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posted by Buttercupgonzal
The rrb are the in
cinta with butch oh im buttercup.
Me and my sister's cinta them.
Blossom and brick
Bubbles and boomer
Buttercup and butch.
I think anda got the idea.
posted by Meamagirl77
Boomer: butch stop riding the pony anda rode it yesterday
Butch: but its so cute!
Boomer: SHUT UP!
Butch: anda SHUT UP!!!!
Brick: stop bickering barf baths and go to school
Ms. Keane: hi boys. first day?
Butch: uh yeah
Boomer: HI TEACHER!!!
Ms.Keane: its ms. Keane not TEACHER!!!
Boomer: oh then hi ms. Keane!
Ms. Keane: sit withe girls
Bubbles: how are they?
Blossom: their the… omah god!
Buttercup: What the… oh god bubs!
Ms. Keane: shushers now girls and lethe boys do their junk.
Buttercup: HOLY CRAP! don't the hell say 'do their junk'!
Blossom, Boomer, Butch, Bubbles: BUTTERCUP!!!!!!...
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posted by powerpufffan29
 blossom:there they are
blossom:there they are
blossom:there they are

brick:hey is that the puffs

butch:yep it is

bubbles:hi boys

brick:uh hi what are anda doing shouldn't anda hate me atau something

blossom:well we were thinking of making a truce

boomer and butch:what no way

brick:sure why not

boomer and butch:what

brick:they are right i don't wanna fight anymore i mean sure its fun and we don't exactly like tham but i think we should




ppg and rrb:what the....

mblossom:hiya i hope anda ramamber us

blossom:oh god not the micro puffs

mblossom:you got it

buttercup:waht do anda want

mbuttercup:we want to tampil anda some people we know...
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posted by Butterscotch000
Bella_The1 has logged on

Billy_Twin has logged on

Bella_The1: Morning!

Billy_Twin: Morning, Whats up?

Bella_The1:Nothin much, U?

Billy_Twin:Just got my I pod stolen oleh my twin.

Bella_The1:Sounds harsh.

Butterscotch_Twin:I never mencuri it!

Billy_Twin:How long have U been on heare?!

Butterscotch_Twin:A long time before u.

Billy_Twin:Whatever, just give my my phone!

Butterscotch_Twin:I told anda I never took it!


Blake_Cool has logged on

Bella_The1:Just in time!

Blake_Cool:For what?

Billy_Twin:Give......My phone......BACK!

Butterscotch_Twin:I NEVER TOOK IT!

Bella_The1:U see what now?

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Well, it came faster then when i diposting bel, bell as kitty. Who ever whants me to make them a kat atau a dog just tell me the deitails. thanx again people!
oh yea, the picture will maybe not tampil up. sorry about that.

I will make lebih soon guys. their is something wrong with my computer. i am trying to fix it as soon as i can. no bad komentar plz.

what anda need to do to have anda own cat atau dog.

gender:M atau F

hair color:

Tail type:

Dog atau cat.
now i will make your cat atau dog. no bad komentar again.
posted by Bell0PPGZ
NARRATOR:The city of Townsville is having a peaceful day....... lets see what the ppg are doing.

BUBBLES:Hey Bell, would anda like to play?

BELL:Sorry, I was just going to play with Buttercup.

(Bell leaves)

BUBBLES:All bel, bell wants to do is play with Buttercup.

BLOSSOM:Haven't I told anda that bel, bell is a tomboy.

BUBBLES:Yea but she never plays with me.

BLOSSOM:Do tomboys play with dolls?


BLOSSOM:That's why she never plays with you.

BUBBLES:Yea ummmmm..... I am going outside for some fresh air.

(Bubbles went outside to where Buttercup and bel, bell are)

BUTTERCUP:I'm thirsty. I'm going to get a...
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NARRATOR: Looks like this is fairwell...

BUTTERCUP*sobbing*: Butch? Are anda sleeping? Butch? Come on, wake up. Please? Butch?! BUTCH! NOOOO!!!!!!!

BUTCH:........................I'll miss you.........

BUTTERCUP*crying*: What are anda saying?! Wake up! Wake up!

(Butch does not make it.)

BUTTERCUP*mad and crying*: That stupid man! I'll kill him!I'll stick my claws into his eyes! I'll make sure he bleeds to death! I'll rip his eyes out of their socets! I'll put his arms where his legs should be and his legs where his arms should be!!!!!!I will have REVENGE!!!!!!

(Blossom, Brick, and Bubbles come in and...
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Berserk: anda aren't going after her, are you?
Brick: No, why would I do that?.. BYE!
Berserk: But!
(Brick already flying off)
Berserk: UGH!
(scene changes to Blossom sitting down crying)
Brick: Why so glum, Blossom???
Blossom: Didn't anda hear me? I berkata quote,'I never want to see hear atau speak to anda ever again!' un quote.
Brick: anda okay though?
Blossom: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B-BYE!!!
Brick: Wait!
(she was already off)
Announcer: Meanwhile, with Bubbles....
Bubbles: There's nothing t-*GASPS*
Boomer: I cinta you.
??????: cinta anda too.(kisses him)
Bubbles: (Starts to cry) I HATE anda Boomer!!!!!!!
??????: Who was that?
Boomer: I don't know but I still cinta anda Brat.
Brat: Me too.
added by funnyboy223
posted by seacat243
Narrator: What a beautiful and sunshiny hari in Townsville!!!! sunshiny that is for everyone in townsville but the PowerPuff Girls...
*Blossom just arriving at the park*
???????: I cinta anda Brick.
Brick:I cinta anda too-
Blossom: Uh. Brick. WHO'S SHE?!?!?!?
Brick: Oh, Blossom!! Meet Berserk. She a PowerPunk Girl.
Blossom: A Power what'cha ma call it???
Brick: A PowerPunk Girl.
Berserk: *giving Blossom an evil look*
Brick: She's my new Girlfriend.
Blossom: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!???!!? You're so mean!!!!!! I....I....I HATE YOU, BRICK!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO SPEAK, HEAR, atau SEE anda EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick:*shrugs**Kisses Berserk on the cheek* See ya!!!
added by boomerloverfan
Source: I DREW IT!
(Okay, it's been 6 months in school, and it's close to the end of the year.)

NARRATOR: Just a few lebih months of school!

SPEAKER: Attention all students! The school dance is selanjutnya week, and we hope to see anda there!

BOOMER: Oh great. Just what I need!

BUTCH: What are anda so bummed about dude?

BOOMER: Well, it's just....never mind.

BUTCH: Okay...

BUTCH*thinking*: I wonder what that was all about?
Oh well. I wonder if Buttercup will wanna go to the dance with me...

(Buttercup spots Butch and goes up to him.)

BUTTERCUP: Butch! I've been looking for you...

BUTCH: Same here! I wanted to ask anda something......
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 Yellowfang, again. THIS IS A BAD PICTURE OF HER! O.o
Yellowfang, again. THIS IS A BAD PICTURE OF HER! O.o
NARRATOR: Poor Buttercup!

YELLOWFANG: Obviesley, your a kitty-pet.

BUTTERCUP: A w-what?

YELLOWFANG: Kitty-pet. anda can put your claws back in now. anda can trust me.

BUTTERCUP: Why sh-should I trust YOU?!

YELLOWFANG: Ugh, no one ever trusts me!

BUTTERCUP: Probably because anda attack people when not wanted to be!

YELLOWFANG: Look kit! I'm just trying to protect my pack! Intruders and enemys will be KILLED!

BUTTERCUP: Grrr........

(Another cat sees them and comes swiftly around the corner.)

CAT: Yellowfang! What is the meaning of this?! Who is that kit! Surely not from our pack!

YELLOWFANG: Tigerclaw!

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--where we were last at--
blain:ok i want to turn butch into a vampire...brute is already doin her part and your gonna do yours ok?
buttercup:whats the plan?
blain:--whispers plan--
buttercup:alrite lets go!
--both fly off-- --with butch and brute--
brute:whats wrong?
butch:uhh nothing :/
butch:buttercup!!--runs up to her and sees her eyes are getting deep red--umm...
buttercup--grabs butch and bites him--
butch:ahh-turns into vampire--
brute:good job buttercup!
blain:alright lets go--grabs butch and all of them leave--
--with blade and bubbles--...
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 Bella and Bryce
Bella and Bryce
NARRATOR: I wonder what Bubbles is up to?

BUBBLES: Do I have kids?

(A little girl tuggs on her pant leg.)

??????: Mommy, have anda seen Bryce?


??????: Bryce.

BUBBLES*thinking*: I'm guesing my son. And this is my daughter.

BRYCE: Bella I here.

BELLA: There he is! How come 1 tahun old bayi are always getting lost?

BRYCE: anda 3.

BELLA: I know.

(Boomer comes around the corner. He sees Bubbles and she sees him.)

BUBBLES: Boomer?

BOOMER: Bubbles?

BELLA: Hi daddy!

BOOMER: Uh, hi.

BUBBLES*whispering*: Bella!

BOOMER: Bella.

BELLA: I found Bryce.

BOOMER: Okay...

(Bryce flies up and pounces on Boomer, causing...
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posted by awesome23
--where we were last at--
boomer:see..wait why is he serving blake?!
butch:hes under his spell!!!
--slaps boomer--
boomer:HEY only brick does that!
brick:--shoots laser---
butch:YOU DUMMY!
blake:hmm il let yall go for a price
butch:alrite name it!
blake:give me buttercup and bubbles!
butch:excuse me?!
blake:do anda wanna be set free?
--boomer and butch look at each other and say ok---both fly off--
--with butch--
butch:i cant believe im doing this...
--knocks on door--
buttercup:he- butch?
butch:you need to come with me...NOW!
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brick_is_awesome and blossom_hottness online
blossom:what? :/
brick:your hot?
brick:just shut up
buttercup_beats_you and butch_gonna_beat_ya_harder
buttercup:we gotta talk..
blossom:ughh fine
buttercup:go in private
---they go in private--
butch:whats up with you?
brick:got rejected....
brick:b-blossom! ok it was blossom! brick_back_off offline
--in private chat--
blossom:well....i just dont like him and b-because im already dating someone
buttercup:Dont tell me....
ha! check out selanjutnya time ;)
added by Powerpuffs4Ever
--last at--
brick:if we were older would we have kids!!
blossom:thts what i thought anda berkata not right at this age :/
brick:i berkata when were older!!
blossom:i dont know!!--fliess off--
brick:ah!!! --flies after her --and grabs on to her hair--
brick:no one!! and i mean no one! dares leaves without saying goodbye but from you.....i want something else!!
blossom:uhh like what?
brick:this!!--pulls her in and kisses her--
blossom:--watches his hands just in case--
brick:--moves his hand down--
blossom:--grabs his hand and pushes him away--
blossom:would anda stop doing that!!
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bloss:mom im going out tonight
bloss mom:with who
blossy:just a friend from school
bloss sis: blossy a boy atau girl
bloss: no of anda busnnies
sis:a boy
bloss:no and gotta go
blossy: hi bricky
brick:hey lest go
(they head to the park)
brick:soo bloss would anda like to be my gf
blossy: sure bricky
(about to ciuman until)
princess:oh bricky-poo
princess: bricky why are anda doing with this slut.
bloss:im not a slut im his gf
princess:oh really then prove it

(blossoms kissed brick)
princess:noo it dosent matter all go to my selanjutnya crush bommie
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--last at--
butch:hey blossom...
butch:you just dont understand....
blossom:understand? understand what?
butch:who brick is with i hate to tell anda this but..
butch:hes goin- -swallows scaredly-
blossom:what tell me!!
brick:hi butch....
butch:oh no!!.....hi :/
brick:what were anda about to tell her continue the convo.
butch:i rather not...
brick:why not...
butch:i rather not say...
brick:hmm --grabs butch's collar--tell me!!
butch:its bout anda cheating!!
brick:ahhh!! --throws him against wall--
butch:oww!! -brick and butch start fighting--
blossom:oh great!
breserk(blossoms opposite)-hello.......
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