I swear I don't have any idea how this happened. I'm menulis it down on the notebook I begged Damon to get for me, because I think I'm going crazy. The last bulan has been one of the most terrifying I have ever gone through. I should have never gotten in the damn car. I shall write until I die, and this notebook shall probably be destroyed... but if it isn't I heed anda to take my advise. Stay away from the vampires.
“Damon” I whispered, too quietly for anyone of the surrounding persons to hear. The musik had slowed to a deep Ballard. Damon's face was only a few inches away from mine. I wondered if he had heard me.
“Yes?” he said.
“You heard.” I felt my jantung pounding against his chest. Slowly, I lifted my eyes to look into his. I swallowed uncertainly but shook it off even thought my jantung said, “This is too precious to be shattered. Go with it.”

“Damon,we're in public.” He didn't seem to processes the information. Still he continued to run his hand through the silver the loop chains that made up the back of my dress. “And for some reason there are only two chains holding my dress together when there were once ten.” Damon's eye's sparkled with faint amusement. “This isn't funny!” I whimpered, and dug my nails into his arms.

“Your left eyebrow is twitching,” he observed. “It always does that when you're getting mad.”

“No it doesn't” I retorted. It's so like Damon to piss me off.

“Yeah it does.” He closed the distance between until his lips were on mine.

He's asking for permission. I realized. instinctively I pressed myself harder against him, to my pleasure I ground up against rock hard abs. I ran my hands against them. Damon spent no time prying my lips open.
“You taste like vodka.” I moaned as I felt my knees weaken. Damon's strong arms held me up.
“Bet anda like it.” He berkata just as a couple bumped into us.
I gasped, my eyes widening. “You're not going to change the subject.” I tried to regain my balance, but instead stumbled onto him.
“What was the subject?” Damon smiled. “Is it how we're in the middle of a dance floor practically making out atau that anda want to get a room.” The smirk on his face sent a shiver down my spine.

“I think I'll take my chances here. At least people respect privacy.” I gestured at the diminishing crowd on the dance floor.
“You shouldn't make decisions,” Damon whispered into my ear. The musik had stopped.
“Without knowing what's really going on.” He unhooked one of the last chains and let it drop. It fell with a clatter. If he wasn't so close to my half of my dress would be on the floor. I looked around but everyone had left. “Look up Anti. What do anda see?”
“Almost forty people looking down at me from the balcony, and a painter.”
“Painting us.” Damon berkata with proud finality.
My legs gave away. Damon caught me. Out of the blue, warna started to blur together. “Da---” Suddenly, I transported back in time to a place I didn't understand.
In front of me was a woman for some reason I knew her name was Maciava ,and a screaming woman restrained oleh the coils of a snake. She spoke a girl in a green dressing gown, and a pretty bunga crown.“Panferni, do anda know what I'm doing?”
“Yes mother, you're killing it,” The youngster, about nine years old said, entranced.
“Actually, I'm teaching her a lesson.”
“No mother,” The girl contradicted simply, “what you're doing is evil.”
The girl studied her mother, before continuing.
“A lesson is a teaching a person can use in their future atau pass on to another person. It, has no future, and I don't think screaming has been molded to fill in the characteristics of a language... yet.
“True Pan, but even though she can't speak, make sure to learn from everything and everyone that offers such services. I won't always be there to teach anda what has to be learned.” Maciava paused and then continued. “See my hand sticking out, under the third coil?”
“Yes mother,I see it.”
“Put your index finger on her pulse, and close your eyes.” The girl shivered, but did as she was told.
“What do anda feel?”
“I feel her pulse, beating... as fast as a drum.”
Maciava smiled, “Good, Pan, stay there for a while longer, tell me when her pulse stops.”
A few menit passed, and the deed was done. “It's dead mother, what now?”
“I'll tell anda the point of this activity. Pan, why do anda think I killed her?”
“'Cause you're monstrous.”
“No, it was to teach anda not to trust people. That girl actually let the snake coil up her. I told her it was an experiment to see if the snake was hungry. At first she didn't even struggle. I hope anda have learned anda lesson Pan.”
“I have mother, I have.”
Maciava clapped her hands daintily.
The two watched in silence as black clad servants euthanaised the snake, wiped the blood off the marble balcony, and dragged both bodies away.
“So, what do we do know?”
“Get ready for our meeting with the governor.”
“Yes mother.” The girl curtsied, and skipped away. Her bilious skirts reaching her ankles at times.
I woke up with a start. I was still at the Salem founders' ball. I was still in the same dress. No one was here though. My wrists were still a little sore from this morning's feeding, but the multitude of bangles I wore covered those.
Suddenly I knew, I knew why I had to go away, to run. Damon's compulsion was confusing me. I was getting better and better at fighting it, but the fight was leaving me ever so slowly. The lebih blood he took the weaker I got.
I was wearing a scrap of fabric some pervert decided to call a dress, I was stripped of everything beside a dress that was about fall off without underwear, and lastly I was with the famed Damon Salvatore. We were going to make out unless I berkata something. But even if I berkata something I doubt I could change the imminent outcome of the night. But I couldn't do what Damon wanted me to do. Not with an engagement ring dangling from my neck on a emas chain. “Let me go Damon,”
“I'm sorry did anda just remember you're getting married?” Damon laughed, and breathed into my ear with a hint of dark sarcasm.
“You're the one that got me into this, with all of your petty promises anda can't keep.” I berkata through my teeth.
“Ouch, that hurt.” Damon smiled coyly.
“I'd better go,”
“You think so? When anda know that ciuman me is better than a thousand kisses from some werewolf? I'd think not... Stay, with my just one night, and let me convince anda of it. Sleep in my tempat tidur for just a night, anda won't regret it." He whispered and nipped the lobe of my ear. “Neither would I.”
I sighed knowing that I would never get another chance like it. “Damon... You're the one screwing up your own plans. Don't complain to me when the deal for the Topaz stone anda so desperately need goes out the window. There are werewolf spies all around. They're going to know about this.
“We need to go home, and pretend this never happened.”
“ Oh who cares about the stupid werewolves. The full moon passed. I can take them all out. And on the other hand, I'll pester anda until anda say yes.” he berkata with a grin that didn't look half way convincing.
“Liar, liar.” I planted a soft ciuman his neck. “You'd just use some lebih of that compulsion on me, make me forget why I'm not supposed to be here.”
“Doesn't that count as pestering?” His eyes showed guilt.
“Tell ya what, let's make a deal. The hari anda get this engagement off my tab, I'm all yours to deflower without struggle. I won't say a word, and I won't fight it.”
Damon rolled his eyes. In a blink he wasn't in front of me. The straps of my dress tightened, as he redid them. “I'm only doing this because of the manusia serigala mind you. Don't think anda can go around convincing me otherwise.”
On the inside I was celebrating.
“Yes Damon. Of course Damon.” I smiled.
“You're such a lucky duckling.” Damon offered me his arm. It was my turn to roll me eyes.
Luck? Me? No way.
I guess I aught to explain what the deal with the engagement, and the werewolves. Unfortunately, that'll have to wait to tomorrow. My allowance allows me to buy only one candle a day. This one is nearly over. Old fashioned, I know but I have to make due with what I have. I'm not always sleeping in places with electrical lighting. Until selanjutnya time... atau not.