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posted by Ilovetheway
Please read... It's my first fanfiction and article. Please read...


Bloom and Stella were best friends.

It seemed like no one could break their friendship... atau could they?? Icy, the leader of the Trix, thinks she can. She went to her sisters, Darcy and Stormy, and told them they need to listen carefully. An evil plan was about to take place....


Bloom and Stella walked to the girl's dormitory. There, they were greeted oleh their friends, the Winx! The girls were happy to see them safe. Bloom usually used to get attacked oleh witches and wizards. At least for once Bloom was safe.

Flora: Bloom! Sky called. He berkata he wants to meet anda in Eraclyeon.

Bloom was happy! Sky was her boyfriend.

Bloom: Tell him, "I'll be right there" !

Bloom ran outside but left her phone in the dormitory. Suddenly, the phone began to ring. Musa took it and put it on loudspeaker.

~Phone conversation~

Musa: Hello?

Sky: Bloom?

Musa: No, Musa.

Sky: Oh... Can I speak to Bloom?

Musa: She isn't here.

Sky: Huh?

Musa: She's coming to see you.

Sky: Why?

Musa: Um.......... anda told her too........?

Sky: No, I didn't.

All the girls: Wha.......?

~Phone conversation~

Musa: Yes, anda did! I heard you!!

Sky: I'm serious. I called to ask her out right now.

Musa: Then who called before.......?

Sky: I dunno. But if anda can reach her, tell her to meet me down where we always meet.

Musa *startled* : Sure......

Musa switched off the phone and looked at the girls.

Musa: I don't believe it.

Aisha: Neither do I.

Flora: Stella,you go get her. You're her BFF. She'll listen to you.

Tecna: From what I gather, she's halfway to Eraclyeon.

Stella: Alright! I'll get her!

Stella opens a portal and goes into it.

Through a magic crystal ball, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy watched and laughed evilly. The girls were playing right into their hands.

Bloom reached Eraclyeon's lake.

Bloom: Hmm.... Wonder where Sky is.

Sky: Bloom!

Bloom turned around. Sky was standing behind her and smilling happily.

Bloom: Sky!

Sky: What did anda want to see me for, babe?

Bloom: ..... anda wanted to see me.

Sky: Oh yeah. I wanted to tell anda how beautiful anda are .

Bloom: Aw...

Far away, the Trix watched.

Darcy *whisphering* : There's Stella! Now?

Icy: Now!

Darcy let out a spell that when Bloom looked at "Sky" he would look like Sky and when Stella saw "Sky", he would look like Brandon.

Stella came and saw "Brandon" talking to Bloom. She was going to say hi to Brandon but decided to watch instead. She could hear the talk the pair were having too.

Sky/Brandon: I cinta anda too much, Bloom.

Bloom *smiling* : I cinta anda very much too.

Stella was horrified because she saw it as Brandon saying all that. But Bloom could see him only as Sky. Then, to Stella's horror, Sky/Brandon leaned in and kissed Bloom passionately on the lips.

~To be continued....~

Did anda like it? komentar please! My first fanfic!
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