C'mon girls! We can't let the RowdyRuff Boys win!
NARRATOR: Ah, Townsville. A perfect place to be! If anda cinta cold winter days, and warm summer nights, then Townsville is the perfect halaman awal for you!

(Scene changes to the RowdyRuff Boys.)

BRICK: So, what do anda guys feel like doing today?

BOOMER: Ooo ooo! I have an idea!!!

BRICK: Butch, got any ideas?


BUTCH: I don't, but I think Boomer does.

BRICK:*sigh* fine. Boomer, what do anda think?

BOOMER: We could tick off the girls and get a decent fight!!

BRICK: Wow, that's actually a good idea! Butch, what do anda think?

BUTCH: Fine with me!

(The boys fly oleh the PPGS house.)

BRICK: WAIT! How to we get them mad?

BUTCH: Maybe we can.......maybe not.

BRICK: What?

BUTCH: Nothing.

BRICK: What were anda gonna say?

BUTCH: I berkata NOTHING!!!!!!

BRICK: Okay okay.

BOOMER: I KNOW!!! We can burst into their window and just meninju, pukulan em'! Then they'll get out and fight back!!

BRICK: Wow Boomer! I'm impressed! Another great idea - coming from YOU!

BOOMER: Yep. That's how I roll.

BRICK: Okay, now your sounding retarded.

BUTCH: Guys! Your taking to long! Lets go!

(Scene changes to the PPGS. Bubbles is playing with Octie, Buttercup is punching her punching bag, and Blossom is reading. The boys burst through the window, causing Buttercup to get really mad.)

BUTTERCUP: anda jerks!

BRICK: Thanks Buttercup, a jerk is a junior edjicated rich kid. See, J.E.R.K.!

BLOSSOM: Are anda looking for a fight!

BUTCH: Yeah! Were bored!

(The girls pounce on boys, causing them to fall out the window. It started to get into a grousem battle. Butch throws Bubbles through a glass window, and it shatters on her, cutting her.)

BRICK: DUDE!! We weren't planing to kill them!

BUTCH: Oh.....

BOOMER: Oh well!

BRICK: Yep. Your right.

(Before he knew it, Boomer was taken down oleh Buttercup.)

BUTTERCUP: anda guys really shouldn't go looking for fights with the PowerPuff Girls!

(Boomer was pushed to the ground, hurt bad.)

BRICK: BOOMER! GIRLS! Please, we was just bored! Don't kill us!


BUTTERCUP: Yeah, were not letting anda go till some RRB is hurt as much as Bubbles!

BOOMER: And that would be me...

BRICK: Girls, come on! We were just looking for fun!

BLOSSOM: Well, sometimes anda just need to be lebih careful of thinking what to do.

(She flew down and sat down selanjutnya to Brick.)

BLOSSOM: Sometimes, anda might think of something fun to do but it always turn out being bad, atau boring.

BRICK: Yeah, don't give me a lecture.

BLOSSOM*giggling*: What do anda mean?

BRICK: I just berkata don't give me a lecture, whats up with anda giggles?

(Buttercup went to check on Bubbles, why Butch went to check on Boomer,)

BLOSSOM: Since no ones around, I want to tell anda that every time I fought with you, and hurt you, I didn't want to, I felt sorry.

BRICK: Me to.

(Buttercup is flying back, and so is Butch.)

BUTCH: Hi Buttercup...


BUTCH: I berkata hi.


BUTCH: So, whats up hot stuff?

(Butch covers his mouth because he berkata "hot stuff". Buttercup blushes and smiles. They like each other, and they new it. Bubbles gets up and goes to Boomer.)

BUBBLES: Hi Boomer.

BOOMER: Hi Bubbles. Are anda okay? Did he hurt you?!

BUBBLES: Kind of. But I'm okay!

BOOMER: Cool. I wouldn't want you're beautiful face to get hurt.

BUBBLES*giggling*: anda think I'm, beautiful?

BOOMER: Yeah, I gotta go. My brothers are leaving. Bye!


(The boys leave, and Blossom goes up to her sisters.)

BLOSSOM: Well, anda know what they say, if anda can't beat em', cinta em'!