Hello i´m liene and i´m from the Netherlands

and i just want to let anda know the voice came from the country i live and i´m very happy anda in the uk like it as well there so anda now have one tampil that comes from the netherlands here in the country i live the voice here is called The Voice of Holland
and the uk had buyed our tampil so our tampil is exactly the same as yours only the people who gabung the voice in uk i do not know tham but

here is a Coach from the uk have sing a song link

and here is a link

and if anda like to know lebih here are 2 winners the first promo there was a promo from the netherlands but from this tahun it is not a winner yet i think the final is this Friday but i´m not sure yet

if anda like too know who gabung too
here are lebih videos


this artikel is maybe a little like ow really but yeah everything i say is true our rules are not very different so yeah if there is a something else i think it only is that we have the voice of holland and anda only have the voice

i hope anda liked this artikel