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posted by jbieberluver94
I went to school the selanjutnya day, wearing this
I got inside, and everyone started laughing.'
Again, I blocked everything out with Never Shout Never.
Until, someone grabbed my hand, and brought me into a closet.
I took the earphones out to a surprising sight, Brandon.
He got his body close to mine, and kisses me.
I let his tongue explore my mouth.
Then it got harder, as we both turned away.
Me:I told you, you'll regret it
Brandon:I won't regret it. All I need is you. You're what I've been waiting for.
He kissed my neck, as I moaned.
Me:You really do care about me, don't you? I never knew it felt so good....
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posted by jbieberluver94
(Later on in this chapter, anda may be thinking that they had sex.But no, they didn't)

Brandon walked me halaman awal today.
The whole time he was talking about Pokemon'.
Oh, pikachu!
You're stealing my boyfriend!
He kissed me goodbye
I went inside, put my back to the door, and smiled widely.
I haven't smiled in awhile.
It felt so good.
An jam later, he called.
I picked up my cell.
Me:Hey Brandon
Brandon:Hey gorgeous. Want to sleep over tonight??
Me:Of course! But, what about your parents??
Brandon:I haven't told many people this, but I can't keep a secret from you. My parents died in a car crash a tahun ago. I've...
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posted by jbieberluver94
It was lunchtime.
Got lunch out of my bag (since hot lunch sucks) and went to find Brandon.
Me:Brandon, anda scared the living shit out of me!
Brandon:Sorry beautiful girl!
He put his arms around me, and kissed the back of my head.
I had butterflies.
Brandon:Want to sit with me and my friends, atau just me today??
Me:Just you. But, tomorrow with your friends.
Brandon:Ok, darling
We sat on the floor in a corner no one was around.
"Stop it!"
I screamed as he stuffed a choclate in my mouth.
Brandon:I know anda like it!
Me:Oh, anda caught me red handed!

Short chapter, I know. I couldn't think of anything else!
posted by jbieberluver94
"Marci, you're a fucking whore!"
That's all I'm hearing just as I take my textbook out of my locker.
I'm used to it oleh now.
Sure, it still hurts, but, I've been dealing with it since fourth grade.
I walk to math class, as kids stop and stare at me.
One kid even trips me over.
It hurts.
Whenever I'm hurt, it makes me think of what happened when I was a kid.
The horrid pain I went through.
How many times I've blacked out and then found bruises on my face when I've woken up.
Today was a pleasant hari at school.
Hid my iPod in my pocket and listened to Never Shout Never all day.
Finally, I didn't...
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posted by jbieberluver94
I'm Marci.
Welcome to my twisted life story.

When I was five, my dad would slap me.
Punch me.
Do everything he could to see me bleed and cry.
One hari was worse than anda could ever imagine...
Dad got out of the car, and came through the door.
My eyes locked on the pisau in his hand.
Blood splattered on his jeans.
As anda could clearly see, my face was filled with terror and horror.
My jantung beating.
I wanted to escape.
I ran outside, to the garden where my mother was working.
She would protect me.
I glanced at her dead body.
My father murdered her.
My mother was gone.
He inched closer to me oleh the second.
I ran...
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