Yeah.. He's number 10.
I just feel very mixed about him at this stage.. I liked him in season 3.. But he just started becoming TOO brutal at the point of Alaxandria. To the point of being no better than the villains.. And now. And than he spent a bunch of time just moping.. And now, Rick is back.. But not sure how I feel anymore..

What's not to cinta about him..

#8: T-DOG:
Damn anda for killing him off!.. Damn you!

I cinta the twisted charm about him.. He's so calm, only scared when he has no way out, and knows his time has come..

He's dead.. F***!!

He's just so complicated.. I had a lot of trouble deciding rather atau not he's actually EVIL. atau just misunderstood.. I wanted him to redeem.. But he was too stubborn in the end..

#4: NEGAN:
Negan is unique.. He's not incapable of redemption.. He's just sadistic, and suffers from a form of PTSD..

Espically in the comic. Where, not only does Negan have a dislike towards r***, Negan also dislikes killing people, which is never shown oleh any of the other main antagonists in the series, save for Chris and The Hunters. Negan really only wants to install fear in other people and tries to keep as many people alive as possible, hence why he called his group "The Saviors". Also, he is willing to spare anyone whom he sees as potentially useful and can be reasonable during negotiations, and he is a man of his word as he promises to help communities clear out walkers near their homes and will not destroy their communities, as long as they give him half of everything they have once a week. Unlike other villains in the past, such as The Governor and Thomas Richards, Negan is always true to himself and is a very honest and dependable man; it is not really in his nature to lie, even if his honesty is brutal. Despite seemingly having little empathy and remorse, he can occasionally be remorseful.

Negan does not underestimate his enemies, at least not as much as other villains do; he knows full well how battle-experienced and dangerous Rick and his group are and as a result, he admires their skills and tampilan them as extremely useful for his cause, hence why he keeps them alive..

Yeah, the old leader of Alaxandria.. I don't know. I just found her likable.. At least compared to Spencer..

#2: SIMON:
Yeah.. We all saw this coming.. Who else can it be, but Trevor Phillips.. I always use to call him Trevor instead of Simon.. But there's still one above him..

Yeah.. Merle.. Not Daryl.. Merle.

YOU: That extremely ill-tempered, racist, misogynistic, violent, volatile, steriotype? What's so good about Merle?

Yes, he is all those things.. But anda what else he is.. PERFECT FOR THE WALKING DEAD WORLD, that's what.. He cut off his hand, and still killed those walkers.. How many people can do that.. Not too many..

And than Governer bites off his fingers, stabs him, and beats him up.. He shows no fear, and accepts his fate..