this movie is one of my favorit disney films so here's my ranking of the characters I like atau dont like, please enjoy! =)


this guy is a jerk but honestly i cant blame him entirely, he spent his life being put down and used oleh others so i kinda understand his anger and I'm sorry he made bad decisions but yeah, he wasnt a good friend to naveen of course.


*waits for torches and pitch forks from tumblr tiana fans* yea guess what, I'm not a big tiana fan. at one point I was, I thought she was pretty and classy and cool but now I find her boring and overrated. she's the first black princess, so what? I FINALLY get a Hispanic princess Elena and nobody cares. nobody cared when mulan was the first Chinese girl atau Lilo was the first Hawaiian girl. i dont understand why people give Tiana so much special treatment just for that. anyway i find her alot like a cinderella copy but without the kindness, strength and cheerful attitude. I think Tiana is a bit selfish in how obsessed with her goal she is, she looks down on other people for having different dreams, she puts her goal over family and friends and that does not sit well with me as a role model sorry. also i hate how she gets so much credit for getting her restaurant, LOUIS did it for her and nobody gives him credit for it!

i dont hate her so I apologize if it sounded harsh that is just my opinion.


Poor Louis, he's funny and i cinta his dream but he's just not very helpful as a character I dont think. he's just kinda there and not very necessary IMO. but his song is super catchy and he's a good friend to tiana and naveen =)

Big Daddy

this is where I start to cinta the characters! I cinta Big Daddy! he reminds me a little of my own daddy =) he spoils her rotten but he didnt turn her into a mean brat. he's a nice guy and doesnt care about tiana's family being poor atau black when most rich white men might.


some say he is annoying and pointless I disagree. he's very helpful, not afraid to fight and his death had so much meaning. i try not to cry every time we see him and evangeline in the sky. it was beautiful! he's an underrated sidekick imo. also he's very interesting. how many cajun characters do anda know? and funny how offended sjw people were about how tiana was portrayed as a black princess (which i do not understand anyway, it was fine) because this movie portrays a real minority like a bunch of dumb rednecks, that said, I still adore sinar, ray and his firefly family!

Tiana's parents

they are so adorable!!! they are like the perfect parents really supportive. James is a dreamer and Udora is practical so Tia really is her parents' girl. Every time I see James' picture in Tiana's room I want to cry :( i think they were really good parents maybe the puncak, atas 5 best disney parents but I do wish they had taught Tiana a little better about cinta being lebih important than your ambitions. otherwise i adore them. James is adorable as a dad and Udora is very wise <3

Dr. Facilier

I cinta this guy, he has so much class and charisma and has the best villain song ever since Ursula. he's dark, ambitious and sinister and his defeat is really scary to me. and yeah, he is kind of sexy ^_^


HUNKA HUNKA BURNIN MAN!! Sorry he is just FINE. He's super handsome, great bernyanyi voice, really funny and charming. I adore him. he knows how to have fun and wasnt afraid to live life as a frog with tiana. i cinta him as a character and he is one of my favorit princes.

now, tagihan, dun tagihan, dun dun...

Charlotte Labouff

this girl is my absolute spirit animal!! i was in cinta with i saw PATF and for years I thought disney hated rich girls and girly girls but FINALLY we got a GIRLY heroine!!! plus she isnt perfect, she is shallow, naive, ditzy, and demanding. I'm not a rich white girl but i still relate a LOT. she is so caring and generous. bless Lottie for being such a good patient friend when all Tiana did was put work over their friendship, I probably would have felt very hurt to see that happen to me but Lottie doesnt care, I admire her alot for it. she is an underrated heroine and I hate when racists on the internet hate her for being rich and white especially as if that is her fault!! they are being no different than people who hate that tiana is black. anyway back on topic, she is just really entertaining, beautiful, sexy, easy to relate to and is my favorit disney character of all time <3

anyway that is my list, hope anda enjoyed =)