The moon was high in the sky, shining like a florescent light. It was my only friend in this prison, and i couldn't sleep. I was in the middle of a sentence as i was talking with the moon when i heard something from down stairs. I caught oleh breath, finally excitement. I swung my legs across the side of the bad and ever so slowly got up. The tempat tidur creaked, I swore silently, and listened. Nothing stirred. I tiptoed passed Amanda's bed. She was fast asleep, a bit too asleep if anda ask me. She might have been dead. I knew not to try her though. Last time I did so I was very unpleasantly surprised. On the third step I took a floor board creaked, I froze, and listened. Call it karma for tripping Naomi down the stairs. Two lebih steps to take. I slipped out the door without incident. I crawled to the stairs. A breeze that only comes from the front door pushed my hair out of my face. I didn't hear anyone come inside, but I knew if there was an intruder he atau she hadn't gone undetected. The down stairs light turned on abruptly. Unconsciously, I held my breath. It was pouring outside. The cool air calmed me enough to stir my curiosity. Plus, I hadn't been allowed outside all week. Every muscle in my body stained itself to just run down the stairway, not care if I got caught, and go outside.
The Master spoke first.“It's been a while old friend.”
A man responded, from his voice he sounded confident and down right sexy. “It has but unfortunately I won't be staying here long. I'm on pure business, I need a favor.”
The Master hesitated before he spoke, It's creepy that I know that he's feeling without even having to look at him. “If it's a blood sourse you
“What cha got for me?” the man said. He didn't want to be seen I could tell. Most didn't care.
“We're kinda low since the raid last month. Our numbers are barely enough to support the staff. I can't spare a single kid.” My teeth clenched, I squeezed my eyes shut. No, no,no. I can't live in this place anymore. Just let me go with him and die.
“I'll pay the maximum price. I don't care if she's scrawny one atau not.”
“Damon, I can't give anda one. If anda want a kid go to another orphanage, this one has none to spare.”
A growl erupted from the Damon guy. “We can do this the easy way of the hard way Ineas. I can't go to the other orphanages. They're vervained up.”
Shh, “Capture one and wait it out. Vervain leaves the human system in three days maximum.” I took a step meneruskan, ke depan eager to take a look at Damon. When I did my eyebrows jumped up, and my stomach did a somersault. I crouched there, peeking over the banister unhidden. The master Ineas's back was to me, Damon faced me. Slowly ever so slightly he looked up and met my gaze. I swallowed, and looked away. What do I do, what do I do? Think Anti, think.
I decided to back track my steps before Master Ineas noticed I wasn't in bed. He probably already knew. Vampire hearing is a pain when it's not yours. Tomorrow i'll most likely wake up black and blue, and with a couple oz.s of blood missing. I started to make my way up when Damon nodded up at me. I I shook my head frantically, and mouthed no. “What about her? She lookes like a trouble maker.”
“Anti?” The Masters voice vibrated through my skull like death. He didn't turn around.
“Anti, come here.” It was like sweeting poison with honey before drinking it. I remained quiet.
“Anti,” He snapped. “Come down right away.”
I suppressed a sigh, “I'm not here. In fact i'm in tempat tidur sleeping.”
“What's it!” The Master barked and twisted around. I less than a detik he was at my side. Before I had time to react he gave he a solid kick that sent me reeling down the stairs. Oww.
“Get up cockroach.” As soon at I was on my own two feet the Master thrust me upon Damon. I would smacked into Damon if it wasn't for his quick reflexed. Sadly, his iron grip left a blotch of darkening red on me on the purple.
“Careful, I still have a bruise there.” Damon pursed his thin lips into a kupu-kupu fluttering half-smile.
“Take the girl, consider it a gift.”

I approached Damon's chevy cautiously. Usually when I got into cars in the process of shoving me in, I usually hit my head on the door frame. I have quite a few bumps to prove it.
Damon opened the door of the backseat and ushered me in. “Please,”
I tugged my selendang tighter around me. Old fashioned, I know. I ducked my head low when I got into the car. He got into the drives seat. “I'm sorry I didn't offer the shotgun, but it's a little occupied.