It took me a long time to write this, but after the Carl bullshit they pulled, I really wasn't in the mood, so I decided to wait after the holidays. So here I am.

Last season ended with both Team Family and the Saviors ready to go to war.

Season 8A Promo, All Out War

The premiere was so forgettable that I had to look up my own weekly review I did for it. It was really underwhelming. I did like the fighting stuff, but there was basically no depth to the episode. Just shooting and yelling and killing.

My biggest complaint is the stupid flash forward. That was so off-putting and didn't add anything to the episode. It was just randomly put in between the shooting scenes. I feel like this scene was only there so they could use it in the trailer and make people believe that either Rick was waking up from that coma he was in back at the beginning of the series, atau that they were doing the two-year time jump (like I did).

Plus, it was just a cheap foreshadowing of Carl's death, because he just passes oleh in the scene and he's the one who put the song "Another One Bites the Dust" on. Also, the fact that Michonne didn't look a hari older in that scene was really weird. Only Rick and Judith had aged. So if it's supposed to also be a foreshadowing of Michonne's death, I'm gonna be pissed as fuck.

Rick & Maggie, 8x01, Mercy

The pacing of this episode was way better than the premiere. Ezekiel is a much better motivational speaker than Rick, that's for sure. I would follow that guy anywhere. He's really convincing.

Contrary to the premiere, I actually enjoyed the war scenes. I know it meant he was going to die, but I loved all the focus Eric got and I loved that he stepped up and fought for his people. He was one of the ones against the war in the first place, but it was important to Aaron, so he took it upon himself to help him win this fight. I wasn't shocked when he got shot, but I was really sad.

Moving meneruskan, ke depan to the Rick fighting scene. I like how the scene where he kills the Savior that's protecting what he thinks are weapon, but is actually a baby, showed us that Rick really isn't the good guy anymore. He's the same as who he's fighting against. Like morgan says in the selanjutnya episode. He just killed this poor child's dad!

I was really happy to see Morales again. I had been waiting for him to pop back up for ages!

Morales, 8x02, The Damned

Like I berkata higher, I was really happy to see what had become of Morales, because he was the only character that left the tampil and that we didn't have closure about his story. Though, that was completely ruined oleh a small scene of dialogue of him just telling Rick what we all already knew, there are no good guys anymore and blah blah blah... and then Daryl just shoots him in the head. Well, so much for that! He could've been there for a couple of episodes at least, they should have brought him back for a good reason, and actually tampil him as a villain. That was just pointless and stupid and it annoyed me.

Then later, as we all knew it was gonna happen, because anda can't really survive from a bullet in the belly in this world, Eric dies. And we all cried, because who didn't like Eric? The whole goodbye scene with Aaron still gives me chill, that was beautiful and sad. pujian to Ross and Jordan for killing that scene. And then later when Aaron sees him as a walker and just can't go after him to put him down. Extremely heartbreaking.

It was short, but I really liked the fight scene between Yesus and Morgan. It was interesting, and really cool. I wanna see Yesus fight lebih often!

Aaron & Eric, 8x03, Monsters

This is my favorit episode of the first half. It was so good. I cinta Ezekiel, and seeing him completely lose his confidence and learning lebih about his past was really great. For me, at least. Also, Jerry's complete loyalty to his King was really beautiful to watch. And he probably has the most bad-ass kill of the entire series! Cutting a dude, in half, while still alive, that was just awesome!

cinta all the Carol stuff as well. She really is the queen of the Apocalypse! And I cinta that she decided to help Ezekiel and Jerry in the end, even though that meant that the Saviors would leave with the weapons. Because it showed that she was still very loyal to her loved ones, and not selfish (like so many people keep saying about her online!). She just knew there was going to be another way to get those weapons. And she was right, because Daryl was right there to pick up the battle right where she left it.

Though, I really didn't enjoy the Rick/Daryl vs Saviors car chase scene. It was meant to be badass, but was just meh. And it almost felt like they were trying to get the spotlight off of Ezekiel and Carol, who had both carried this episode beautifully, and that was annoying. Those two have a lot of time to shine already, let the other characters have their moment as well, dammit!

The ending was just heartbreaking. No matter how many times I see it, Shiva dying and seeing Ezekiel's reaction to it makes me sob like a little baby. I also loved that they showed a small close up of Carol, without taking anything away from Ezekiel, because it circled back to when she saw Sophia coming out of the barn. That showed that she was there for Ezekiel and understood his loss, because Shiva had become like a daughter to him.

Carol, Ezekiel & Jerry, 8x04, Some Guy

Another great episode! I loved everything they gave us with Negan and Gabriel, but I wanted lebih of it! It was so interesting. Seeing a small chunk of Negan's backstory was great, to hear him talk about the real Lucille. It was sad and beautiful at the same time. And I loved how Gabriel pushed Negan's buttons and didn't seem afraid to do it. He had some balls in this episode and it was different. I wanna see lebih of that Gabriel, but he's probably going to die, so I doubt it.

I loved Eugene figuring things out. And I hated it at the same time. I cinta both Eugene and Dwight, so as much as I cinta this storyline, it stresses me out. XD.

Oh right, I almost forgot, Rick and Daryl were also in this episode. The tension had been building since the first episode, so I was expecting and fight... and what we got was just laughable. What the actual fuck was that? That was supposed to be the fight/argument between the two? It lasted for like 30 detik and then they got interrupted oleh explosives, that got thrown... but had survived a car crash just moments ago... Ok, whatever writers. The callback to the "Choke-hold is illegal" would've been better if Daryl would've replied "File a complaint" instead of the boring "I know".

Negan & Gabriel, 8x05, The Big Scary U

Rick going back to the Garbage People was probably the worst decision he's ever made and one of the worst plotlines of the season so far. Just fucking wow, Rick. Do anda have amnesia? Did anda really forget that just a couple days atau weeks ago, she fucking shot anda in the leg and stabbed anda in the back? Did anda learn anything from that little incident? Apparently not.

And I wasn't surprised when she just threw him in a box! What did anda expect? And even though he did convince her in the end, she still bounced as soon as it got dangerous. XD Stupid Rick. Stupid. Though, I did cinta that it gave us Dasm's link song!

I liked the introduction of Siddiq! It's a character I enjoy in the comics, though I'm disappointed he doesn't have the same haircut as his comic counterpart. I hope they're gonna use him well, and not ruin him like so many other characters. Talking about ruined characters, I'll keep my rant for the last episode, but that "biting" scene with Carl was just bullshit!

That Carol speech at the end was so beautiful it made me cry. Ezekiel telling Carol she should lead the Kingdom made my jantung swell. YES TO DA QUEEN! And I loved Maggie throwing a pleading Gregory into the prison. That was just amazing!

Carl & Siddiq, 8x06, The King, the Widow and Rick

All of the scenes with Rick and Jadis were just... a waste of time. Because, like I berkata higher, no matter how much Rick "convinced" her, she still bounced! All of that screen time was a waste of time on the show! They could've used that for something else. Something lebih important, atau lebih interesting.

Daryl and Tara did their stupid plan. And I won't go in details about how it was such a dumb move! But anyways, all they did was actually deliver the Saviors and let them attack Alexandria. Way to fucking go, anda two! Learn to calm your urges. And I'm annoyed that it's two of my all time favorit who did that. I don't like being mad at my favorites, writers! Stop doing this.

I loved everything involving Negan, Eugene and Dwight. Absolutely amazing. They are having some of the best storylines right now. I LOVED all the tension between Dwight and Eugene! That was just great! And I'm glad that they finally showed us where Eugene's loyalty lies. He has none. He will do anything to survive, even if it means betraying whoever is helping him at the moment. We saw it when he joined the Saviors, and now we have a confirmation that he's not trying to spy atau whatever for Rick. He's in it for himself. And if something goes south, he'll do the same thing to Negan in a heartbeat. I actually think it's interesting to have a character like that in the show. It's different.

Rick & Jadis, 8x07, Time for After

It was a great episode overall. I loved all the actions and the fights. Enjoyed Maggie killing Dean. Hated Jerry almost dying. Loved Carol saving Rick AGAIN.

I loved everything involving Carl in this episode. He completely owned this episode. Which is a fucking shame, because they actually showed us that Chandler is able to carry an entire episode and that Carl is really a great character. We had seen it at other moments of course, but to me it was just confirming that Carl was indeed the center of this story, like I've been saying for ages. Boy, was I wrong!!

It's been almost two months and I'm still not over it. I still can't believe what they did to both Carl and Chandler. They had just told Chandler that they wanted him for the selanjutnya three years. Which means this decision was a completely last menit change and it was ONLY for shock value. Which is complete bullshit. I had already shared my feelings about this when it happen, and they haven't changed.

The tampil will not be the same without Carl. The story will not be the same. Everything will change. They took an extremely big part of the comics away. Carl has some of the best storylines in the original work, so that means they'll just throw it everywhere to any characters out there. Probably Daryl, because he's their Golden Boy *eye roll*. Don't get me wrong, I cinta Daryl, but the writers have a hard on for him and it really gets annoying sometimes.

We still have to see Carl saying goodbye to everyone and dying. I don't even wanna see it, I'm gonna be pissed the entire time. I don't even know if I'll ever get over it to be honest. I guess it'll depend on whatever they do in the future. But as of right now, I'm pahit about this tampil and that annoys me, because it's my favorit show. STOP RUINING MY SHOW, WRITERS!

Carl, 8x08, How It's Gotta Be

I'm glad Gimple was removed from being the showrunner. I'm not sure what his new judul means for the future of this tampil and Fear (as it almost sounds like a made up title), but at least he's not in charge of the big decisions anymore (I think/hope). He belongs in a writer's chair, not anywhere else. He's an amazing writer, he wrote some of the best episodes. But he's a shitty decision maker. Hopefully, Kang will make better decisions than he did.

What did anda guys think of the first part of this season?
Did anda enjoy it?
Was it dreadful?
The worst atau the best?