I really 2x hate bloom cause shes so arrogant to feel like shes the leader and she shouldnt have power over ppl.ill just tell u the episodes..

She was like mega rude in this episode heres the quote
Bloom:stella!!!...stella!!(shaking stellas shoulder)
Stella:(wakes up)uhh stop it...(gets annoyed) anda do realize its in the middle of the night right!!!!??? Right??L
Bloom:of course..
Stella: then im going bk to sleep (sleeps)
Bloom:ughhhhh!!! Come on stella weve got work to do!!!(pulls stella)
Stella:(falls of her tempat tidur holding a bantal lol)hey!!! Ugh bloom!!!!!!
how rude!!!

And of course sometimes she thinks that the dragon api is going to help everybody like they dont have powers too....

Now to ppl who is a fan of bloom please do not protest cause everybody has their own opinions. And i really really hope anda will respect my opinion.....
Ppl who agree with me please komentar about my artikel
And ppl who dont u can say good komentar about bloom because that is ur opinion and i will respect it ❤
Stay sweet"fellow fanppopers thx for reading!