Caroline was in her mom’s study room she used to do some paperwork, searching Amber Lindy’s file. After what Matt told her it was easy to put the pieces together. A girl she had never seen before and who could hear everything? A girl who could drink without having to tampil her id? It was close to obvious who this chick was, but Caroline wanted proof before she informed Damon and Elena… and Katherine.
“What are anda doing here?” Caroline turned around. Her mother was in the doorway, an austerely expression on her face. “Nothing” Caroline berkata fast, too fast. She raced to her mom and pierced her glance into her mom’s eyes. “Where is Amber Lindy’s file?” she softly said. Liz walked around Caroline to her meja tulis, meja and went through the papers. “Here” she gave the file to Caroline. “Thanks, mom, anda can go now” Liz left the room and Caroline looked at the first page which contained a photo. “I knew it” She took the phone on her mother’s meja tulis, meja and dialed Damon’s number. But Damon didn’t pick up his phone, so she tried Elena. “Caroline?” Elena asked, knowing something was on. Caroline would never call this time of hari if there was no good reason for it. “You’re never going to guess who I met today” Caroline started excited. “Who?” Elena asked. “Amber Lindy” Caroline continued. “I met her at the Grill after she eavesdropped my phone call. I didn’t want to tell anda before I had proof and now I have it. I have her file here, so-” She gasped and dropped the phone. “Caroline?” Elena asked startled. A cold hand covered Caroline’s mouth while the other hand enclosed her throat. “Caroline, what’s going on?” Elena berkata panicking. “Ssssh” Stefan said. “You know what to do” he berkata to someone Caroline couldn’t see. He pushed Caroline to the window and jumped with her. Amber conjured a match box and struck a match, throwing him in the papers on the desk. She made sure her file was destroyed before she followed Stefan.