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posted by Buttercupgonzal
The rrb are the in
cinta with butch oh im buttercup.
Me and my sister's cinta them.
Blossom and brick
Bubbles and boomer
Buttercup and butch.
I think anda got the idea.
--where we were last at--
blossom:your evil?!
butch:of course i am..ya know its not so bad being evil........
blossom:yes it is!!
butch:no its not...i can prove it...
butch:oh i dont know....BECOME EVIL!!
blossom:i-i w--brick bust in--
brick:blossom:dont do it!
butch:no! --shoots laser and it hits brick and sticks him to the wall--
butch:--grabs blossoms arms-- be evil!
brick:blossom dont do it!
blossom:i-i i will!!
butch:oh shut up!
blossom:so what now?
butch:this..hugs her and his wings surrounds both of them--
blossom:so now im evil...
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--where we were last at--
brick:how could anda turn her evil!?
blake:i didnt youve been unconscious for a year!
brick:what --turns around to butch--
blossom:so leave!
brick:fine......--flies off--
butch:i cant believe anda did that blossom
blossom:looks and eyes turn red *voice gets sorda deep* bow down to me! --points to the floor--
butch:no-ahh yes master!
blake:i just cinta when anda do that...
blossom: *giggles*
butch:i thought anda loved brick
blossom:whos brick?
butch:your-wait blake! did anda make her loose her memory?!
blake:eh? no --looks worried--
butch:hes one of your friends
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posted by boomerlover

The PazzazPuff Girls are ones I made up.

Bliss: The leader. She is bright, and fun.She's smart, and she's always trying to get the boys attention.

Breeze: Comes in second. If anda like happy,joyful,colorful, and everything fun, hang out with Breeze!

Blizzy: Comes in third.She's tough, nice, and funny! She loves to pop jokes, and make everyone laugh. She's a bit jelious of Breeze and Bliss though. No one knows why!

Hope anda like!


YES I DO!!!!!!
 The PazzazPuff Girls!
The PazzazPuff Girls!
 I can be cute!
I can be cute!
YELLOWFANG: Na, I'm mostly a loner. But thanks for the offer anyway. I'm on my own.

(She gets up to leave.)

BUTTERCUP: Wait! Do anda know where we can get some GOOD food?

YELLOWFANG: Yeah, just wait oleh the exit of that resturaunt.Not the front one, the back one. If anda look cute, the man will give anda some good food.

BUTCH: Well, that's hopeless. Neither one us can be cute.

BUTTERCUP: Oh yeah?! I can be cute, see?!

(She gets up and looks very, very cute.)

BUTCH: WHOA! Now that's scary!

BUTTERCUP: Akward for me, isn't it.


YELLOWFANG: You'd better go soon. The resturaunts gonna close soon....
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 Well, we missed school.
Well, we missed school.
(The PPGS and RRBS are in cinta and in middle school.)

NARRATOR: THE CITY OF TOWNSVIL-(Whispering) Ooops! sorry. Ahh, the city of Townsville. Everyone is asleep, even counting our girls. Each girl is in their own room, sleeping soundly in their beds. And so are the boys- wait! Are they still up?!

(The boys are on the couch. Brick and Butch are playing a video game and Boomer is asleep on the other part of the couch.)

BRICK: Your gonna die! Watch out!

BUTCH: Dude, stop shouting stuff at me when I'm trying to beat you!



(Boomer wakes up and looks sleepily at the boys. He pears...
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NARRATOR: Poor Buttercup! What ever will she do?

BUTTERCUP: Butch, I have to tell Blossom. And The Professor! Oh-no! I forgot about him! What will he say?

BUTCH: Well, we cant keep it a secret forever. I mean, eventually your gonna have it.

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, I know...

BUBBLES: Well, who are anda gonna tell first?

BUTTERCUP: I think Blossom. She's good with these kinda things.

(They walk back into the court. Buttercup spots Blossom over oleh Brick.)


BUTTERCUP: I know, I know.

(She walks over to Blossom.)

BUTTERCUP: Ummm....Blossom? Can I speak to anda in private?


(They walk behind...
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 hey Bubbz!
Hey Bubbz!
NARRATOR: Aw, isn't that sweet?

(Professor comes out and sees the 2 sleeping in a heap, he decides to carry them inside and set them on Buttercup's bed.)

PROFESSOR*whispering to himself*: That is so sweet.

(He walks downstairs and sees the other 2 boys wrestling and playing.)

PROFESSOR: Hey, calm down before anda break something.

BRICK: Sure sure. Boomer stop.

BOOMER: Come on! We was just having a little anak anjing, anjing play!

BRICK: We was? anda mean we were.

BOOMER: Sure...

(Bubbles then paws at Boomer softly to get his attention.)


BUBBLES: Heeeeeloo!



BOOMER: What'r anda doin'...
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NARRATOR: Ah, Townsville! A happy-go-lucky peaceful town! With often super-hero fighting causing distruction and damage.

(Scene changes to the PPGS and RRBS fighting.)

BRICK: Come on, boys! We can't let these stupid little girly-girls tampil us up!

BUTTERCUP: Who anda calling, "girly'?!

BLOSSOM: Girls! Lets try the new move!

BUTTERCUP: anda mean, "the super-sonic ice twister"?!

BUBBLES: I still think we should call it, "wild storm"!

BLOSSOM: Fine! We'll call it that! Come on!

(The girls fly up, and Buttercup does her twister around the boys, making them dizzy. The boys have no idea what just happend. Why...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
The Powerpuff Girls & the Rowdyruff Boys have just finished fighting.

Bommer: I can't believe we lost again!
Butch;Since when do we ever win?
Brick:Im gonna go to the park...


Blossom is at the park on the bench membaca a book.

Brcik:Dumb Powerpuff Girls always have to win,-kicks a soda can-
Blossom:-says surpised-Hi Brick
Brick:Oh great..
Blossom:Come sit with me :)
Brick sits down oleh Blossom

Brick:What do anda want. Blossom:To talk..... Brick:Uhhh
Blossom:So,what's up Brick? -Blossom smiles- Brick:Um nothing......
-Blossom is about to ciuman Brick-
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BUTTERCUP: I am so mad right now!!!!

(Her claws stick out and she scratches the wall.)



BLOSSOM: Nothing....

(Buttercup stops and has a vision of three kids that look a lot like her and Butch. A small girl, looking to be 2 atau 3, a little girl, looking to be 6 atau 7, and a little boy looking the same age a the little girl.)



BUTTERCUP: I- I had a vision...

BLOSSOM: Of what?

BUTTERCUP: Oh, it's not important...

(She started trotting her little paws away. She then runs into Butch.)

BUTCH: Whoa Buttercup! A little to close there, ya' think?...
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--last time--
blossom:so why am i here?
blake:i want anda to be somethn!
blossom:like....... my girlfriend duh!
blossom:im dating bri-
blake:i know thats a lie!--grabs her kemeja and a pocket knife--
blossom:ok ok its a lie!! just dont hurt me!!
blake:good! now stay here!
blossom:ok --sits down--
blake--walks off--
brick:pssp blossom!
blossom:what are anda doing here?! do anda know how much trouble ur going to get in!?
brick:i would do anything for anda
blake:you would eh?
blossom:RUN BRICK!!
brick:no....NO lebih RUNNING!
blake:great a fight >:) --grabs pisau and slices his arm--
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butch-where is he?!
brick-i think i know lets go!--both fly--
blossom-where is she?
buttercup-how am i supposed to know
brick-i think i know!follow me--both fly--
**********in the sky**************************
--powerpuffs&rowdyruff bump heads--
brick:gross its you
butch:nows not a good time!! have anda seen bubbles atau boomer?
blossom--stares at brick--and thinks*man he looks alot boyfriend blake!*thinks
brick:why are anda staring at me?
buttercup:blossom..tell the truth
blossom:fine! its just look alot like my-my ex ---starts to...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
Well then..... Let's continue :P

Blossom: Um...Brick,I was wondering if anda could-
Brick: Ew! Absolutly no!!!!!!
Butch: -whispers to Boomer- His akting better then I thought he would
Boomer: -whispers back- Does he realize it's art time and his blocking the crayons O_O

At recess...............

Blossom: -walks up to Brick-
Brick: Shut up Butch.............
Blossom: -taps on Bricks shoulder- Uhh...Brick,could we talk?
Brick: O.O I guess....
Butch: Me and Boomer will go,have fun anda too -laughs and smirks-

To be continued..................
posted by XxPowerPuffxX
(Sorry I haven't done a lot of stories,I've been lazy)

The selanjutnya day...

Brick:I'll never be the same D:
Butch:Dude calm down,you have to forget sooner atau later
Boomer:Ya dude
Butch:But intill then...Blossom likes you,Blossom likes you!
Brick:Shut up! She does not!!

Just the Mojo walks in...

Mojo:Sorry to tell anda boys at the last minute,but I have enrolled anda in school
Bommer:What?!?! O.O
Mojo:So go run on boys,you better get going to school.

The boys go to school not knowing who they would meet...

Ms.Keane:Hello students,today we have 3 new students,come in boys and introduce yourselves
Brick:Um i'm Brick
Butch:Sup i'm Butch
Boomer:I'm Boomer!
Ms.Keane:Boys kursi oleh the PPGs

The boys are shocked and walk to their seats...

Blossom:Hi Brick! :D
Brick:-mutters- Hi Blossom.....
Butch:-whispers to Boomer- Oh how cute,Brick and Blossom are talking
Boomer:Hehe ya! Let's see how this turns out!!

To be continued....................