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This The Princess and the Frog foto might contain brasserie, rumah makan, bistro, meja makan malam, and meja makan.

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Ok I never seen this movie as its not out yet in Ireland but I did see some clips and I would like to point out some things on the movie:

1. The prince sounds like Antonio Banderas yet he reminds me of Jean Bob from The angsa, swan Princess meets Dimtri in human form from Anastasia.

2. The small little man who poses as the prince later in the film is so like Nathanial from enchanted aka Timothy Spall.

3. The story i'd say could be another deja vu like enchanted which is my fav film.

4. This movie reminds me of a twisted version of kucing don't dance (setting in 1930's) meets angsa, swan Princess.

For those of anda that seen it, is it worth watching?
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Tiana's best friend charlotte
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Just a little something my sister and I through together and performed at a school poetry slam. We got such a good reaction, we've started making talk songs for all of the disney princesses
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