anda go on IMDB,,, and all anda find is a bunch of pathetic growups- non-the less, arguing over the color of a disney Princess. Who has come to make a milestone for not only happy little black girls but for white little girls as well. And not only for kids but for kids of all ages. I grew up in the 90's. I was born the tahun The Little Mermaid came out. She has been my favorit princess ever since. It was a coincidence that my favorit Princess was the one I never saw in the theatre. Ariel is half-fish. I dont think I ever complained about her having the rear-end of a fish. It may sound dumb, but what if there is ikan out there that are saying " hey we dont like the way that Ariel freak is representing are tailfins." That sounds as stupid as what people are making Princess Tiana out to be and then having a cow over her supposed " white " prince. If anda have seen the movie anda will know perfectly well that he is a tan-skinned Maldonian with a brazilian accent. That doesnt equal white in anyway. I certainly hope that people can look past their predjudices and see the movie as a fun returen to animation. And alot of them cite Beauty and the Beast as one of their favorites- well obviously they learned nothing from that movie, Alot of them sound Like Gaston instead of Belle. Who learned to cinta a Beast for what he is on THE INSIDE. Coming From a white girl who even lives in a " RED " state, I highly recommend this movie for all. Look beyond the race. As Pocahontas said- " Learn to paint with all the warna of the wind."