What's the best and the worst season, according to anda guys? [link]

We'll start with the worst and finish with the best. This daftar also includes the first half of the sixth season. AND this artikel has my opinion all over it. You've been warned.

Alright, so link please!!!

Highest rated episode: Too Far Gone [9.7]
Lowest rated episode: Still [7.1]
secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan rating: 8.4

I agree this is a really uneven season. It started off strong, with the Big Spot and then the Ebola-like disease.... But then they cut the momentum with two full episodes JUST on The Governor, and let's face it, those episodes weren't really that good. They could've easily put all of that in only one episode and it would've been enough. The mid-season finale was link though!

Then the detik half happened.... link... Yeah, so that was the most uneven 8 episodes in a row EVER in the TWD history. anda have the first episode, which is a really great episode. Then the selanjutnya episode was pretty much link Then a pretty good episode, introducing Team DC.... Then anda have two whole episodes of just link doing nothing.... Yeah, that's two episodes that anda can easily skip and not miss a thing in the storyline... Oh yeah, I almost forgot there was also Sasha, Bob & Maggie in that episode, that tells anda how much this episode had an impact. Then anda have the masterpiece that The Grove was! link. And then it ended on two pretty good episodes.

That's why it has this ranking on the list. Too much of an uneven season for people's taste.

Season 4 poster

Highest rated episode: Thank You [9.5]
Lowest rated episode: Now [7.4]
secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan ranting: 8.4

I do think the season started not on an episode worthy of a premiere (and the black & white was secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan kind of annoying), BUT the detik episode totally made up for that! The detik episode was the highlight of the season so far. The third episode was pretty good, but that fake death link bullshit was really unnecessary, stupid, badly made, too obvious AND an insult to our intelligence and that kinda pissed me off. And to wait an entire FOUR weeks was even lebih stupid. And the argument they gave us about 'We wanted the fan to feel the same thing that Maggie did and not know if he died atau not', was complete bullshit, sorry! Maggie had to wait ONE hari before knowing Glenn was ok, not four weeks!

Alright, after that fiasco, we had the link morgan episode. What a snooze-fest! Then we had link.... Then the Daryl episode, that was in fact kinda good, especially since it was introducing Dwight & the Saviors!! Then we finally had a link in Heads Up... Great! Hadn't see that coming.... And then we had the mid-season finale, which started out as a very very good episode! But then it ended on the link, because we all know what's going to happen when it comes back on, it's not a real cliffhanger!

Hopefully, the detik half will be amazing. With Yesus & Negan coming, I can expect the tampil to become really interesting and intense! :D

Season 6 poster

Highest rated episode: Pretty Much Dead Already [9.3]
Lowest rated episode: Cherokee Rose [7.7]
secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan rating: 8.5

Unpopular opinion here, but I actually link season two! The premiere was fantasic and the mid-season finale was heart-wrenching and amazing at the same time! I know, there's a couple of filler episodes in the middle, but as it's only the detik season and that season one only had six episodes, we still don't really know those characters and there's also new characters, the Greenes, so we need to slow down a bit and talk about them and yes, that means to have a couple of slower episodes. But they were good slower episodes, except maybe for link, but the rest was good.

The detik half was pretty good too. The showdown between Rick & Shane was link. Talking about Shane, he wasn't my favorit character, like at all, but we all have to agree that he was a really interesting character! I wonder what it would be like having Shane link. Even though I didn't particularly liked Shane, it would be very interesting to see the dynamic with him being still there. Oops, sorry, I drifted a bit there! So yeah, the Randall thing was good too and the season finale is still the best season finale of the series to this date.

Overall, a lot of people think this was a really bad season and they have the right to, but I personally think it was a really good season.

Season 2 poster

Highest rated episode: Killer Within [9.4]
Lowest rated episode: Arrow on the Doorpost [7.8]
secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan rating: 8.5

Another unpopular opinion. A lot of people thought this was the best season.... Buuuuutt... link. I mean, yes, of course there was a couple of really good episodes, like Killer Within, Hounded, Home, Clear, Prey, This Sorrowful Life. But most of the episodes were boring, too long atau really just too much of filler episodes.

The opening scene was really good and intersting, to have the whole group pindah and work together without saying anything, it was a good insight into how they changed during the 7-8 months they were on the road. The first and the detik episodes were okay, the introduction of the Prisoners was pretty good. The first episode just on Woodbury was really uneven. I liked seeing who Michonne was and how her and Andrea were close. And seeing Merle back was really cool. But the rest of the Woodbury folks were pretty much boring. Episode four was amazing and heartbreaking. Episode five was link. Episode six and seven were pretty good. The mid-season finale was good, the cliffhanger was well done (even though we knew neither Daryl nor Merle would die, it was still well done). Then the detik half had even lebih filler episodes. I mean, The Governor declared war in episode ten, but didn't do anything before episode sixteen. And in between, we had the meeting between Rick & him, which could've been and should've been really interesting, but turned out to be link and did really nothing to the story. The Andrea episode was really good, but a lot of people didn't like it, but I thought it was one of the good episodes of the season. The fifteenth episode was so link! And the finale was pretty much a link!

One of my biggest disappointment of this season was the decharacterization of Andrea. She was such a great character, and then they decided to link in the final chapter of the season.

Season 3 poster

Highest rated episode: No Sanctuary [9.6]
Lowest rated episode: Them [7.6]
secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan rating: 8.5

Agreed. This was a great season! Except for a couple of let downs. The premiere was incredible! Everything about this episode was perfect. The gut-wrenching opening with the throat slittings, link and save everyone from the cannibal creeps, the reunions link and link at the end (even though that didn't turn out so great in the end). Perfect, perfect episode.

Then, episode two was great, episode three was really good! Episode four left me with link. Like ok, we found out where Beth was... It wasn't a happy place, but it wasn't the big villains I was expecting. Just a couple of boring cops link. Alright. So yeah, pretty much disappointing.

The Team Greatm episode and the Team Caryl episode were actually really good! I really loved both of those episodes. Well done! Episode seven was okay, but not that great. And the mid-season finale wasn't worthy of a mid-season finale. The entire episode was link, BUT the link were link! So it kinda made up for the rest.

The detik half started out strong with the 'link' concept. A lot of people seem to have not liked the episode, but I thought it was great. Then the tenth episode was a big let down, except for a couple of good scenes here and there. The introduction of Aaron was really well done! I loved it. The first episode in Alexandria was great too, link! Then episode thirteen was meh, lebih filler again. Spend was so good yet link! The most brutal death ever seen on TWD so far. The last two episode were awesome too!

Overall, a really really great season!

Season 5 poster

Highest rated episode: Days Gone Bye [9.2]
Lowest rated episode: Wildfire [8.2]
secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan rating: 8.6

Nothing beats the first season, the one that started it all! The opening of the series is probably the link! Just with the first scene, anda really knew what anda were getting yourself into and I was hooked after the very first scene. I actually pretty much loved everything about the first season. Not a lot of unnecessary filling, not too many monotonous parts, great pacing, great character introductions, great story telling. link! I don't really have anything to link. It really set the tone for the rest of the series.

Season 1 poster

Overall, the conclusion is that every season has their highlights and amazing episodes, but they also all have their let downs and their disappointments. We have to keep hoping for the best, but we also have to expect the worst sometimes. This is what [i]The Walking Dead
does. link.

How do anda rank the seasons?
Let me know!