she had from season one was solved. And I'm not talking minor problems either, I'm talking the ones that actually gave her a little depth unsolved. Like--oh I don't know--the fact that she was the last of her people. But nope oleh the end of the first movie Sparks was restored all shiny and new again, along with her parents (which oleh they way she totally replaced her adoptive parents--the ones who raised, fed, and clothed her) with. And oleh the end of season 5 her sister was alive again, and to all of our surprise caught the Sue!

It is way to easy to tell who the writer's favorit is, and that is not a good thing in any fictional work.

Like I'm really sorry for this rant guys, but this whole thing really grinds my gears! I'm a noob writer, I haven't been published, and even I know this type of character is bad. Even I know that an penulis shouldn't make favoritism obvious, and I'm a woman of many biases!
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