Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
is winxclub a bad influence?
That's our question, so lets start, shall we? :)

Winxclub has alot of magic, and adventure. But the big message is sended to almost all kids. Here's my questions-
are the winx too skinny?
are the Winx too skimpy?

Now, im not saying its like disney, with one-million subliminal messages. And things that send out bad messages.
1-are the winx too skinny?
Yes. They are. To be honest, they look like stick figures. And I mean, beyond anorexia nervosa. The message? Skinny girls can be super heros! Thats sad. I mean, why? Not even real anime has them that skinny. Can they make the have a little fat? I mean, they don't have to be fat. They can be skinny, but not that skinny! I measured there waist line, 3 1/2!!!
2-are the Winx too skimpy?
Too sexy? The winxes clothing are unbelievably fashionable. And unbelievably skimpy! I mean, EVERY TRANSFORMATION! There bellys show. Harmonix was kinda revealing. I mean, there whole legs tampil all the way up to the point anda have to stop! Most revealing transformation? lebih then one. Charmix, Enchantix, and believix. Wait a second! Tecna, has the most less revealing outfits. Through out charmix, and believix had her un revealing. Except enchantix, her belly shows like all the others. Well atleast she sends a good message. I was also very surprised, because lovix had them wearing this stuff, i mean, some people...*cough*(bloom).You know, they don't have to look sexy to be powerful.

Well, thats my investigation. But we all know, changing the character is too late. They are still looking like stick figures, with shorts and belly tops like its summer -_- share your opinions in the comments! Thanks for membaca :3
Uhh, look at Layla.
hmmm, 4-5 tahun olds wearing belly tops!?