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We skip to S2, Stefan is fully aware that Damon is in cinta with Elena, so he saw it as an opportunity, Damon can be in Elena’s life and be her friend and save and protect her life as long as he doesn’t act on his feelings, and as long as Damon keeps his destines from Elena while saving/protecting her life then it was fine with him (we see this in 2x08 in the car scene Damon tells Stefan that he can get out as easily as he went in and Stefan respond “no anda can’t that’s the BEAUITY of it”) he used and still uses Damon’s cinta for Elena instead of trying to make easier for him (selfish...
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 TVD couples
TVD couples
Hi everyone!!!

These are my puncak, atas 5 couples from The vampire diaries tv show.Those are the best couples in my opinion.I have diposting some gambar for each couple.Sorry about the first image with the caption 'TVD couples' I did not have one with all the couples so I diposting this one.I hope it's ok.I hope anda like and enjoy my list...

Number 5:
Damon and Katherine

That's an epic couple.I really like them!!!
The last season's episode was so great.I loved the last scene.Katherine and Damon's kiss.They were really greay!!!

Number 4:
Jeremy and Anna

I used to like Jeremy and Vicky,but I prefer Jeremy and Anna.They...
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