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Veronica parked her car in front of the old building. She walked out of the car and Rachel, who had come with her, followed her. Veronica walked up to the door and opened. “Get inside” she told Rachel. After Rachel entered Veronica locked the door. She waved at the people in the back and they stopped with what they were doing. One of the guys came their way.
“Hello, Veronica” he said.
“Hello, Derek” Veronica replied. “How’s it going?”
“It’s going very good. They are getting really good. I think we have a real chance in beating those…”
“Abominations” Veronica berkata helpful. “Don’t think it. anda have to be sure. We’ll only get one chance, we can’t screw it up”
Derek nodded. “Of course” he said. “I understand”
“Good” Veronica said. “Did anda find out anything useful lately?”
Derek started talking about how Stefan and Damon weren’t drinking vervain anymore. How Rebekah was able to compel other vampires.
“And Meredith Fell is using vampire blood to cure people” Veronica said. “I wonder what’s up with that”
“You want me to dig into it?” Derek asked.
“No” Veronica said. She rotated her head to Rachel. “You know Rachel”
Derek nodded.
“Rachel wants to help us. Why don’t anda tell her what she needs to know?” Veronica suggested.
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"I win, what`s my price?"
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - lost Girls

"You have no idea of the future I`ve planned for us Stefan. You, me and Damon. No rules."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - lost Girls

"Hello, John. Goodbye, John."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 22 - Founder`s hari (Season`s Finale)

"We haven`t officially met. I`m Katherine."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I`ve been around for a long time, Bonnie. anda have to do better than that."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I thought that after the last time we met a lebih public place...
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