Location: Salvatore Residence...

Stefan stood at the tip of his window ready to jump. Zipping his bag, he threw it on his back. Taking his journal, what most would prefer be called a dairy. He took his pen so that he could write his last words before he left to begin his new life chapter.

“Today, danger approaches and I can't let her get too close to it. Though I'm just as dangerous, I want to make this work...because, I just have to know her. And as dark as this world is for me..I need some form of light and after what she's been through, so does she." He says repeating his written words and he smiled at his work and tossed his journal on his desk. Looking ahead he jumped.

Location: Gilbert house

Elena sat on her before menulis her in her diary looking for the exact words that would describe her. The words she needed to start her day. For a detik she was Frozen till she her pen to the paper and started writing.

“I would say “Good morning diary,""she read as she wrote. “But I've heard that all too often. I would tell anda how much this hari would different but what's the use? Not when everyday no longer can be what I expect. So now I just say this, I'm not afraid anymore. The road, cars, rivers, it means nothing to me now. Nothing lebih then their intended meanings. So what am I to do? I'm to go out there and tampil everyone Elena Gilbert isn't broken."


“This is not the Gilbert house I know is it?" Aunt Jenna yells coming through the front. With her hands full if groceries she kicked the door closed.

“Sadly," Elena says. “The real Gilbert household will be back in order when we start partying and skipping classes like all teens."

“You’ve got to be kidding me," Jenna says with the last sip of her water bottle.

“Kidding? No, hungry? Yes," Elena says looking through the fridge.

“Please tell me Jeremy isn't going to have a drug relapse is he?" Jenna says.

“Don't know, but he's made that your department. Obviously, he no longer likes me."

“That's not all true," Jeremy komentar as he comes downstairs in his all black. “I just can't stand so many parental replacements, I just need one."

“Right," Elena says feeling the situation that now became tensed. Just on queue a horn honked outside their home, as long as it has been Elena recognized it as Bonnie's. “Great, now I have a excuse to leave." She says giving Jenna a hug and leaving without another word.

“Be nice," Jenna tells Jeremy as he gives her a annoyed look.


Elena nearly was in the car when she stared at the door and saw the person she always used to see -- her mom. She was there waving to them and wishing them a aman, brankas drove, just like Elena predicted she would. Only soon enough her mom's body was washed away oleh water and Elena gasped.

“Elena, girl, something wrong," Bonnie yells through her window. “Elena!" She calls again as Elena approaches the door her halaman awal in fear. With force Bonnie slammed on her horn and Elena jerked awake.

“Sorry," Elena says getting in the car.

“Could've sworn I was hearing a bee hive atau something," she lies.

“Right, a bee hive. Elena, anda know I have your back right? Whatever you're going through I'm here." Bonnie says as the ride onto the road.

“I'm not broken Bonnie, I'm perfect. Actually I feel great," she lies, only repeating it to herself to become her lie.

“So what's there to talk about," Bonnie says
“Your vacation?" Elena asks.

“Well, it was both great and quite disturbing. But it's not something we should discuss," Bonnie says.

“Does Bonnie Bennet have a secret?" Elena says surprise and playful.

“No I have..." Bonnie says stuck with no words and Elena laughs a giggle.

“You have a un-discussable time that you'd...like keep in the dark." Elena finishes for her with a laugh.

“Okay, good choice of words and that’s exa-" she says as she slams on her breaks just a membagi, split detik when she hit a man on a motorcycle. “Crap." Bonnie says and gets out the car. “Sir, are anda alright?"

“Just peachy really," Stefan says standing with his bag over his shoulder he walked to examine the damage from the back of his motorcycle.