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The tudors Roleplay on fanpop and MSN



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People we need

-Henry VII
-Edward VI
-Lady Jane Grey
-Elizabeth 1
-Elizabeth of York
-Jane seymour
-Katherine Parr

and we also need courtiers like Thomas Cromwell,
you too can make up your own Tudorbased figurs!!

Please join us - Lots of Love Anne-Bullen who is Anne Boleyn in the roleplay
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Sounds like fun. How does one join?
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That quite easy, you just make an Fanpop account for the character you wanna play, and if you want to join on msn just add me
when you have done that write an article about your charater, the you add the other tudorcourt members.

We have scenario's in the forum, were we play the roleplay or when theres some of the tudor courts members online we chat to them.

Hope you join and lots of luck to you making the charater!
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